O'Shea, Brian

Wednesday, 10 June 1992

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 421 No. 1

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Regional Technical Colleges Bill, 1991: Committee Stage (Resumed).

The Minister indicated last Thursday that he was willing to take this amendment on board. I will not delay by addressing it further, except to compliment the Minister on his openness to improving the...More Button

I, too, welcome this amendment. However, the whole area of equity needs to be looked at. Equity has many faces. Gender equity has been dealt with by a number of speakers and it is something to whic...More Button

On the matter of “chairperson”, it may very well be that people who developed their attitudes in a certain culture may look on “chairperson” or “chairwoman” in a certain context. However, I prefer to ...More Button

Obviously the Minister is going some way to meet the fears which a number of Members expressed on Second Stage and Committee Stage. However, section 7 relates to the functions of the governing bodies ...More Button

I should like to deal with a point raised by Deputy Ahearn in regard to reportage back to the vocational education committees. As I understand the system, there is provision for reporting back to the...More Button

Section 14 (2) states: “The governing body shall supply to the Minister and to the vocational education committee with the agreement of the Minister...”. In other words, if the vocational education c...More Button

I move amendment No. 90: In page 8, subsection (1) (b), line 20, after “order” to insert “of the vocational education committee”. This section deals with the dissolution of the governing body, the doo...More Button

I, too, would like clarification from the Minister on this section. Is a lawful order as presented in the Bill an order of the Houses of the Oirechtas? Are regulations of the Minister regulations that...More Button

I move amendment No. 91: In page 8, subsection (1), line 23, to delete “after consultation with” and substitute “on a recommendation of”. This amendment also relates to the possibility of dissolving t...More Button

There is need for further clarification. As the word “consultation” appears in this section it is open to wide interpretation. Could it mean, for instance, that an official of the Department could t...More Button

The word “consultation” would certainly be applicable where, for instance, the governing body of a college were in breach of statute. Consultation would obviously take the form of the Minister gettin...More Button

I move amendment No. 94:More Button

I move amendment No. 95:More Button

The Minister has responded in a way that is helpful and constructive. He has indicated that he will be looking at the whole section on Report Stage. On that basis I will withdraw the amendment and w...More Button

With amendment No. 96a, we have reached a fundamental point. Obviously this amendment did not emanate without consultation. As I understand it there was not, up to this morning, any consultation wit...More Button

I accept that the Minister did meet representatives of the IVEA last Wednesday. However, it must be stressed that the amendments make profound changes to the Bill. The Bill now before us, with the a...More Button

I shall move ahead as you have directed, a Leas-Cheann Comhairle. We are dealing with the Committee Stage of the Bill. I should like to make a brief comment by way to introduction to a point I wish t...More Button

I seek your indulgence to elicit further clarification. Will the Minister explain whether this change, by the inclusion in section 9 of the term “chief accounting officer,” has changed the thrust of ...More Button

I move amendment No. 98: In page 9, subsection (2), line 5, to delete “determined” and substitute “approved”. I do not want to delay the House. I understood from earlier contributions by the Minister...More Button

In terms of selection boards will the Minister inform the House what exactly is intended by the Department regarding putting selection boards in place? Will he comment on the proposed membership and ...More Button

Will the Minister inform the House whether there is any question of the local appointments commission having any role regarding an appointment to the college?More Button

I move amendment No. 99:More Button

I have a major difficulty in relation to the use of the word “appointed” in the section which states that “each college shall have an academic council appointed by the governing body ...”— the phrase ...More Button

I move amendment No. 113: In page 10, subsection (1) (b), line 29, to delete “determined” and substitute “approved”. I thought the Minister had intimated that he was in favour of that amendment.More Button

Might I have that position clarified by the Minister?More Button

In view of assurances which I understand were given the Teachers Union of Ireland on matters that arose out of these amendments, I do not now have any particular problem. I will wait until the Minis...More Button

Certainly I would support that principle of natural justice just outlined by Deputy Higgins. I should like to refer to one matter briefly, that is the definition of officers and servants of the colle...More Button

I find myself at a loss at this stage. Obviously, the amendments before us are very important and crucial in relation to the staffs of the colleges. A very pertinent point was raised by Deputy Higgi...More Button

One final point of clarification—the conciliation and arbitration system as it exists for the colleges at present involves the IVEA as representing the employers' side, so to speak, in the context of ...More Button

When the Minister talks about an amending scheme is he talking about regulations or orders introduced by the Minister that would arise from this legislation or is he talking about further legislation ...More Button

What the Minister is proposing here is progressive and I thank him for coming a long way down the road to meeting the concerns that were expressed here. These teaching apprenticeships as previously ...More Button

I take that as clarification that these people will in no way be used, so to speak, as cheap lecturers; that they will be completely removed from the budget allocated to the college each year.More Button

I move amendment No. 134: In page 11, subsection (1), lines 44 to 52, to delete paragraph (b). This amendment seeks to delete section 12 (1) (b) which deals with the provisions in relation to existing...More Button

Dublin Institute of Technology Bill, 1991: Committee Stage.

I too am somewhat baffled by these amendments. Amendment No. 6 reads: In page 4, subsection (3), lines 29 and 30, to delete “and shall become a College of the Institute or be amalgamated with an exis...More Button

The answer given by the Minister of State does not clarify the matter as raised by the Deputies on this side of the House. Both the amendments, the amendments to section 3(2) and section 3 (3) delete...More Button

I am still not clear about the definitions and the explanation I sought from the Minister. I shall put my questions in a different form. Under the Bill as amended could a new college of the institut...More Button

When we were discussing the regional colleges Bill I asked for clarification of what “membership” entails. It seems to me that “membership” is just a national honorary title which does not have any r...More Button

I ndáiríre, níl mé. Níl aon rud agam i gcoinne ailt 4 ach chun an fhírinne a rá, tá sé ráiméiseach é a bheith istigh. It is not really of any great consequence having this section here. There are n...More Button

This amendment is also in my name. When one realises that there are over 5,000 apprentices and craft technician students attending the Dublin Institute of Technology colleges one becomes aware that a...More Button

That undertaking on the part of the Minister would be acceptable except that there is a point that needs to be underlined here. There are 24,000 students enrolled in the Dublin Institute of Technolog...More Button

The Minister has gone a long way towards meeting the concern of the Opposition in relation to these amendments. Even though I have tabled amendments to section 5 (1) (d) and (f) I contend that the Mi...More Button

When the Minister says that is something that will be debated later on as well, do I take it that on Report Stage of the Regional Technical Colleges Bill and the Dublin Institute of Technology Bill he...More Button

I support the points made by the previous speakers. I am not going to repeat the arguments put forward by other Deputies. I wish to refer to the Minister's amendment No. 22 which seeks to amend sect...More Button

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