Bruton, John

Tuesday, 11 December 1990

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 403 No. 8

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Request to move Adjournment of Dáil under Standing Order 30.

Will the Ceann Comhairle not agree that this is a specific matter of general public importance which has arisen suddenly in that the report has just been published? It is likely to develop significan...More Button

With respect — I thank you for having circulated that material which is particularly helpful to Members — I submit that in your re-examination of this matter the issue is likely to develop further bef...More Button

Order of Business.

Will the Taoiseach give an assurance that the proposed Government competition legislation will be introduced before the Christmas recess in view of the fact that it would be extremely dangerous for I...More Button

It is strictly relevant.More Button

I am asking about promised legislation.More Button

Will the Taoiseach give an assurance that the promised competition Bill which has——More Button

In view of the fact that this legislation is now extremely urgent, in view of the proposal to make excessive profits to repay the banks who unwisely lent money to the Goodman Group, this legislation s...More Button

Not quickly enough in the circumstances.More Button

Have the Government any intention of presenting their own paper with regard to economic and monetary union, or political union, and, if so, will they allow a discussion on the Government's position on...More Button

Do the Government have any view of their own about economic and monetary union or do they have any view about political union? Are they simply waiting for others to determine the agenda, without shap...More Button

The Taoiseach cannot deal with it, period.More Button

There is no one else in Ireland who believes that.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Development of Local Museums.

In regard to the question of regional museums, would the Taoiseach agree that it would be preferable that we should widen the pool from which material could be drawn for these museums, from simply the...More Button

Would the Taoiseach not agree that, for example, in the case of an exhibition of objects from the National Museum, let us say about 1798, it might also be relevant, in addition to displaying the obje...More Button

May I ask the Taoiseach——More Button

Would the Taoiseach agree that it might be useful to have a debate in this House on the report which the Heritage Council are about to prepare so that we could give this issue greater time than is obv...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Northern Ireland Administration.

Asked the minister: if he will outline his policy on devolution of powers to a local administration in Northern Ireland.More Button

Will the Taoiseach agree that devolution to local administration in Northern Ireland should be based on executive power sharing at Cabinet level as the minimum condition?More Button

Without prejudice to what the Taoiseach has said, and not wishing to push him to say anything that would be in any way inappropriate, will he agree, however, that devolution is specifically envisaged ...More Button

He is being opaque as usual.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Replacement of Programme for National Recovery.

I have two questions. First, what is the proposed term of the new agreement? Is it a two year time frame or a three year time frame? Is there a proposal for a ten year time frame in respect of certa...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - EC Summit.

Is that the way the Taoiseach works?More Button

That is incredible.More Button

Would the Taoiseach agree that he is displaying a lamentable lack of information about the facts in the replies he has given? Could I draw to his attention the fact the President Mitterand and Chance...More Button

You are just wrong. Would the Taoiseach like me to furnish him with a copy, which I have in my possession, of the joint declaration of President Mitterand and Chancellor Kohl? The fact is that the na...More Button

No, Sir.More Button

This is appalling.More Button

I can send the Taoiseach a copy, today or tomorrow, of the Kohl/Mitterand declaration.More Button

I have a copy and I will send it.More Button

I have it in my possession.More Button

And have no ideas.More Button

It is the way it works. Why did the Taoiseach not read his brief before he came in here today?More Button

Private Members' Business. - An Bille um an Aonú Leasú Déag ar an mBunreacht, 1990: An Dara Céim (Atógáil). Eleventh Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1990: Second Stage (Resumed).

I will say it again if necessary.More Button

I am sure the Deputy will be absolutely correct.More Button

Alone.More Button

Finish the sentence.More Button

You have no claim against us.More Button

It is precisely because I am concerned about these people that I am taking the position I am taking.More Button

It must be the James Connolly who appears on “Nighthawks”.More Button

If the Provisional IRA were not murdering Protestants for no other reason than that they are Protestants, we would not be talking about Articles 2 and 3 of the Constitution. If there was peace on this...More Button

I strongly believe that the content of our Constitution is not something to be bartered in the manner of a huckster. We should have a Constitution that states our own beliefs about peace, consent and...More Button

Written Answers. - Cost of Loans.

Asked the minister: the reason the estimated cost to the Exchequer of section 84 loans has doubled since 1984.More Button

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