O'Rourke, Mary

Wednesday, 5 June 1991

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 409 No. 4

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University of Limerick (Dissolution of Thomond College) Bill, 1991: Committee and Final Stages.

That is so. If I understand Deputy Higgins correctly, he is concerned to ensure that the current practices will be continued in the teacher training section of the new university when Thomond College...More Button

Two points have been raised. There is common agreement on the point raised by Deputy Higgins, where he identified the need for experimentation and dynamism and change within the teacher training expe...More Button

The concurrency point is fully recognised. All education debates lead to a wonderful exchange of ideas. There will be debates in the future as to a common type of pre-service education for teachers ...More Button

I accept the thrust of what has been said by the Deputies. There is a legal difficulty in that with the passing of this Bill the college ceases to exist. Deputies, quite properly, have not put down a...More Button

I move amendment No. a1: In page 4, lines 6 and 7, to delete “and promotion of the Irish language and culture” and substitute “, promotion and use of the Irish language and to the preservation and dev...More Button

Tá mé sásta go bhfuil na trí leasuithe mar an gcéanna. I am satisfied that the three amendments follow the same text, as has been recognised. I wish to go through various points raised.More Button

I think that might be right —la vie en rose. The Deputy's contribution was very interesting. He can tell the House how it was, how it is and how it should be. His opinions are valued because of hi...More Button

Administration was clarified as relating to the every day activities of the college. Deputy Higgins pointed to the Ceard Teastais and referred to the fact that that certificate extended to health bor...More Button

That arose from Deputy McGinley's contribution when he asked if Irish was compulsory for entry to the University of Limerick. It is not but, in answering him, I said we would now give consideration t...More Button

I do.More Button

I thank Deputy Kemmy for his invitation to go to Limerick to monitor developments. He spoke about the spirit and ethos which is the mark of a university. He also said that we should talk more openly...More Button

I cannot help thinking about the line of the song “Limerick you're a lady”. Let us hope that we will see more female participants. I wish the merged institution good luck and every success in the fu...More Button

Private Members' Business. Vocational Education (Amendment) Bill, 1991: Second Stage (Resumed).

It should not be.More Button

Athlone RTC is delighted to sponsor them.More Button

I shall sit up all night reading it.More Button

Yes, in a proper Bill. This Bill is not operable.More Button

The Deputy's Bill is illegal and inoperable.More Button

We are all entitled to the protection of the Chair.More Button

That is not so. On a point of order——More Button

On a point of order——More Button

That is not so.More Button

That is not so.More Button

I know that.More Button

The Deputy is despicable, following our conversation today. Question put. The Dáil divided: Tá, 59; Níl, 71. TáMore Button

Written Answers. - Dungannon School Funding.

Was asked: if she has any plans to make financial assistance available, either directly or indirectly to the school in Dungannon devoted to conductive education in order to enable persons from this country to av...More Button

The Cork Spastic School are currently making selective use of the conductive method in teaching a number of children and my Department have already provided support in this regard. I am currently hav...More Button

Written Answers. - Length of School Term.

Was asked: whether she has given consideration to lengthening the existing school term; her views on whether any benefits would arise through such action; and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The Primary Education Review Body examined the issues relating to the length of the school day and the school year. In their report, the review body recommended a model for the length of the primary ...More Button

Written Answers. - Cork Dental School.

Was asked: if she will consider extending the Cork Dental School, which has an intake of 35 students at present, to 70 which would meet the total national needs well into the future and obviate the necessity of ...More Button

A decision will be taken by Government in due course on the question of providing a dental hospital/school in Dublin to replace the current dental hospital/school. All aspects of the matter will be ta...More Button

Written Answers. - Temporary Whole-Time Teachers.

Was asked: the number of temporary whole-time secondary teachers who are currently employed; if, in respect of these, she will outline (a) the number who have been employed to replace permanent teachers on mater...More Button

The information requested by the Deputy with regard to numbers of temporary whole-time teachers in secondary schools is not readily available in my Department. However, while actual figures are not av...More Button

Written Answers. - Special Education Committee.

Was asked: if she will outline by whom arrangements are being made to set up the committees to examine issues relating to children with learning difficulties; if she will further outline the persons who will be ...More Button

I take it the Deputy is referring to the special committee which is being established to review and make recommendations on educational provisions for children with special needs, as recommended by th...More Button

Written Answers. - Pupil-Teacher Ratio.

Was asked: if she will outline (1) the number of primary school classes which have a pupil-teacher ratio of 25:1 or lower and (2) the number of primary school classes which will have a pupil-teacher ratio of 25:...More Button

As the Deputy will be aware under the Programme for Economic and Social Progress, the overall pupil-teacher ratio will be reduced to 25:1 by September 1992. This will be achieved by retaining all exi...More Button

Written Answers. - Williamstown (Galway) National School.

Was asked: if her attention has been drawn to the widespread anger in the parish of Williamstown, County Galway because of the lack of adequate school transport facilities to Williamstown national school; if her...More Button

As the Deputy will be aware an additional bus was sanctioned for this service recently. I am satisfied that all the eligible children attending Williamstown national school, including any from Gurteen...More Button

Written Answers. - County Sligo School Amalgamation.

Was asked: the present position of the new amalgamated national school in Ballymote, County Sligo which is to succeed the present girls' and boys' schools; if she will outline in particular, when work will start...More Button

The question of the placing of the contract for the Ballymote national school, County Sligo project is being considered in my Department and a decision will be conveyed to the school authorities at t...More Button

Written Answers. - Mayo Regional Technical College.

Was asked: if she will outline the Government's position on the provision of a regional technical college in Castlebar, County Mayo; whether Government support is still forthcoming for the concept; if she will f...More Button

Was asked: if she will outline the progress which was made arising from her recent meeting with a deputation from Mayo Vocational Educational Committee concerning the introduction of third level courses to be he...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 231 and 232 together. I recently had a very useful meeting with a deputation from Mayo Vocational Education Committee. The deputation raised for consideration the pro...More Button

Written Answers. - School Transport.

Was asked: if her Department will consider providing free transport to all disabled people to post-primary schools.More Button

My Department provides free transport on existing school transport services to post-primary pupils whose disability, having regard to the opinion of my Department's medical adviser, warrants the provi...More Button

Written Answers. - Kill (Kildare) National School.

Was asked: if the inquiry under way into the financial affairs of Kill national school, County Kildare will include (1) the board of management records and (2) the receipts of payments made to Kill national scho...More Button

I can assure the Deputy that all aspects that are considered relevant to the inquiry will be taken into account.More Button

Written Answers. - Sligo Regional Technical College.

Was asked: when it is intended to grant authorisation to Sligo regional technical college to start a degree course in quality assurance as sanctioned by the National Council for Education Awards; and whether the...More Button

Proposals for the establishment of a degree course in quality assurance in Sligo regional technical college have been submitted to my Department by the Town of Sligo Vocational Education Committee. T...More Button

Written Answers. - Skreen (Sligo) Accommodation.

Was asked: if her attention has been drawn to the fact that (a) at High Park national school, Skreen, County Sligo there is serious overcrowding because of the very limited classroom space available and (b) with...More Button

The school has three teachers and had an average enrolment of 98 in September 1990. Accommodation consists of a permanent building containing two classrooms provided in 1963 and an extension of a cla...More Button

Written Answers. - Lyrecrompane (Kerry) Project Proposal.

Was asked: if she has received a request from the board of management of Lyrecrompane national school, County Kerry for her consent to the building of a utility/function room on the school grounds; and if she is...More Button

My Department have only recently received a request from the authorities of Lyrecrompane national school, County Kerry for permission to build a community centre on the school site. This matter is be...More Button

Written Answers. - Teacher Numbers.

Was asked: the number of male and female teachers in (a) secondary, (b) comprehensive and (c) community schools.More Button

The numbers of male and female teachers in secondary, community and comprehensive schools as at 1 January 1991 are as follows:More Button

Written Answers. - Higher Education Grant Payments.

Was asked: if her attention has been drawn to any cases where local authority withheld or delayed payment, under section 7 of the Local Government (Financial Provisions) (No. 2) Act, 1983, of grant aid from her ...More Button

The position is that the administration of the higher education grants scheme is statutorily entrusted to local authorities and details of particular cases would not normally be available in my Depart...More Button

Written Answers. - National Schools Staffing.

Was asked: if she will outline the arrangements she is making for schools which are only marginally short for the allocation of an extra teacher, such as a school (details supplied) in Dublin 3 where the lack of...More Button

As the Deputy will be aware the staffing of national schools for a particular year is determined by the enrolment in the school on 30 September of the previous year. This is in accordance with the ag...More Button

Written Answers. - Castlerea (Roscommon) New School.

Was asked: if the proposal to build a new second level community school in Castlerea, County Roscommon will be released to tender within the next two weeks in order that construction of the new school can commen...More Button

A list of interested contractors who will be invited to tender for the proposed community school in Castlerea, County Roscommon has been prepared and the tender documents for the project are being pro...More Button

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