Noonan, Michael

Tuesday, 6 March 1990

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 396 No. 6

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Taoiseach's Visit to USA.

Asked the minister: if, when travelling to and from the United States last week, he flew directly from Dublin to the United States and returned from the United States directly to Dublin; and if any intermediate stop was ...More Button

(Limerick East): The Taoiseach decided to reply to Question No. 5 in my name in the context of his replies to other questions but made no reference to Question No. 5 in his reply. Since he did not ref...More Button

(Limerick East): Answer the question.More Button

(Limerick East): The Taoiseach is obliged to answer questions put down to him.More Button

(Limerick East): State airline.More Button

(Limerick East): A good choice, the way the Taoiseach made an ass of himself.More Button

(Limerick East): People in Shannon will not wear this.More Button

(Limerick East): Is the Taoiseach making fun of Shannon Airport?More Button

(Limerick East): Are you not the first Taoiseach ever who did not fly into Shannon and out again——More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - European Security Agreement.

(Limerick East): Some weeks ago in the House the Taoiseach said that the eastern boundaries of East Germany could only be varied under the Helsinki Agreement in accordance with international law or by...More Button

(Limerick East): When I raised this previously with the Taoiseach in this House some weeks ago he said that the Helsinki II Treaty specifically said that the eastern boundaries could only be changed i...More Button

(Limerick East):——against the background of the Chancellor's remarks?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Limerick Civic Centre Accommodation.

Asked the minister: if his attention has been drawn to the fact that the new Civic Centre which has been completed in Limerick incorporates a museum; to the fact that the museum is particularly spacious and well designed...More Button

(Limerick East): I thank the Taoiseach for his reply. Have arrangements been made for on-going discussions arising out of the meeting on 27 January?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - EC Presidency Visit.

(Limerick East): On a point of order, before the Taoiseach leaves the House, Question No. 5 was put down in my name for tomorrow. I was 'phoned yesterday by an official of the Taoiseach's Department ...More Button

(Limerick East): I am looking for your protection.More Button

(Limerick East): I am looking for your protection.More Button

(Limerick East): On a point of order——More Button

(Limerick East): It is.More Button

(Limerick East): On a point of order, it is part of your responsibility——More Button

(Limerick East): I was grossly misled by the Taoiseach's Department and then abused by the Taoiseach in the House.More Button

(Limerick East): My question was not answered in the reply. I was asked specifically——More Button

(Limerick East): I was asked specifically by the Taoiseach's Department——More Button

(Limerick East):——to facilitate the Taoiseach by bringing forward the question and I was told the Taoiseach would deal with it in his reply.More Button

(Limerick East): I want to give the Chair notice that I intend to raise this at the Committee on Procedure and Privileges through our representative.More Button

(Limerick East): I would have hoped, a Cheann Comhairle, that the Chair would have protected my interests without my having to go to the Committee on Procedure and Privileges.More Button

(Limerick East): No, Sir, it is not.More Button

Order of Business.

(Limerick East): May I ask the Taoiseach when the promised legislation to set up a debt management agency will be introduced in this House?More Button

(Limerick East): Does the Taoiseach recall promising that it would be published in advance of the Finance Bill being published and does he think now he will fulfil that commitment?More Button

Written Answers. - Storm Damage to County Limerick School.

Asked the minister: if her attention has been drawn to the fact that the storm of 26 February 1990 seriously damaged the prefabricated classrooms at a school (details supplied) in County Limerick; the plans she has to pr...More Button

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