Noonan, Michael

Tuesday, 25 April 1995

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 451 No. 8

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Order of Business.

Limerick East): The Deputy's party did nothing about it for seven years.More Button

Private Members' Business. - Hospital Services.

Limerick East): I wish to share my time with Deputy Ring.More Button

(Limerick East): I move amendment No. 1: To delete all words after “That” and substitute the following: “Dáil ÉireannMore Button

(Limerick East): I think it is a good line and it will run for a long time yet. Let us be reasonable. We have been in power for a couple of months and we have listened to an analysis of the fundamen...More Button

(Limerick East): The Deputy did not give me an opportunity to reannounce the good news for Galway, so I will have to skip that and take it as read.More Button

(Limerick East): Perhaps I should have read it out — good news should be repeated and I could give the people of Galway an opportunity to applaud my efforts once more.More Button

Written Answers. - Health Boards' Personnel.

Was asked: the number of vacancies within the regional health boards at present for the post of Chief Executive Officer; the health boards which have current vacancies; the officers currently acting as Chief Exe...More Button

Limerick East): There is no vacancy at present within the health boards at chief executive officer level. Temporary appointments have been made in accordance with section 13 (9) of the Health Act, 1...More Button

Written Answers. - Cross-Border Health Care.

Was asked: his views on whether there is cross-border co-operation in the provision of hospital care; and the plans, if any, he has to co-operate with his counterpart in the United Kingdom for the benefit of all...More Button

Limerick East): There is a significant degree of cross-Border co-operation at both ministerial and official levels on health matters. In the area of hospital care there are well-established arrangeme...More Button

Written Answers. - Free Dental Scheme.

Was asked: the proposals, if any, he has to extend the free dental scheme; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Limerick East): In January of this year I extended eligibility for dental services to children up to their fourteenth birthday. I am considering a further extension next year which will give eligibili...More Button

Written Answers. - Meath Nursing Home/Geriatric Hospital.

Was asked: if his Department has given a commitment to the North Eastern Health Board or to Meath CARE to provide a 30 bed nursing home/geriatric hospital in Kells, County Meath.More Button

Limerick East): The North-Eastern Health Board inform me that they have no plans at present for the provision of a home for the elderly in Kells, County Meath. The North-Eastern Health Board have writ...More Button

Written Answers. - Hospitals Twinning Arrangement.

Was asked: his views on a twinning arrangement between Letterkenny/Altnagelvin and Sligo/Erne hospitals for the provision of a better and more efficient health service.More Button

Limerick East): The question of a twinning arrangement has not been considered to date but the North Western Health Board is currently involved in discussions with the Western Health and Social Servic...More Button

Written Answers. - County Galway Case.

Was asked: when a decision will be made on a case (details supplied) in County Galway; and when he intends to furnish a reply to the person involved.More Button

Limerick East): My Department is in detailed discussions with the Blood Transfusion Service Board concerning the issues raised in this case. As soon as these discussions are completed I will furnish ...More Button

Written Answers. - Orthopaedic Surgery Statistics.

Was asked: the number of people from County Mayo who had orthopaedic surgery in Dublin and in Galway in the past year; and the routine waiting list for orthopaedic clinics in Dublin, Sligo and Castlebar.More Button

Limerick East): The following number of patients from County Mayo received orthopaedic surgery in Dublin and Galway in the past year: Dublin: Various Hospitals — 235. Galway: Merlin Park Regional Hosp...More Button

Written Answers. - Hip Replacement Operation.

Was asked: the reason a person (details supplied) in County Mayo is on a waiting list for a hip operation in Merlin Park Hospital for the past nine years; when this person will be called for the operation in vie...More Button

Limerick East): The Western Health Board has indicated that the patient concerned was assessed at the out-patient department in Mayo General Hospital on 19 September 1994 and was subsequently placed o...More Button

Written Answers. - Orthodontic Treatment.

Was asked: the reason a 15 year-old person (details supplied) in Dublin 14 who has been on the waiting list for orthodontic treatment for four years as a Category 2 priority has now been told that treatment may ...More Button

Limerick East): As the provision of orthodontic treatment for children in the Dublin 14 area is the responsibility of the Eastern Health Board in the first instance I have asked the chief executive of...More Button

Written Answers. - Cat-Scan Procedure.

Was asked: when a person (details supplied) in County Mayo will be called for a cat-scan in Galway in view of the fact that it is causing great concern to the person's family.More Button

Limerick East): On 5 April 1995 the patient's consultant requested that a routine cat-scan be performed, and this request was conveyed to University College Hospital, Galway by fax as is the usual pro...More Button

Written Answers. - St. Michael's House, Dublin.

Was asked: if he will make funding available for the provision of further training for 13 persons from Saint Michael's House, Prussia Street, Dublin 7.More Button

Written Answers. - Mallow Hospital Patient Statistics.

Was asked: the number of medical, surgical and day care patients treated at Mallow General Hospital, County Cork, in each of the years 1993 and 1994; the number admitted as private patients in each of those cate...More Button

Limerick East): The information requested by the Deputy is set out in the following tables. Table 1 sets out the total numbers of in-patients discharged and day cases treated in 1993 and 1994. It sh...More Button

Written Answers. - Residential Care for Dublin Child.

Was asked: the steps, if any, that are being taken to provide residential or appropriate care to a person (details supplied) in Dublin 1 who has been identified as being at risk.More Button

Written Answers. - Hepatitis B Vaccination Scheme.

Was asked: the proposals, if any, he has to introduce a general vaccination scheme in respect of the Hepatitis B infection in view of the fact that Hepatitis B is second only to smoking as a cause of cancer and ...More Button

Limerick East): The reported incidence of hepatitis B in Ireland, as in most Northern European countries, is quite low — 24 cases of the disease were reported to my Department in 1994. The epidemiolog...More Button

Written Answers. - Medical Oncologist Appointment.

Was asked: when he will appoint a medical oncologist to the Southern Health Board region.More Button

Limerick East): There are currently no proposals with my Department in relation to the appointment of a medical oncologist in the Southern Health Board region. As the Deputy is no doubt aware, the Co...More Button

Written Answers. - Crumlin Children's Hospital.

Was asked: the reason a person (details supplied) in County Dublin had to wait for so long at Our Lady's Hospital for sick children and was not then seen by the appropriate doctor: and if he will make a statemen...More Button

Limerick East): I understand from the hospital authorities in Crumlin that this child attended the casualty department of the hospital on a particularly busy evening when delays were inevitable for so...More Button

Written Answers. - Tallaght (Dublin) Hospital.

Was asked: if the recent announcement of a £31.6 million EU grant for the construction and equipping of the Tallaght Hospital will impact on any aspect of the project; if the position remains as indicated in rep...More Button

Limerick East): I wish to reassure the Deputy that the position in relation to the funding and completion date for the Tallaght Hospital is as indicated in recent replies to previous parliamentary que...More Button

Written Answers. - Mobility Allowance.

Was asked: the present position in regard to the mobility allowance; the rates of the allowance; if the allowance is means tested; and the criteria with regard to obtaining the allowance.More Button

Limerick East): The mobility allowance for handicapped persons was introduced in 1979. This allowance is payable to persons between the ages of 16 and 66 years and the qualifying criteria are that: t...More Button

Written Answers. - Nursing Tutor Course.

Was asked: the support available from his Department for a person (details supplied) in County Meath who commenced an undergraduate nursing tutor course in University College Dublin in October 1994, on the under...More Button

Limerick East): A sponsorship arrangement was applied to nurses who commenced the Bachelor of Nursing Studies and Diploma in Nursing Studies courses in UCD in October 1991 and October 1992. The objec...More Button

Written Answers. - Recycling of Telephone Directories.

Was asked: the arrangements, if any, he has made for recycling old telephone directories which have been in use in his Department.More Button

Limerick East): My Department had for a number of years, an arrangement with a private company for the regular collection and recycling of old telephone directories.More Button

Written Answers. - Cost of Insurance Premia/Claims.

Was asked: the cost to the Exchequer and State agencies of public liability insurance premia and claims paid from the Exchequer for the last year for which figures are available; the plans, if any he has to redu...More Button

Limerick East): The detailed information sought is not readily available; however, it is being assembled at present and I will write to the Deputy when it is to hand. In regard to reducing the cost of...More Button

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