McGrath, Paul

Thursday, 14 February 1991

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 405 No. 2

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Financial Resolutions, 1991. - Financial Resolution No. 6: General (Resumed).

That is a joke.More Button

Do not forget the carer's allowance.More Button

Do not forget orthodontics.More Button

What is being done about it?More Button

I am sure the Chair is absolutely delighted to know that Deputy Callely will not affect him in his own constituency in the future. I am delighted to see that Deputy Callely actually took the opportun...More Button

Perhaps it reflects the poorness of this budget that Deputy Callely had to go back two or three years to find notes of worth that had been introduced by the Minister for Health.More Button

Mature recollections, no doubt. This 1991 budget, as introduced by the Minister for Finance, is yet another episode in the failure of this Government to address the problems of unemployment and emigra...More Button

The Minister must admit that the Midland Health Board have been exemplary in this respect and have always adopted a responsible attitude to budgeting. Speaking earlier this evening, Deputy Hyland adm...More Button

Deputy Callely obviously does not realise how these things are done and has no realisation of the suffering of ordinary people.More Button

St. Mary's Geriatric Hospital is also due for the Minister's knife with the proposed closure of a further 34 beds in this hospital. This is against a background of previous ward closures and staff lo...More Button

We are still borrowing.More Button

We are still borrowing.More Button

Fianna Fáil trebled it.More Button

Will the Government pay them?More Button

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