Byrne, Eric J.

Wednesday, 5 April 1995

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 451 No. 6

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Consumer Credit Bill, 1994: Report Stage.

It is clear to members of local authorities that the Department of the Environment has an important role to play in providing finance to various classes of applicant. Loans are available from the Hou...More Button

The Department of the Environment acts as a finance house. It is right that the Minister of State should include paragraph (b) which reads “Any other person of a class prescribed after consultation w...More Button

It is important when legislation is being prepared that simple, unconvoluted and unpretentious language is used. The word “purports” sounds Victorian and is more likely to be used by a school teacher...More Button

It is old fashioned and that reference seems to imply that school teachers sounded nice, were ladylike, gentlemanly or inoffensive. The word “offers” has a specific meaning and intent.More Button

The contribution of Democratic Left has been to make the Bill more meaningful to the average applicant to financial institutions for loans. I fully support the amendment.More Button

We recently debated an amendment put forward in the name of the Progressive Democrats Member who is in the House at present and moved by his senior counsel colleague, Deputy McDowell. The collective ...More Button

I support these amendments and this is an opportune time to reflect on what exactly we are doing. Section 3 states: “It shall be an offence to discriminate on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, belie...More Button

As I interpret it, the lifestyle of——More Button

Consumer Credit Bill, 1994: Report Stage (Resumed).

It is very encouraging to note that, when Democratic Left joined this Government, a Bill that had been debated over such a long period could be substantially improved—More Button

——and yet omit an important category of consumer. While acknowledging Deputy O'Rourke's support, I want to compliment the Minister——More Button

——without whose involvement and enthusiasm this section would not have been included. Very often the attitude adopted to people who live in local authority houses is that they are second-class citize...More Button

Private Members' Business. - Third Level Education Grants: Motion (Resumed).

Judging by the long litany of requests from Fianna Fáil Deputies it is clear they have raided the cupboard again. They raided it this morning and they raided it again for this motion.More Button

They dragged their consciences out of the cupboard but, like everything else in Fianna Fáil, they totally failed in their ability to deliver what is now expected of the Government. They should leave t...More Button

Democratic Left has only two backbenchers, which means that neither my colleague, Deputy Lynch, nor I——More Button

——can sit on the sidelines and enjoy the spectacle of Fianna Fáil tabling motions urging the Government to repair the damage of its own past Administrations. Listening to this debate last night I fel...More Button

This Fianna Fáil motion centres on the concept of equal treatment, one with which few people would disagree. I wish that students in my own constituency of Dublin South Central found it as easy to ge...More Button

This Government is committed to providing equality of access to education. Specifically, the Government programme commits us to providing “new support mechanisms to increase participation by third le...More Button

At primary level, Ireland spends less than half per capita than Germany, Sweden, Switzerland or the United States, and the United States does not spend a lot. Yet, for every pound spent on primary ed...More Button

——or that 64 per cent lack access to a typewriter, let alone a computer.More Button

Democratic Left believes in a bottom up rather than a top down approach. We believe that access to third level education will remain fundamentally inequitable until all children have equal access to ...More Button

In many cases small farmers have been by-passed by the grant system just as they have been by-passed by Euro funds. I am referring to the rich ranchers whose children have benefited disproportionatel...More Button

Where does Deputy Cullen stand?More Button

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