Burke, Ray

Wednesday, 4 July 1990

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 401 No. 1

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Adjournment Debate. - Combat Poverty Agency Report.

The Combat Poverty Agency report deals with two issues — the legal provisions for the maintenance of spouses and children and the general issue of poverty in the case of separated spouses, mainly wive...More Button

Written Answers. - Female Prison Officers.

Was asked: the number of female prison officers who were called following the recruitment campaign in 1989; and if additional places will be available for these on the present panel.More Button

To date, a total of 24 female prison officers have been appointed to the prison service from the last competition which was held in May 1989. Females who were successful at the recent interviews cond...More Button

Written Answers. - Clonmel (Tipperary) Gardaí.

Was asked: if he will provide additional gardaí in Clonmel, County Tipperary and extra clerical staff so that the present gardaí can be transferred from clerical work to street duty; and if he will make a statem...More Button

The detailed allocation of gardaí to individual areas is a matter for the Garda authorities who inform me that they are keeping this issue under review in so far as Clonmel is concerned. The question...More Button

Written Answers. - Trim (Meath) Courthouse.

Was asked: if he will give favourable consideration to the application of Meath County Council to refurbish the courthouse in Trim, County Meath.More Button

The application from Meath County Council is one of a number of courthouse repair and refurbishment schemes for which proposals have been received from local authorities. The recent Government decisi...More Button

Written Answers. - Prison Statistics.

Was asked: the total capacity of the prison system; the location and number in each prison; the number of personnel employed in the prison service; and the annual running cost of the service.More Button

I refer the Deputy to my reply to Question No. 166 of 3 July which deals with the first two parts of this question. The total number of personnel employed in the prison service on 1 July 1990 is 2,174...More Button

Written Answers. - Offences Against the State.

Was asked: the number of persons detained under the Offences Against the State Acts; the number of persons charged following arrest under the Offences Against the State Acts; and the section of the Act under whi...More Button

I am informed by the Garda authorities that the number of persons arrested in 1988 under section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act, 1939 was 1,938. I am also informed that the other informatio...More Button

Written Answers. - Criminal Law (Jurisdiction) Act.

Was asked: the number of persons charged under the Criminal Law (Jurisdiction) Act, 1976; the number of cases tried under the Act; and the outcome of these cases.More Button

I am informed by the Garda authorities that to date a total of 16 persons have been prosecuted under the extra territorial provisions of the Criminal Law (Jurisdiction) Act, 1976. Of these 12 were co...More Button

Written Answers. - Subversive Prisoners.

Was asked: if he will give the total number of subversive prisoners currently serving sentences in the following categories (1) under one year (2) between one and four years (3) between five and nine years (4) b...More Button

Was asked: if he will give a breakdown of the number of subversive prisoners serving sentences and whether they were born in the Republic of Ireland, in Northern Ireland or elsewhere.More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 71 and 72 together. The term “subversive prisoner” is not sufficiently precise to enable detail of the type requested in these questions to be compiled with precision...More Button

Written Answers. - Special Criminal Court.

Was asked: the number of people tried in the Special Criminal Court in 1989; whether they pleaded guilty or not; and the outcome of cases of those who pleaded not guilty.More Button

Was asked: the types of offences for which persons were convicted in the Special Criminal Court in 1989 giving the number of persons convicted on each count.More Button

Was asked: the outcome of cases heard in the Special Criminal Court in 1989 outlining (i) cases tried (ii) numbers found guilty (iii) numbers found not guilty and (iv) sentences imposed including suspended sent...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 73, 74 and 75 together. The information sought is contained in the attached schedules.More Button

Written Answers. - Extradition Applications.

Was asked: the number of applications for extradition which have been made by the British Government in relation to (a) people facing charges in Northern Ireland and (b) people facing charges in Great Britain in...More Button

The attached tabular statement shows the number of persons for whom extradition warrants were received from Northern Ireland and Britain in the period since 1978. Warrants for the return of persons t...More Button

Written Answers. - Prison Officer Numbers.

Was asked: the total number of prison officers in Portlaoise and Limerick prisons who are in charge of subversive prisoners; and the annual cost of this service in the year 1988 and 1989.More Button

I am satisfied that it would not be in the interests of security to provide the information requested. The cost of prison staff generally was £35.7 million in 1988 and £41.9 million in 1989. As the t...More Button

Written Answers. - Prisoner Statistics.

Was asked: the number of committals to prison in 1989 categorised by the following age groups (a) 15-17 years (b) 18-21 years (c) 22-25 years, (d) 26-30 years, (e) 31-40 years, (f) 41-50 years, (g) 51-60 years, ...More Button

The information sought by the Deputy is set out below.More Button

Written Answers. - Family Home Protection Legislation.

Was asked: if he will consider amending the Family Home Protection Act, 1976, to remove the anomaly whereby the agreement of an absent spouse is required to re-mortgage a house, even though he or she may have re...More Button

I do not agree that an anomaly exists in this area. While the Family Home Protection Act, 1976 prevents a spouse from disposing of the family home by sale, mortgage, re-mortgage etc. without the prio...More Button

Written Answers. - Regulation of Activities of Charities.

Was asked: the progress, if any, which has been made in implementing the recommendations of the Costello Committee with regard to the regulation of the activities of charities, especially in relation to street c...More Button

The report is being examined in my Department with a view to formulating proposals for legislation on foot of the recommendations contained therein.More Button

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