O'Connell, John F.

Thursday, 13 February 1992

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 415 No. 7

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Written Answers. - Allowance Payment Delay.

Was asked: when disabled person's maintenance allowance will be paid to a person (details supplied) in County Cork who applied in 1991 for the allowance and has not heard anything since regarding his application...More Button

Payment of disabled person's maintenance allowance in any individual case is a matter for the health board concerned. Accordingly, the Deputy's question has been referred to the chief executive office...More Button

Written Answers. - Services for the Elderly.

Was asked: the way in which the additional funding of £1 million provided for improvement of long stay facilities will be apportioned as between public and private facilites.More Button

The apportionment of the additional funding for services for the elderly announced in this year's budget will be a matter for each health board within priorities determined by me at national level. I...More Button

Written Answers. - Private Patients in Public Wards.

Was asked: whether any study has been undertaken of the effect on public patients in allowing more and more private patients in public wards; whether his attention has been drawn to the fact there are many compl...More Button

More private patients are not being allowed in public wards and there is no deterioration in the level of care for public patients. In fact, the reverse is the case. The Government enacted legislati...More Button

Written Answers. - AIDS Prevention.

Was asked: if he will outline the specific steps being implemented at present to stop the spread of AIDS.More Button

Was asked: if he will outline the plans he has for the introduction of a forum for the discussion of the continuing spread of AIDS among people outside the drugs and homosexual communities at the present time; a...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 96 and 97 together. The Government's AIDS strategy, published in November 1991, sets out the current steps being taken to prevent and treat cases of HIV/AIDS. I am s...More Button

Written Answers. - Cardiac Ambulance Service.

Was asked: if he will confirm reports in the Irish Medical Times dated 17 January 1992 that the administration of drugs by ambulance personnel is being considered by his Department.More Button

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to statements recently made by a person (details supplied) in University College, Cork, that the absence of a cardiac ambulance service in this country is one of the fa...More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 98 and 111 together. The Deputy has been advised by my predecessor on a number of occasions that all aspects of pre-hospital care will be examined by the review group...More Button

Written Answers. - Clinical Trials.

Was asked: if he will take steps (a) to ensure that data collected from clinical trials is validated for accuracy and reliability and (b) to set up a form of independent monitoring of clinical trials especially ...More Button

Controls for the conduct of clinical trials are laid down in the Control of Clinical Trials Acts, 1987 and 1990. Permission for trials under these Acts are issued by the Minister for Health on the ad...More Button

Written Answers. - National Drugs Advisory Board.

Was asked: the plans he has to reconstitute and restructure the National Drugs Advisory Board; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Following on the Government's approval in June 1991 to the devolution of additional regulatory functions to the National Drugs Advisory Board and to a change in the composition of the board to reflect...More Button

Written Answers. - Genetic Counselling Centres.

As soon as the detailed arrangements for the national centre have been finalised, I will be considering how best the service might be organised on a regional basis.More Button

Written Answers. - Doctor Ratio.

Was asked: if he will make a statement on the recent survey carried out by the permanent working group of European junior hospital doctors which showed that Ireland had the lowest ratio of doctors per head of po...More Button

I am aware of the survey carried out by the permanent working group of European junior hospital doctors. A joint Department of Health-Comhairle na nOs pidéal group have been established to undertake ...More Button

Written Answers. - Interim Casualty Service.

Was asked: if he proposes to set up an interim casualty service in Tallaght, Dublin 24, shortly.More Button

I have asked the Dublin Hospital Advisory Group to examine the functions, scope and scale of the proposed Tallaght hospital and report to me within six months. In the course of their work, the group ...More Button

Written Answers. - Health Board Study Findings.

Was asked: the steps he is proposing to take subsequent to a recent study carried out by the Eastern Health Board which shows that the lifestyle of young adults in Dublin's black spot areas has been linked to a ...More Button

The development of health promotion strategies for socially deprived areas is a major priority of the health promotion unit of my Department and of the Eastern Health Board. The first phase of the dev...More Button

Written Answers. - Death Statistics.

Was asked: if he will outline the cause of death which has shown the greatest increase in the past five years.More Button

The cause of death which has shown the single largest increase since 1985 is cancer. The disease accounted for 20.1 per cent of all deaths in 1985 (6,689 out of 33,213 deaths) rising to 22.5 per cent ...More Button

Written Answers. - General Practitioners' Payments Delay.

Was asked: if he will take steps to eliminate the dissatisfaction which the general practitioners have with the General Medical Services (Payments) Board where allegations were made that payments are being delay...More Button

My Department are in discussion with the General Medical Services (Payments) Board with a view to overcoming any difficulties which may have existed in relation to the issuing of payments to doctors.More Button

Written Answers. - Organ Transplants.

Was asked: if he will outline the number of organ transplants which took place in Ireland in 1991; and if he will further outline (1) the type of transplant which took place and (2) the overall cost.More Button

In 1991, 14 heart transplants, 138 kidney transplants and 112 cornea transplants were performed in this country at an approximate overall cost of £2.6 million. The cost of transplant operations varies...More Button

Written Answers. - Committal Query.

Was asked: if he will make a statement on (1) recent reports (details supplied) that staff at a hospital (details supplied) are concerned about a decision to commit a man there who was arrested and questioned by...More Button

I am informed by the health board that the person concerned has been transferred to the Central Mental Hospital, Dundrum, under the provision of the Mental Treatment Act, 1945. The Health (Mental Serv...More Button

Written Answers. - Unwanted Pregnancies.

Was asked: if he will make a statement on the situation whereby over 1,000 Irish women had abortions in England between April and June, 1991 and whereby a total of 1,012 women from the Republic had abortions in ...More Button

It is unfortunate and tragic that Irish women should feel that abortion is the only resource available to them when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. There is a wide range of counselling and support s...More Button

Written Answers. - Hospital Private Beds.

Was asked: his views on the situation whereby seven months after the Programme for Economic and Social Progress agreement, hospitals have neither identified private beds nor made any definite arrangements for th...More Button

The implementation of the new arrangements for access to public hospital beds is proceeding in the phased manner which was outlined to the Oireachtas when the relevant legislation was passed last May....More Button

Written Answers. - Voluntary Hospitals Allocations.

Was asked: if he will set out the allocation made to each voluntary hospital in each of the years 1989 to 1992.More Button

The information requested by the Deputy is as follows:More Button

Written Answers. - Monitoring of Consultants' Work.

Was asked: if he proposes to introduce a system where work carried out by consultants in hospitals will be monitored as recommended by a person (details supplied).More Button

The term “consultant” is defined in the memorandum of agreement attached to each consultant's contract as follows: A consultant is a registered medical practitioner in hospital practice who, by reason...More Button

Written Answers. - Hospital Admission Delay.

Was asked: when a person (details supplied) in County Kildare will gain admission to Beaumont Hospital for surgery which was deemed necessary one year ago and which has been twice postponed by the hospital autho...More Button

I do not consider it appropriate for me to comment on the clinical details of an individual patient. The decision with regard to when a patient will have his/her operation performed is a matter for t...More Button

Written Answers. - Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors.

Was asked: if he will outline his views on a recent statement by a person (details supplied) of the non-consultant hospital doctors IMO sub-committee, who has demanded that his Department should examine closely ...More Button

Statements alleging links between inadequate supervision of non-consultant hospital doctors and an increase in the number of incidents resulting in litigation need to be examined with great care. Ther...More Button

Written Answers. - Orthodontic Treatment.

Was asked: if orthodontal treatment for which approval was given, will be carried out for a person (details supplied) in County Meath; and if not, the reason therefor.More Button

Children are assessed and prioritised for orthodontic treatment in accordance with the severity of their orthodontic condition. The person referred to by the Deputy was assessed by the health boards d...More Button

Written Answers. - Services for Physically Disabled.

Was asked: the progress which has been made with regard to commitments given for services for people with physical disabilities in page 26, paragraph 33, of the Programme for Economic and Social Progress; whethe...More Button

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing the progress to date on the commitments in the Programme for Economic and Social Progress which relate to my Department, including the paragraph referred t...More Button

Written Answers. - Acute Hospitals Admissions.

Was asked: if he will outline the increase/decrease in admissions to acute hospitals in each health board area for the last accounting year for which records are available.More Button

The information sought by the Deputy is set out in the table below.More Button

Written Answers. - Acute Hospitals Patient Cost.

Was asked: the average patient cost per day in acute hospitals in each health board area.More Button

The information requested by the Deputy, based on the most recent information available, is set out in the attached table. It is stressed that patient costs per day vary greatly depending on the type...More Button

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