Roche, Dick

Thursday, 9 March 1989

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 388 No. 2

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Adjournment of the Dáil: Motion.

Shame on you.More Button

And a couple of Ministers.More Button

The ultimate issue in this debate is truthfulness. There are four basic issues in the campaign of smear and innuendo that has led to this debate. The first of the allegations, now dismissed in the m...More Button

A conflict of interest was not mentioned. Since the end of January last Deputy Michael McDowell, Deputy Pat O'Malley and Deputy Desmond O'Malley have consistently repeated falsehoods with a deliberat...More Button

——in that question but his subsequent actions——More Button

——prove that he was not, as Deputy McDowell is trying to suggest, even remotely concerned with the issue. A conflict of interest being the issue, the Minister's reply of 29 November clearly was not th...More Button

That was another untruth. Deputy Pat O'Malley did not write to the Minister and he confirmed this on public radio last Saturday. (Interruptions.)More Button

Deputy Pat O'Malley could have raised the issue at a meeting of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on State-Sponsored Bodies. Heavens only knows there have been enough of those. (Interruptions.)More Button

Deputy Pat O'Malley had plenty of opportunity to do that. The committee's record shows that the Sugar Company featured in the committee's deliberations on 21 occasions between July 1987 and February ...More Button

If any suspicion of conflict of interest or of abuse existed in the dark and dim recesses of Deputy Pat O'Malley's mind, it took a hell of a long time to emerge. It is clear from this that the Dáil w...More Button

Deputy O'Malley misled the Dáil again — the truth stings — when he said that Deputy Pat O'Malley had written to the Minister. Happily Deputy Pat O'Malley admits that he did not.More Button

You are the one who is making a big issue out of it. (Interruptions.)More Button

He also misled the House — this is a serious matter — when he dealt with a meeting of the board of the Sugar Company which took place on 17 November last. The full truth of this will only emerge on ...More Button

Deputy Pat O'Malley was operating on the same script when he presented his version of events, his distortion of the truth in the Dáil, at the Oireachtas committee and at many interviews which were con...More Button

Read the press release, Deputy. (Interruptions.)More Button

When he was in office——More Button

When he was in office, Deputy Desmond O'Malley was well known for his willingness to interfere in any matter that attracted his attention. I was sufficiently close to Government at that time to know ...More Button

The fourth issue raised in this whole sordid affair is the most important of all. Over the last four weeks something unique in Irish public life has been occurring, something which is quite without p...More Button

——in this House today by Deputy Desmond O'Malley who is, after all, the prince of muckraking and always has been and by Deputy Dukes who was maladroit as ever.More Button

It struck me while listening to Deputy Dukes——More Button

——how apt were Deputy Donnellan's comments about him standing in the rain with a fork in his hand. Other than reiterate the now well rehearsed mistruths neither Deputy produced any fact of relevance....More Button

——to those particular depths. The problem with the Opposition parties, in particular with the Progressive Democrats and latterly with Fine Gael, is that the Government's performance on all the import...More Button

Deputy Liam Kavanagh was the acting chairman on that committee.More Button

On a point of order, a submission was made—— (Interruptions.)More Button

It is a very serious aspersion.More Button

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