Mitchell, Gay

Wednesday, 15 February 1995

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 449 No. 2

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Unemployment Blackspots.

Action to tackle unemployment, especially long term unemployment is one of the Government's main priorities and as such is relevant to the operations of a number of Departments and agencies.The concen...More Button

The £84 million will be spent in 19 areas in Dublin which will form 11 partnership companies. In approximately 35 partnership areas throughout the country the money will be allocated through ADM Lim...More Button

I do not have precise statistics but I understand that, unlike previous unemployment crises, the Dublin area is a blackspot and the level of unemployment is higher than in any other region. That is w...More Button

Yes.More Button

Decentralisation is not a matter for me. I hope I will not cause offence by being blunt about this. Many Dublin Deputies and public representatives have been slow to get their act together and have n...More Button

Whether this is or is not a matter for the Minister for Social Welfare, so far as my remit extends, I certainly will be disposed to taking on the points made by Deputy Woods which are not unreasonable...More Button

The answer to the first part of the Deputy's question is yes. Governments do not create jobs but Governments can facilitate communities in creating jobs. The objective of this scheme is to empower pe...More Button

While I recognise there have been co-ordination difficulties in the past I will consider the Deputy's points. The pilot programmes in place will remain, with the exception of one change, if the propo...More Button

These schemes are aimed at the long term, unemployed and school leavers who are vulnerable. I certainly will monitor progress in that regard.More Button

I thank the Deputy for her good wishes which I appreciate. The average last year was 31,000. Certainly there was a bulge at one end of the year.More Button

The average for this year will be 38,500 and that is the number being provided for.More Button

The Deputy asked me a question, she might permit me to answer it. The average provided for in the Estimates is 38,500 and I will keep the number under review.More Button

The average figure being funded for 1995 in the Estimate is £7,500 up on the average last year. I recognise that towards the end of the year there was a bulge. I will keep the matter under review.More Button

Perhaps the Deputy missed that part of my reply in which I said there would be 19 areas forming 11 partnership companies. I set the target that most of those companies should be up and running by Jun...More Button

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