Ahern, Bertie

Tuesday, 3 November 1992

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 424 No. 8

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Comptroller and Auditor General (Amendment) Bill, 1992: Second Stage (Resumed).

First I would like to thank all the Deputies for their contributions to the debate and, particularly, I would like to thank Deputy Lyons who made a very long contribution to last Thursday's debate. I...More Button

Deputy Mitchell raised the question of the inspection by the Comptroller and Auditor General of bodies which receive more than 50 per cent of their funds indirectly out of public moneys, for example, ...More Button

I think Deputy Gay Mitchell will be on other business next week and he may want to be in the House for Committee Stage. I am sure Tuesday, 17 November 1992 would be suitable, subject to the agreement...More Button

Regardless of when it will be taken I could not be more on my own than I was today.More Button

Written Answers. - Cohesion Fund.

Was asked: if agreement has been reached in respect of the new Cohesion Fund in fulfilment of the Treaty on European Union; the level of funding that will be provided; where this funding will be allocated; and i...More Button

The Treaty on European Union provides for the establishment by 31 December 1993 of a Cohesion Fund to assist projects in the areas of environment and transport infrastructures which are part of trans...More Button

Written Answers. - Currency Valuations.

Was asked: the lowest, and the highest value reached by the Irish pound compared to sterling, the US Dollar, the Deutschmark and the ECU in each year from 1979 to 1992 inclusive.More Button

The information sought by the Deputy is contained in the following schedule. Yearly High-Low Market Mid-Closing Exchange Rates v. Irish PoundMore Button

Written Answers. - Foreign Borrowings.

Was asked: the total value in Irish pounds of the foreign borrowings element of the national debt on 15 April 1992 and 15 October 1992.More Button

The total value in Irish pounds of the foreign currency component of the National Debt on the dates specified in the question was as follows:More Button

Written Answers. - Second Finance Bill.

Was asked: if it is intended to introduce a budget in the autumn to coincide with the second Finance Bill which it has been indicated will be introduced.More Button

The second Finance Bill is being introduced primarily to complete the programme for fiscal legislation required by the Internal Market, and to provide for the domestic measures needed to offset the ad...More Button

Written Answers. - Single Market Implications.

Was asked: his views on the statement made by a person (details supplied) to the French Institute of Bankers in Paris, that the introduction of the Single Market in 1993 was a real threat to those on the periphe...More Button

The Government has always been aware of the potential difficulties which economic union may pose for peripheral countries. It was for that reason that, as soon as the negotiations on European Monetary...More Button

Written Answers. - ACC Bank Sale.

Was asked: the proposals, if any, he has in relation to ACC Bank; if privatisation is now inevitable; if the employees have been advised of the Government's intentions; if they were given guarantees about future...More Button

The Government has agreed in principle to offer ACC Bank plc for sale, and all interested parties will be given an opportunity to bid. A decision to sell will depend on sale terms acceptable to the G...More Button

Written Answers. - Tax Evasion.

Was asked: the amount of revenue received by the Exchequer as a result of the campaign against evaders in the last year; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

I am informed by the Revenue Commissioners that the measures implemented by the Minister to counteract the various forms of tax evasion, default, non-compliance and smuggling produced an overall ident...More Button

Written Answers. - Decentralisation Programme.

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to the acute difficulties being experienced in Wexford town by civil servants and public officials who were employed in the local employment exchange and tax offices; t...More Button

Wexford was selected by the Government as a centre for decentralisation on 12 June 1991 and it was subsequently decided that the Headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency and part of the Off...More Button

Written Answers. - Farm Holdings Transfers.

Was asked: the amount of moneys collected from capital acquisition tax and stamp duty as a result of the transfer of farm holdings.More Button

I have been advised by the Revenue Commissioners that it is not possible to supply the information requested as records are not kept in a manner which would enable this to be done.More Button

Written Answers. - Car Facility for State Board Member.

Was asked: the policy in respect of semi-State companies with regard to providing the chairperson/chief executive of the company with a motor car facility similar to that which has been provided by the Voluntary...More Button

Most chairpersons of State bodies act on a part-time basis. General policy in relation to travel in this country on board business by such chairpersons would be to allow payment of Civil Service mil...More Button

Written Answers. - Tax Rebate.

Was asked: when a tax rebate will be paid to a person (details supplied) in County Kerry.More Button

I have been advised by the Revenue Commissioners that the taxpayer's most recent employment ceased on 21 August, 1992. He applied to the Revenue Commissioners for a repayment of tax on 23 September, ...More Button

Written Answers. - Decentralisation Proposals.

Was asked: if, in view of the general suitability of the location and the high unemployment rate in Kenmare town and rural district, he will include Kenmare town, County Kerry, in the next stage of the decentra...More Button

As the Deputy may be aware, in June last year the Government announced its decision to extend the decentralisation programme to six additional centres throughout the country. I regret that Kenmare was...More Button

Written Answers. - Constituency Office Staff.

Was asked: the number of staff employed in his constituency office; the salary scales of those staff; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

In my constituency office there are five staff employed. The following is a breakdown of grades and salary scales.More Button

Written Answers. - PRSI System.

Was asked: if, in view of the ongoing situation regarding the strength of the punt against the pound sterling, he will now ease the PRSI system to help firms going through difficulties, especially companies whic...More Button

The Government does not favour using the PRSI system to direct assistance to firms or sectors going through difficulties at present. The PRSI system is a good one; it is clearly understood and easy t...More Button

Written Answers. - Public Service Widow's Pension.

Was asked: the rules applicable to the payment of a public service widows' pension; the consideration, if any, being given to the payment of such a pension to a woman who was cohabiting with a person prior to hi...More Button

The Civil Service Spouses' and Children's Pension Scheme, and similar schemes elsewhere in the public service, provide pensions for the surviving spouse and children of members of those schemes. No co...More Button

Written Answers. - EFTA Countries Special Fund.

Was asked: if he will give details of the special fund that was established by EFTA countries to assist the development of less well off EC countries; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The EEA Treaty which is scheduled to come into force on 1 January 1993, makes specific provision for a financial mechanism to provide assistance to promote economic and social cohesion in the Island ...More Button

Written Answers. - Married Workers' Tax Allowance.

Was asked: the tax allowances in respect of a married worker on the average industrial wage and paying PRSI/PAYE where the spouse is not working and assuming only basic allowances; the amount of income tax and s...More Button

The information requested by the Deputy is set out in the following table.More Button

Written Answers. - National Lottery Proceeds.

Was asked: the estimated total proceeds from the national lottery in 1992; if he will give details of the way in which the nett proceeds will be allocated, giving the amounts to each departmental area.More Button

A total of £104.858 million has been allocated by the Government to national lottery funded spending programmes for 1992. It is estimated that the total amount of lottery funds available in 1992 will...More Button

Written Answers. - Sale of Dublin Site.

Was asked: if he will refuse to sell a site at Shanowen Road, Santry, Dublin 9, to a company (details supplied) whose operations have caused great concern and noise to the local community.More Button

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