Durkan, Bernard

Wednesday, 24 February 1988

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 378 No. 4

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Abattoirs Bill, 1987 [Seanad]: Financial Resolution.

Deputy O'Keeffe referred to the possible availability of funding to the various abattoirs covered by this motion. Under the present system abattoirs catering for the home market do not have access to...More Button

Abattoirs Bill, 1987 [Seanad]: Committee Stage.

I can readily understand the reservations expressed by the previous speakers. I wonder at the definition of the word “occasional”, as Deputy O'Keeffe has done. A great deal of or not very much lati...More Button

Could I ask for clarification in relation to another part of that section which refers to knackeries. The definition of knackeries includes any premises which are used “(c) as a kennels where dead an...More Button

It is in relation to this amendment that I wish to refer to this matter. It could have consequences for the use of premises where, for instance, as mentioned in the subsection, a person keeps greyhou...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Surplus EC Meat and Butter.

Can the Minister tell the House how many member states have not yet reached agreement with the Commission and which states are they?More Button

How many?More Button

How many?More Button

May I ask a further supplementary question. Is it two?More Button

May I ask the Minister whether Ireland is one of the two?More Button

Are there two others with Ireland or is there just one other country with Ireland?More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Milk Powder Exports to Mexico.

In view of the obvious need to protect the good name of our exports, would the Minister agree that it is necessary to introduce a system whereby allegations such as the ones which have just been menti...More Button

We should answer them quickly.More Button

Will it be done in the future?More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Milk and Dairy Products.

asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food whether a co-ordinated and overall plan has been formulated for the production, transport and marketing of milk and dairy products at home and abroad; on wh...More Button

Following the rationalisation which is taking place between the co-operatives, what role does the Minister envisage for An Bord Bainne in the export field having regard to the fact that the industry h...More Button

Does the Minister see any conflict of interest between, for instance, competing interest groups exporting on the foreign market as against a co-ordinated approach by a single body?More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Horse Industry.

Is the Minister aware of the recent EC Directive on genealogical matters and their possible effect on the thoroughbred industry? Will the Minister monitor the possible effects if and when that is imp...More Button

Abattoirs Bill, 1987 [Seanad]: Committee Stage (Resumed).

I move amendment No. 5: In page 11, subsection (2), line 22, to delete “two” and substitute “four”. I wish to thank the Minister for accepting my amendment and incorporating it in his own list of amen...More Button

I generally welcome the inclusion of these subsections on the basis that the licence holder will be given at least 21 days notice of the Minister's intention to revoke a licence. That does not apply ...More Button

I refer to the question of kennels which will come within the provisions of the legislation. Kennels will be subject to the usual inspections and the usual conditions will apply in relation to the di...More Button

It does not apply to large kennels which might not themselves operate a knackery for the disposal or sale of animal offal to other kennels but might provide for their own uses. Am I to understand tha...More Button

I was thinking about that section when I raised the question. There is an established practice in some parts of the country whereby large kennels collect dead and worn-out animals and have them slaug...More Button

Vast discrepancies could arise in the number of staff required to police the Act given the number of abattoirs in the various counties. As a result, there could be a vast discrepancy in the number of...More Button

I move amendment No. 21: In page 26, subsection (3), line 44, after “animal”, to insert “Provided that such variation does not result in a loss of revenue to the Local Authority”.More Button

I accept the assurances of the Minister. In relation to my definition of revenue, it is defined under the City and County Management Act which applies to all members of local authorities; if a propos...More Button

I move amendment No. 22: In page 28, between lines 9 and 10, to insert the following subsection: “(2) A person applying for registration of more than one premises in any register kept in pursuance of...More Button

Like my more legally minded colleague, I have some reservations about the powers conferred on the authorised officer. For instance, section 54 (1) (a) and (b) states: “enter, by force if necessary,.....More Button

I support the views expressed by the last two speakers in relation to this section. The authorised officer mentioned in various other sections of the Bill could ultimately be the person or persons to...More Button

Written Answers. - Food Processing Industry.

asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food the total number of persons employed in the food processing industry including the meat industry on (a) 1 February 1987 and (b) 1 February 1988; whether his...More Button

Written Answers. - Farm Installation Grant Applications.

asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food the number of applications, if any, received for the reintroduced farm installation grants; if he will allow any latitude in relation to the commencement da...More Button

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