Kelly, John M.

Thursday, 23 April 1987

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 371 No. 12

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The amendment before us has been necessitated by the decision of the Supreme Court in Mr. Crotty's case, which, as many people on both sides of the House have said, took many people by surprise. The ...More Button

——I wish him well and success in his tenure. I say that only because I have not mentioned it before. Last year I remember him expressing grave doubts, and he was trying to put a doubt in the minds of...More Button

I would not have the faintest worry or misgiving of any kind if the Single European Act did in fact impinge on our neutrality. It would not worry me in the least if it committed us to security co-ope...More Button

Is Deputy Higgins a member of CND?More Button

The words of Mr. Justice Walsh in relation to this clause will be hurled around a good deal during the next month.More Button

Mr. Justice Walsh mentioned this clause. He said its terms were somewhat ambiguous and that our adopting it could amount to an undertaking on the part of the State that in the exercise of whatever po...More Button

I notice that the neutrality publicists——More Button

I saw one of the neutrality publicists the other day trot out the banner which was flown in front of Liberty Hall before Easter Week, in 1916 and which said: “We fight for neither King nor Kaiser but ...More Button

——and the traditional policy of neutrality that we are so proud of”.More Button

I am only trying to make the point — and I will make it a bit more temperately — that belief in a traditional policy of neutrality logically involves one in applying that belief retrospectively as wel...More Button

That is a position so shameful that I do not believe any Deputy in this House would take it up. I do not believe Deputy Mac Giolla or Deputy Higgins would take it up, or anybody else on these benches...More Button

NATO states also participate in the Lebanon peace-keeping forces. There are Dutch, French, Italians and Canadians there.More Button

They are not——More Button

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