Collins, Gerard

Tuesday, 24 May 1988

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 380 No. 10

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I move amendment No. 1: In page 5, to delete lines 32 and 33, and substitute the following: “‘waiting area’ means an area—More Button

I pointed out to the House on Committee State that the intention of section 8 (1) is that the applicant for a special restaurant licence must show to the satisfaction of the Circuit Court that a Bord ...More Button

There is no specific amendment dealing with this particular point. I want to refer briefly, if I am in order, to assurances I gave Deputy Kelly on at least two occassions during the course of Committ...More Button

I agree with the thrust of Deputy Barrett's amendment. While he is right when he says it is not referred to specifically in the Bill, it is not necessary to refer specifically to this in the Bill. Fi...More Button

I cannot comment.More Button

I say yes. It is not necessary but I have regard to the views expressed by Members. I agree with what we are trying to do. We are all in agreement on this. I take the advice of elder statesmen who...More Button

I move amendment No. 4: In page 7, between lines 10 and 11, to insert the following: “(5) If, in any case, the Board refuses to grant a Bord Fáilte Certificate it shall as soon as may be, by notice i...More Button

This is the same amendment as the one rejected by this House on Committee Stage except that “Circuit Court” has now been substituted for “District Court”. The same arguments apply here as applied on ...More Button

I would like to draw the attention of Deputies to section 3 of the Bill, the effect of which is that it will be construed together with the other liquor licensing Acts, and also to section 7 (2) by vi...More Button

No, not on that ground. In the ordinary way such objection may be made on the grounds of the character of the licensee or the manner in which the premises were conducted during the year or the unfitne...More Button

This is Report Stage. We dealt with this in detail on Committee Stage.More Button

If it helps a situation — it will not make it any better but it will do no harm — I would be prepared to put it in.More Button

Section 12, as it stands, empowers the Minister for Tourism and Transport to make restaurant standard regulations. The effect of these amendments would be to oblige him to make those regulations. Th...More Button

Deputy Taylor proposes that there should be an appeal to the Circuit Court against the decision by the board to cancel its certificate. Clearly, this would mean that there would be an appeal in almos...More Button

That is not so.More Button

I thank the Members for their contributions on these amendments. I too have given the matter some thought since we had a discussion last week on Committee Stage. I have listened to a number of people...More Button

Indeed you are not. Deputy Barrett is put out of the pub at 2 o'clock.More Button

St. Patrick's Day was dry long enough.More Button

The purpose of these amendments is to allow specially licensed restaurants and licensed hotels and licensed restaurants to serve drink until 11 o'clock on Christmas Day. In licensed premises generall...More Button

I move amendment No. 14: In page 11, to delete lines 10 to 16 and substitute the following:More Button

That is what you get for having a good Minister.More Button

Private Members' Business. - Intoxicating Liquor Bill, 1988: Report Stage (Resumed) and Final Stage.

To be found on.More Button

Deputy Barrett will conclude on amendment No. 18 and I will conclude on amendment No. 64. Official amendment No. 64 increases the maximum fine——More Button

If the Deputy gives me a chance perhaps we might be able to work out something. Official amendment No. 64 increases the maximum fines on the licensee, and not on those found on a premises as Deputy M...More Button

The first part of the Deputy's amendment reads:More Button

The second part of the Deputy's amendment reads: (b) in fact sells or exposes for sale any intoxicating liquor or who opens or keeps open any premises for the sale of intoxicating liquor in contraven...More Button

I am sorry to interrupt. The level of fines is not creating any great problem; it is the creation of the new offence. In an effort to get consensus, section 29 of the 1962 Act dealing with permitting...More Button

It should be endorsable.More Button

One should be greater than the other.More Button

Section 25 talks of permitting drink to be consumed. Section 29 of the 1962 Act, however, deals with permitting persons to remain on a licensed premises. There is a certain confusion between these t...More Button

What I will do, a Cheann Comhairle——More Button

I shall communicate my reasons to the Deputy and give him my views on his amendment tomorrow. We have gone beyond the agreed order now. It is a very serious matter, something with which I could not d...More Button

I move amendment No. 24: In page 14, to delete line 26 and substitute the following: “30. In this Part— `age card' means a card issued under section 40 of this Act; `child' means a person under the a...More Button

I move amendment No. 58: In page 21, line 2, to delete “is reasonable ground” and substitute “are reasonable grounds”. This amendment is a technical amendment. The draftsman considered that the substi...More Button

I move amendment No. 59: In page 21, line 51, after “recreation” to insert “which does not take place outside the hours during which excisable liquor may be supplied or consumed on the club premises i...More Button

There was a fairly long debate on this matter on Committee Stage. As a result of that debate I said I would try to tighten up the loophole in section 43 (2) (b). I am now satisfied that this amendme...More Button

Yes, I am. Amendment agreed to.More Button

I move amendment No. 60: In page 22, line 18, to delete “and” and substitute “or”. On Committee Stage Deputy McCartan expressed the view that the defence given in relation to the issue of advertisemen...More Button

I do not accept the argument put forward by Deputy Cooney. This is working well in the North. We have examined how it operates there and we are satisfied that it is operating well and we can certainl...More Button

I move amendment No. 61: In page 23, line 12, after “£500” to insert the following: “and the offence shall be deemed for the purposes of Part III (which relates to the endorsement of licences) of the ...More Button

I note what Deputy Barrett says and when the Bill is in the Seanad I will see what we can do here. With reference to what Deputy McCartan says, the maximum fine here is £500 accompanied, of course, by...More Button

As Deputy McDowell mentioned, I said on Committee Stage that I would look at this suggestion by Deputy Colley. A provision for the suspension of licences such as exists in Nothern Ireland would mark ...More Button

The Deputy knows that I introduced them.More Button

Have faith.More Button

Written Answers. - Public Representatives Meetings with Garda Síochána.

Deputies and Senators not infrequently form part of delegations who are concerned about local policing matters and who are met by the local divisional or district Garda officers. I consider that this...More Button

Written Answers. - Minister's Private Office Staff.

The number of people working in my private office is five. There were six people working in the private office of my predecessor.More Button

Written Answers. - Cork Garda Stations.

I propose to take Questions Nos. 53 to 62, inclusive, together. The table below gives details of Garda strength at the ten stations referred to in the questions, on 31 December 1986, 31 December 1987 ...More Button

Written Answers. - Visitors Visa.

In February 1988 the person referred to in the question applied for an entry visa to visit the State. He had not resided in the State previously but had been a student in Northern Ireland for six yea...More Button

Written Answers. - Spike Island (Cork) Prison.

I have no plans at the moment to make any change in the present use of Spike Island. Fort Mitchel on Spike Island is currently used as a place of detention for male offenders of 17 years and over. Wh...More Button

Written Answers. - Dublin Traffic School.

Responsibility for the operation of the Traffic School at Clontarf is a matter for Dublin Corporation. I understand, however, that its future operation is at present in some doubt. The Garda authori...More Button

Written Answers. - Irish Citizenship Application.

The person referred to in the question is an alien who has applied for Irish citizenship through naturalisation as a stateless person under section 5 of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act, 1986...More Button

Written Answers. - Garda Service.

The information sought in relation to Garda strength and the opening hours of the four stations referred to in the question is given in the following table. The detailed deployment of Garda manpower a...More Button

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