Doyle, Avril

Tuesday, 28 February 1989

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 387 No. 7

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Aujeszky's Disease.

asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food, in view of the fact that Aujeszky's disease in pigs has been eradicated wholly from Denmark and partially from the United Kingdom and a national Aujeszky's...More Button

I thank the Minister for his reply. However, according to the FAO and the World Health Organisation there is no evidence that natural hormone implants in beef cause any problems in humans but consume...More Button

There is no trace of hormones either.More Button

I accept that.More Button

I thank the Minister for his response. As consumer demand will be the dictating factor in future in terms of acceptability of our products, particularly our agri-food products, will the Minister give...More Button

No, it could be done through the slaughterhouses. The veterinary fee is 75p per pig and the producers could get a return on that money.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Beef Industry.

Three pence a pound.More Button

Most of our cattle are too fat to grade.More Button

Is the Minister codding me?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Bovine TB.

asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food the method for measuring the level of tuberculosis in our catle herd which will be used by ERAD; and the way in which it will be expressed.More Button

I note that the language used by the Minister, and the euphemism, has given rise to a misunderstanding. Therein speaks an awful lot but we will not go through that now. Could the Minister indicate, a...More Button

The Minister should spare us the definitions. I already know them. Which system?More Button

Finally, can the Minister tell me if I am correct in taking from his replies, that as of now, with the new ERAD programme under way, there is no agreed method for the measurement of the level of tuber...More Button

In other words the practice of the Department of Agriculture and Food during the years of reporting in some years the incidence of the disease and in others the prevalence of the disease has now been ...More Button

The last two years.More Button

On a point of order, I had tabled another priority question in relation to beef prices. Indeed the information given to Deputy Gibbons was exactly the information I was trying to elicit but you ruled...More Button

I am questioning seriously why my question was ruled out of order while two other Deputies were allowed to ask questions.More Button

In the absence of——More Button

I have been given no reason from the Ceann Comhairle at all as to why my question is not on the Order Paper.More Button

That is also my problem. I was not given a reason.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Quality of Meat.

In view of the importance of this question could the Minister tell us whether his Department made any official effort to find out the veracity or otherwise of these reports, because the entire meat in...More Button

Bord na gCapall (Dissolution) Bill, 1988: Second Stage.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to this debate on the dissolution of Bord na gCapall. It is rather tragic that we should be discussing the dissolution of a board from which so m...More Button

It is the flavour of the month, but I am delighted to be able to admit a deep interest. Would that my lifestyle gave me more time to pursue that interest. Regrettably it does not, but as I got great...More Button

The Minister should tread very carefully. The one reason we could perhaps forgive inactivity during the past two years — except for the announcement before Christmas to which the Minister referred ag...More Button

The Minister has been very discreet and diplomatic in failing, perhaps, to advert to what those problems were. I could hold the House up for two hours on that subject.More Button

They were self-evident, but for the record, if the Minister fails to do so, perhaps I should allude to them.More Button

I thank the Minister. I notice he has reneged. That was not missed by me. Many might ask, reading the Minister's speech and reference to the good things about Bord na gCapall and the goodies there...More Button

They are different systems and it will be very expensive, difficult and inefficient. Both bodies were only computerised in the last two years, virtually simultaneously; they inter-relate to a great e...More Button

Take the introduction of warm blood. I do not think there is any malice aforethought or bad motivation. Given the success of the Germans, for example, on the Grand Prix circuit there are people who g...More Button

It is fashionable at the moment. I think the figure is about 50,000 brood mares in Germany but it is all warm blood we are talking about there. They have a very strict culling policy at the yearling ...More Button

I am subject to correction, but I understand that in view of the unexpected interruption of business this afternoon the Whips are discussing the possibility of extending this debate to 10.30 p.m. with...More Button

I will try to wind up my remarks, even though it is a most important area. I must mention the role of McKee Barracks and the Army Equitation School. We are talking about the half-bred horse. The ro...More Button

Private Members' Business. - Bord na gCapall (Dissolution) Bill, 1988: Second Stage (Resumed).

He has booked his place on this committee.More Button

A loyal supporter.More Button

Seven eighths.More Button

It is excellent.More Button

The ICES, Irish Certificate in Equestrian Science and IDES, the Irish Diploma in Equestrian Science at Thomastown.More Button

A very good idea.More Button

I accept that.More Button

The SJAI went ahead in view of the Minister's proposal in relation to the equine research centre. That is the reason they opted for that one.More Button

I do.More Button

I got the bum steer.More Button

It was the announcement that Johnstown would be the centre that put them in that direction.More Button

They thought they were complying with what the Minister was suggesting.More Button

They can be fired at the AGMs. That is the advantage.More Button

No. A private company are operating at the moment in this country in the half-breed area and their fertility rate has been abysmal. In the thoroughbred arena, particularly in Switzerland they have ve...More Button

It might be easier to explain to the electorate than Thurles. Will the Minister plead guilty there also?More Button

I have a copy of the Minister's elections promises.More Button

That is if one includes the appendix progeny which pass inspection.More Button

Would the Minister consider extending the £400 draught foal grant to the half-bred industry generally? That would be a jewel in his crown.More Button

The Minister mentioned a sub-committee of his advisory committee. Would it be out of the question to consider a very small all-party subcommittee of four or five members? The advisory committee would...More Button

Private Members' Business. - Bord na gCapall (Dissolution) Bill, 1988: Committee and Final Stages.

Perhaps the Minister would be good enough to indicate to the House what choices in action he feels might have to be carried over.More Button

Unlike the Minister I do not have legal training. Perhaps he could be specific and indicate to me which choses-in-action he is referring to, or which part of the property could be called choses-in-ac...More Button

Like the leases of the stallions.More Button

So the lease of the stallions would come under that, for example, as contracts?More Button

Perhaps the Minister would be good enough to quantify the expression “as soon as may be” because there have been difficulties encountered for many years with the annual accounts of Bord na gCapall. I...More Button

It was also the expression used in the Horse Industry Act, 1970 and it gave someone carte blanche to take several years to produce accounts. However, I accept what the Minister says. Perhaps I might a...More Button

These premia are owed to mare owners in the form of awards granted at various shows held throughout the country. Along with other Members of this House, can I now encourage mare owners — who have bee...More Button

They are liabilities.More Button

Will the Minister respond to me at length as to whether such mare owners may pursue their £100 premium?More Button

My acceptance of the section is on the understanding that what I consider to be a debt owed by Bord na gCapall to these mare owners will be discharged by the Minister. Amendment agreed to. Section 4 d...More Button

This is indeed a sad occasion and, lest Deputy Sherlock and others may have forgotten, I should like to point out that the original proposal to abolish Bord na gCapall came from the former Minister fo...More Button

Written Answers. - Tests on Imported Pigs.

asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food, with the new differential test which is available for transmissible gastroenteritis and porcine respiratory corona virus in pigs, whether Ireland should re...More Button

Written Answers. - Financial Package.

asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food if, in conjunction with the Minister for Finance, he will introduce a financial package involving interest subsidy for pig producers to allow then to restru...More Button

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