O'Malley, Desmond J.

Wednesday, 1 November 1989

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 392 No. 4

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Cork Proposed Plant Construction.

The Minister for State at the Department of the Environment, Deputy Mary Harney, and I met with senior executives of Merrel Dow Pharmaceuticals Incorporated on 24 August 1989 to discuss the company's ...More Button

I do not accept that there is anything ambivalent about my reply. It is straightforward and factual. Any information, within reason, that the Deputy wants I am prepared to give. I think I have answe...More Button

I did. The Minister of State gave me an oral account of her visit to that part of east Cork.More Button

I discussed it orally with the Minister of State, Deputy Harney, and I believe the Taoiseach did the same.More Button

The Government made no such decision. The Government, acting through me, indicated their anxiety to the representatives of Merrell Dow, as I have already made clear to the Deputy, that the project wo...More Button

The Deputy may be aware that major industries as valuable as this one are not easily come by. I hope we will see more of them.More Button

I will ensure that the IDA treat it equally with other regions. Mr. Sherlock rose.More Button

I am satisfied that the appropriate structures will be in place during 1990. I am not entirely satisfied that they are altogether satisfactory at the moment, and that is why the Government are propos...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - ESB Retail Trade.

I propose to take Questions Nos. 7, 34 and 92 together. I have considered the case made by the Radio and Television Retailers' Association and others that the ESB's retailing activities in the electr...More Button

I am aware that electrical traders in the Border area are at a particular disadvantage because of the difference in the VAT rates on both sides of the Border and the present development does not help ...More Button

With regard to the first part of the Deputy's question, I have answered it already in the main reply by saying that I have asked the Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trade to carry out an investi...More Button

I cannot say how long it will take the Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trade to investigate the matter but I will certainly have asked him to look at it as a matter of urgency. I hope to have a...More Button

I am fairly confident that if the director is short of money for travelling expenses he can conduct this inquiry without having to incur any significant travelling expenses.More Button

In an office such as that of the director's, he cannot undertake everything he is asked to do.More Button

I think he normally gives priority to investigations which he is requested by the Minister of the day to carry out.More Button

I do not think that question arises under the point I have asked him to look into. (Interruptions.)More Button

I have already replied to that question. (Interruptions.)More Button

The industrial development agencies have day to day——More Button

I do not know until I see the report. Sometimes these reports contain a lot of confidential commercial information which the director or whoever draws up the report may not want published. If confid...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Paper Mills Industry.

The industrial development agencies have day to day responsibility for the promotion of industrial projects. The IDA have informed me that they are in contact with a number of potential investors wit...More Button

As the Deputy is probably aware, the IDA are in discussion with a number of potential investors on the question of the establishment of a pulpwood plant. A paper-mill would be downstream from that. ...More Button

As the Deputy may be aware, there are already two plants in this country using timber of this kind, one at Scarriff in County Clare and one at Clonmel. With regard to the product to be produced by a ...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Patents Legislation.

With your permission, a Cheann Comhairle, I propose to take oral Questions Nos. 10 and 25 and priority Questions Nos, 37, 39 and 41 together.More Button

The questions are very closely related and we cannot have one without the other.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Beef Exports to Iraq.

I propose to take oral Questions Nos. 10 and 25 and priority Questions Nos. 37, 39 and 41 together. During the past five years, a specific ceiling applied in respect of export credit insurance for all...More Button

In relation to the first part of the Deputy's supplementary, I have consulted the Attorney General on precisely that point. I have taken his advice and I have followed that advice in the answer that ...More Button

I have consulted with the Attorney General in some detail about this matter and I have got precise advice from him. I have nothing to add to what I said and the Deputy should realise that it would no...More Button

I expressed the view that in my opinion too much cover was given to too few companies in respect of one product to one country and I remain of that view. The investigation that was carried out would ...More Button

If and when we get to the stage when we can reopen cover for beef to Iraq it will certainly be my intention to try to distribute the cover as widely and as equitably as I can to companies interested i...More Button

I am not sure I can recall the various questions because I have lost by train of thought also.More Button

I am well aware of that. (Interruptions.)More Button

There were no claims paid under the export credit finance scheme relating to this matter and so the question of having recourse to the insured parties to recover moneys has not arisen.More Button

There were, of course, substantial sums of money paid out under the scheme but they were paid by banks to the companies, not by the State.More Button

Guaranteed by the State, yes.More Button

On 10 May “the Minister” did not say; “Deputy O'Malley” said, and that is a different matter. I have already dealt with the other matters. I cannot go into historical facts. I have expressed my vie...More Button

Incredibly, my view does not change. I have been able in the House today to stand over the figures I gave the House last March, April and May when I was in Opposition. That is an indication of how r...More Button

I am not prepared to discuss the affairs of an individual company but I can say, as I have already done, that no claim has been paid in respect of this matter.More Button

Notice is given by banks from time to time of amounts that will arise for payment some days later. Notice is given to my Department but in regard to the events that have occurred my Department have n...More Button

In reply to the first part of the Deputy's supplementary questions, banks in Ireland advanced the sum of £55.2 million on foot of the export credit finance scheme in respect of meat that was contained...More Button

——was that once I was satisfied about the position I should then void them and should not wait for a claim to be made, and that it protected the State's position by my voiding them at the earliest opp...More Button

In reply to Deputy Barrett's last supplementary, he wants to know how much is now outstanding in respect of the sums that were advanced by banks here. The reply is £25.2 million is now outstanding un...More Button

The amount of potential liability still outstanding in respect of the insurance cover is approximately £50 million.More Button

The amount of potential liability outstanding in respect of export credit insurance as opposed to the credit guarantees at the moment is approximately £50 million.More Button

The two are bound up together because the credits are not given by the banks and the money is not advanced unless there is export credit insurance in place.More Button

I have a history of all the ministerial decisions that were made in respect of export credit to Iraq over the past five years by a number of Governments. Because this is what is called an account num...More Button

All the insurance documentation clearly stated that all the beef originated in the Republic of Ireland. If veterinary or other documentation was used, that would be a matter for the Minister for Agri...More Button

Adjournment Debate. - Kells (Meath) Electronics Factory.

Trying for whom?More Button

The position is that the micro-computer business of the Zenith Corporation of the United States is the subject of a proposed buy-out by Groupe Bull of France. This purchase, however, will not include...More Button

——it has had some considerable success. During that time it has achieved commendable results in all its key target areas such as employment, productivity, marketing and R and D. It produces top qual...More Button

I have no reason to believe that it would be the end of the Zenith operation and I do not think we should destabilise the company by suggesting that there is any imminent danger of that. They employ ...More Button

Written Answers. - Oil Products Price Control.

I propose to take written Question No. 95 and oral Question No. 11 together. The interim report of the Fair Trade Commission following their inquiry into the supply and distribution of motor fuels rec...More Button

Written Answers. - Cork South-West Region Industrial Development.

I am fully aware of the industrial development needs of the Cork area as of other areas in the country. The Industrial Development Authority have statutory responsibility for the development of indus...More Button

Written Answers. - Science and Technology Development Programme.

The objective of the science and technology development programme is to develop Ireland's technological base and to transfer new technology to industry. The programme received an increased allocation...More Button

Written Answers. - OECD Economic Survey.

I propose to take Questions Nos. 16 and 21 together.More Button

Written Answers. - Irish Goods Council Role.

The role of the Irish Goods Council is to provide marketing advice and assistance to small and medium sized Irish firms selling on the Irish market. The services delivered by the council form part of...More Button

Written Answers. - County Kerry Proposed Smelter.

My Department has not received any detailed proposals for the construction of a smelter on this site.More Button

Written Answers. - Eolas Functions.

Following a review of the functions of the National Board for Science and Technology and the Institute for Industrial Research and Standards, Eolas was established on 1 January 1988 under the Science ...More Button

Written Answers. - National Development Corporation.

The remit and powers of the National Development Corporation are established by the National Development Corporation Act, 1986. I have no plans at this stage to seek an amendment to this legislation.More Button

Written Answers. - Location of Trading Houses.

Twelve trading houses have been licensed to date, of which ten are based in Dublin, one in Blarney, County Cork and one in New Ross, County Wexford. As the scheme is still at an early stage of develop...More Button

Written Answers. - Office of Consumer Affairs.

Inspectors previously attached to the Office of Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trade in Cork and Galway were transferred to headquarters in July 1989. This decision was taken by the director, ...More Button

Written Answers. - Irish Steel.

The reason that the proposed sale of Irish Steel Ltd. was not completed in September was that the purchaser had not met a number of his contractual obligations at that time. The current closing date ...More Button

Written Answers. - Export Credit Insurance Scheme.

The general procedures for ensuring that the amount for which goods are insured reflect the actual value of goods exported are applied by the Insuranced Corporation of Ireland when claims arise under...More Button

Written Answers. - Assistance to Irish Industry.

I am satisfied that, within the resources available, adequate scientific and technological assistance is available to Irish industry. There have been three strategic moves in relation to this matter. ...More Button

Written Answers. - Codes of Conduct for Insurers.

Section 61 of the Insurance Act, 1989, empowers the Minister for Industry and Commerce, where he considers it necessary in the public interest, and following consultation with the insurance industry a...More Button

Written Answers. - Rationalisation of State Agencies

I am on record as stating that we have too many State agencies dealing with different aspects of industrial development and related matters. I have instructed my Department to examine how rationalisa...More Button

Written Answers. - Motor Insurance Costs.

The Courts Act, which abolished juries in personal injury cases has been in operation since October 1988. The objective of the changeover to trial before a judge sitting alone was to bring greater con...More Button

Written Answers. - Industrial Incentives.

Membership of the EC has already increased the competitive environment in which industry operates through the removal of the various tariff barriers and this has been reflected in the major restructur...More Button

Written Answers. - Motor Insurance Premiums.

The Deputy will be aware that price control was removed by the Government in January 1986. Since then motor insurers are required only to notify my Department of alterations in their rates. The sanc...More Button

Written Answers. - Consumer Credit.

I assume that the Deputy is referring to the provisions of the Consumer Information (Consumer Credit) Order 1987 which requires, inter alia, that advertisements for credit which make reference to the ...More Button

Written Answers. - State Bodies' Annual Reports.

The information sought by the Deputy is set out in the tabular statement which is being circulated in the Official Report. There is no statutory requirement to circulate annual reports to Members of ...More Button

Written Answers. - Trade and Marketing Information.

A comprehensive range of information on trade and marketing issues is available to industry in both the services and manufacturing sectors. In the case of overseas markets, the primary source of such ...More Button

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