McCartan, Patrick

Wednesday, 28 March 1990

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 397 No. 6

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Order of Business.

May I take if from what the Taoiseach is saying that if there is a substantial amount of business outstanding at 5 p.m., he will consider, in consultation with the Whip, extending the time to another ...More Button

I understand that the Chair's office has now clarified that it is in order on the Order of Business to inquire about committees we were promised would be established in the House. I should like to as...More Button

I understood that your officials had clarified the matter in regard to this and that my question is in order.More Button

I will not sit down, I am addressing the Chair.More Button

I should like an opportunity to raise the matter with the Chair after the House has dealt with the Order of Business. There seems to be some confusion about this matter.More Button

No, I am trying to establish whether I am entitled to ask about the position in regard to establishing the committees on crime and local government which were promised in the House.More Button

Defence (Amendment) Bill, 1990: Committee Stage (Resumed).

I would like briefly to recap on what is being sought to achieve by amendments Nos. 5, 6 and 7 in the names of Deputies Nealon, Ryan and myself. We want to expand on what is currently permissible un...More Button

I find the contributions from the Government side totally disingenuous and there is no attempt to look at what we are asking. There is some suggestion that by adding to a singular item we are restric...More Button

My question is why should we put “remuneration” into the section..More Button

Matters such as welfare, housing, health and care of families are fundamental. Remuneration and those other related matters are fundamental. We are trying to add matters which we consider of equal im...More Button

I would ask the Minister before Report Stage to consult with the law officers and his advisers in this matter in the context of the justum generis rule of interpretation.More Button

I appreciate that I am addressing a lawyer. The risk is that a court asked to interpret what is meant by other matters will decide that the phrase “and such” is an indication that these other matters...More Button

If Deputy Roche is clarifying his position, I welcome that. The Minister cannot have it both ways. There is a list of one item and all other matters; we are proposing a list of three or four items and...More Button

That is a reasonable proposition.More Button

Take the 1977 Act.More Button

I am withdrawing my amendment No. 6.More Button

I move amendment No. 8. In page 2, subsection (1), lines 28 to 32, to delete all words from and including “, but excluding” down to and including “that Act”. My proposition is that in the event of not...More Button

I have been completely misrepresented in the House. Anybody who listened to me on Second Stage — or to what I said five minutes ago — would recognise that I did not for a moment suggest that we shoul...More Button

It is in the officers' submission to the Gleeson Commission.More Button

I support amendment No. 10 which represents a general statement of principle. It does not contain any concept of restriction whatever. It merely states than an association shall represent its member...More Button

I am not suggesting that. I do not think PDFORRA can be blamed for having such a scheme in their constitution. They sought advice since last July but did not receive any from the Department. As a r...More Button

Amendment No. 11 deals with the right of free access to the media as does amendment No. 23 in part, amendment No. 12 deals with the power to raise money from subscriptions and amendment No. 22 deals w...More Button

They do appear to be related.More Button

I support the inclusion in the Bill of a statement on the right of access to the media by spokespersons of the representative groups. While I appreciate the approach taken by Deputy Ryan in his amend...More Button

Do regulations not exist at the moment prohibiting access to public representatives?More Button

I have been well taught over the past two days.More Button

I take the Minister's point, but who will specify the matters on which they can speak to the media?More Button

If they do not want to talk to the media they will not.More Button

There is a threat of disciplinary action hanging over him.More Button

There has been a peculiar history in the past relating to access to the media and the right of members of the Defence Forces to speak or to be heard. They have been in a unique position. There is no...More Button

I accept that but I am merely making the point to illustrate how this whole issue of the right of access to the media is both hot and cold in one day. Progress reported; Committee to sit again. Sitti...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Oil/Gas Exploration.

Asked the minister: if it is intended to issue licences for oil and gas exploration wells in the Rockall area; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Defence (Amendment) Bill, 1990: Committee Stage (Resumed).

Earlier I was making some brief comments in response to the case made by the Minister and Deputies on the Government side as to why we could not or should not provide for writing into this important e...More Button

I know. We have some indication about how new or different it will be. The discussion document referred to curtailing that right of access through GHQ or regional command headquarters. Even though ...More Button

I thank the Minister for his remarks which did not necessarily take me by surprise. However, may I ask two questions which refer to two further related amendments, which we will not now reach.More Button

In the context of the amendment we are discussing, and related to it are two issues——More Button

I will. In amendment No. 12, Deputy Nealon talks about the association having sole discretion as to the allocation of moneys, and the question arises as to the association's discretion to employ civi...More Button

I thank the Minister for his reply, that is also a third element and it helps in understanding the extent to which the Minister agrees with the principle of Deputy Nealon's amendment. However, there a...More Button

Will the Minister leave this provision in the Bill? My amendment No. 18 says “the association shall be entitled to...” if after the discussions with the Minister they decide this is what they need to...More Button

In view of the Minister's assurance and as we are fast approaching the guillotine I do not propose to press the matter.More Button

I move amendment No. 14: In page 2, between lines 34 and 35, to insert the following subsection: “(3) The number of associations to be formed shall be two, and shall be designed to represent the offi...More Button

I am withdrawing my amendment on the basis that we have on the record the Minister's agreement to the proposal. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.More Button

I move amendment No. 15: In page 2, lines 35 to 37, to delete subsection (3).More Button

There is no mention of NATO in the amendments.More Button

Where is there a mention of NATO in the amendments?More Button

Where is there a mention of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation?More Button

I want to bring you all back to what we are talking about, that is a trade and representative association which is specifically excluded from dealing with anything vaguely touching on operations, main...More Button

I am here in this Dál providing for the future in enabling fundamental legislation.More Button

The Minister should not try to run me around—— (Interruptions.)More Button

It is very unfortunate that a guillotine motion has been put on this Bill.More Button

On a point of order, does that include the ministerial amendment to section 30?More Button

The question is not agreed to. Question put. The Committee divided: Tá, 66; Níl, 63. TáMore Button

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