Owen, Nora

Wednesday, 1 May 1991

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 407 No. 7

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I wish to clarify a point. Little more than a week ago all people were registered on the census form. Even if they were not ordinarily resident in the State as they have been listed on our census fo...More Button

Similarly, visitors were part of the count of the people in Ireland and will be used for statistical purposes. I wonder if that is not a little anomalous. If I could prove that I, a visitor, was here ...More Button

Adjournment Debate Matters.

A Cheann Comhairle, could you help me in regard to an issue? I am not questioning your ruling but is there any mechanism for raising in this House something like a typhoon as an emergency? I am at a ...More Button

A typhoon is surely an emergency.More Button

Fisheries (Amendment) Bill, 1990: Committee Stage (Resumed).

How well the Minister did not say to Deputy Gilmore that he was seductive.More Button

Educational Exchange (Ireland and the United States of America) Bill, 1991: Committee and Final Stages.

I agree with the sentiment behind Deputy Higgins's amendment. The whole area of academic research, cultural activity and endeavour has changed dramatically since 1957 when the first scholarship fund w...More Button

Were they attached to a programme?More Button

And applied in their own right?More Button

I could not get my hands on a copy.More Button

When students, whether post graduate, research or teachers, return having completed the exchange programme, what onus rests on them to prove they have participated in the programme? I presume they mu...More Button

I would like further information on the Minister's appointments to the commission. When the Minister is making appointments to a commission which will have to make judgments on a very wide agenda, do...More Button

Could somebody be appointed for six months if they had completed a year and a half of the first term?More Button

Or four.More Button

What about women members?More Button

The Minister will keep it in mind.More Button

There are many such women.More Button

And your wisdom.More Button

I want to refer to that same point. Deputy Higgins and I must have been looking over each other's shoulder because I, too, read this subsection with a certain amount of surprise. I not only wondered ...More Button

I want to say something to the Minister in case he gets the wrong impression. I was 13½ years old when in 1957, legislation to initiate this scheme first came to this House and I have no knowledge or...More Button

I thought there might be some hidden meaning.More Button

Subsection (6) says that the Government may, out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas, make contributions to the commission for the purposes of its functions. Will the Minister give us an indication ...More Button

Subsection (2) states that members of the commission may not themselves benefit by way of scholarship or travel bursaries. I do not know whether the Minister had time this morning to hear of the majo...More Button

I wonder if this section does not unduly restrict the commission. Under section 7 there is a very wide range of powers. In fact, one of the selling points of this Bill according to the Minister was t...More Button

Will I read out what was in the 1957 Act?More Button

I have the Act in front of me, and it does not say “after consultation with the Minister for Finance”. Section 8 (3) says “The expenditure of the Board during each period of twelve months beginning on...More Button

I have no objection to allowing the Minister for Finance have some say in moneys invested in Government securities and so on. However, the Minister for Foreign Affairs will be the supreme Minister in...More Button

It is the Minister for Finance who wants to look a gift horse in the mouth.More Button

I move amendment No. 2: In page 9, line 1, after “accept” to insert“, seek”.More Button

And a comma.More Button

If it is any consolation to the Minister, I could almost guarantee that that is exactly the kind of amendment to this Bill that the US side want. They did not ask me to put in this amendment, but I kn...More Button

I will if the debate here is to stand part of the intention of this Bill so that when the commission run into a difficulty I can produce this debate of May Day 1991 and tell them that they are entitle...More Button

It would not be photocopies and so on, would it?More Button

Can the Minister of State give us any idea of the expenses which might be incurred by him? I assume since this body is being given autonomy they will be able to open up offices and sign agreements fo...More Button

It may be of interest to Deputy Higgins and the Minister of State to learn that the same point was made by our own resident Gaelic scholar, the Leas-Cheann Comhairle, Deputy Tunney, with whom I had a ...More Button

I welcome the fact that this Bill outlines the way in which the scheme is to be operated. I am sure the Minister will do some study before he appoints the ladies and gentlemen of the commission and I...More Button

Private Members' Business. - An Bille um an Aonú Leasú Déag ar an mBunreacht (Uimh. 3), 1991: An Dara Céim (atógáil). Eleventh Amendment of the Constitution (No. 3) Bill, 1991: Second Stage (Resumed).

You cannot take any special credit for them. Europe is making us do all this.More Button

The Deputy was being critical.More Button

It is extremely good.More Button

During the recess I heard a radio interview with a woman who works as a radio presenter with a radio station in England. I do not know if any of my colleagues in the House heard it but, during that i...More Button

Written Answers. - Social Welfare Benefits.

Asked the minister: the number of people receiving disability benefit; and the average length of time of receipt of this benefit in months and years for each recipient.More Button

Written Answers. - Policy on Refugees.

Asked the minister: if he will give details of the amalgamation of the policy advisory committee on refugees and the refugee resettlement committees; the terms of reference of the amalgamated committee; and if it will ca...More Button

Written Answers. - Convention on Asylum.

Asked the minister: if, under the Dublin Agreement during the Irish Presidency in 1990, asylum seekers were denied the right to seek asylum if they have passed through or spent time in another EC country without seeking ...More Button

Asked the minister: the status of applications for asylum as refugees by persons (details supplied), noting that these applications were made in spring 1990.More Button

Asked the minister: if he will indicate the average time it takes to make a decision on an application for asylum as a refugee.More Button

Written Answers. - Decisions on Refugees.

Asked the minister: the number of decisions his Department have made on refugees that differed from recommendations of the UNHCR; and if he will give the reasons for such differences.More Button

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