O'Rourke, Mary

Wednesday, 31 May 1995

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 453 No. 7

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Attorney General's Office.

Asked the minister: the person who is now dealing with the file on the Smyth case.More Button

Asked the minister: the matters on which the present Attorney General is unable to advise the Government; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Behind their skirts.More Button

Why did the Taoiseach assume the powers at 9 p.m. at night?More Button

For six months the Taoiseach did nothing.More Button

Until after 9 p.m. on Tuesday night.More Button

Private Notice Question. - Threatened Job Losses at Tallaght (Dublin) Plant.

asked the Minister for Enterprise and Employment the current position on the crisis at Packard and the steps, if any, he is taking to deal with the matter in order to achieve the continuation of the 8...More Button

I thank the Minister for his reply but on every occasion I raise this issue I am told that it would not be helpful to speak further on the matter.More Button

It may well be balanced in that it addresses each difficulty in a separate fashion but it is a very hard pill to swallow for everybody concerned, particularly the workers. We all recognise that they ...More Button

The workers should be allowed the dignity of having the facts fully explained to them.More Button

When will the ballot be held?More Button

I am not suggesting it; I am saying it.More Button

On the last occasion we discussed the issued I asked the Minister if he had received a communication from Packard in which 400 jobs were mentioned and the Minister categorically said on two occasions ...More Button

Was it addressed to the Minister?More Button

Was the figure of 400 mentioned?More Button

But the Minister told me in the House it was not.More Button

It was a very important letter.More Button

I accept that point but that is not my question.More Button

If the Minister responded to it immediately why did he not know about the letter?More Button

So the Minister knew about the letter?More Button

The Minister said he replied to him at that time. How could he reply to him if he had not seen it?More Button

You are.More Button

Was the letter addressed to the Minister?More Button

Why did the Minister not know this on 17 May?More Button

It was a very important letter.More Button

Careless attention to letters seems to be a Bruton fault.More Button

The Minister told me an untruth in the Dáil.More Button

No, I asked if a figure of 400 had been mentioned and the Minister said it had not.More Button

Is it mature or immature recollection?More Button

The Minister knew of a possible figure of 400.More Button

The Minister fooled people.More Button

The Minister received a letter which forecast 400 job losses——More Button

——yet he denied this on 17 May.More Button

Consumer Credit Bill, 1994: Report Stage (Resumed) and Final Stage.

It is not over yet. I have to enter into this debate.More Button

I do not agree with this proposal as Deputy McDowell well knows. I do not know whether the Minister was in the Seanad when it was debated. It was a warm day and I was there all day. I think the Min...More Button

The Deputy should see what goes on.More Button

I do not find that satisfactory. It would be better to do it in the Seanad where it could be fleshed out satisfactorily.More Button

I take it this is a tidying up. People who are legal money-lenders now will continue until July when the Minister brings in the money-lenders section of the Bill by regulation and then they will comm...More Button

I apologise for not being here sooner but there were other pressing political matters with which I had to deal. Is the Minister of State proposing to withdraw what he produced?More Button

I produced it.More Button

From where has this arisen?More Button

For the purposes of information.More Button

Is it the case that the basis of this amendment was a proposal by the Minister for Enterprise and Employment, Deputy Bruton?More Button

Which I accepted at the time.More Button

Is the Minister amending it?More Button

The one I had accepted?More Button

I came into the House late and I did not hear them.More Button

Did the Minister of State discuss the matter with his colleague in the Department of Enterprise and Employment who originally tabled the amendment and which I was glad to accept on that occasion?More Button

I do not want to hear any of the Deputy's soft talk.More Button

The Minister is getting as good as the Taoiseach. Let me now give my dissertation on the amendment.More Button

Even on birthdays? It is extraordinary that a Minister, when in Opposition, tabled an amendment which was accepted by the then Minister and the Department withdraws the amendment put forward by its po...More Button

With whom does the responsibility for ticking the form now rest?More Button

They are one and the same.More Button

That is acceptable if that is part of the Attorney General's wonderful wisdom from where we are told all these matters arise. That is what I used to be told, I now know from where they arose and I al...More Button

It is the Minister of State's favourite office.More Button

What is the purpose of this amendment? Why does the new provision arise?More Button

Does “an agreement” embrace all agreements?More Button

Does it cover matters that may arise regarding various types of credit agreement which are now loosely grouped under the term “an agreement”?More Button

Is this a new provision?More Button

I note a disturbing trend in such new insertions in the Bill. This provision states “as soon as may be reasonable”, which sounds reasonable but opens a chasm between the consumer and the giver of cred...More Button

Of the Attorney General's office.More Button

Who decides “as soon as is reasonable”?More Button

I did but the Minister said he did not understand it either.More Button

Correct.More Button

Ballynacarrigy is in Westmeath and it is a Labour stronghold. The Minister's colleague, Deputy Penrose, is the king of Ballynacarrigy.More Button

I move amendment No. 102: In page 67, between lines 32 and 33, to insert the following: “Provided that such fee is to be borne by the credit institution and not transferred in any fashion to the custo...More Button

I agree with the Minister.More Button

The Minister made a long speech and covered many matters that had nothing whatsoever to do with the amendment I tabled, but that is his prerogative. I will proceed to do the same and will give the hi...More Button

That is why I asked if there was a sliding scale. Will the Minister deal with it by regulation or legislation?More Button

Will the Minister's study of the submission he received regarding one-stop shops be aired in this House?More Button

The Minister said he will put that forward in the Seanad and if changes are made he will bring it back to this House. Will it be for nothing or debating?More Button

May I contribute again on the amendment?More Button

When is the Minister's birthday?More Button

Did you go out together?More Button

Just for the two of you. That was lovely.More Button

You did not send a slice to the Opposition. It must have been a lovely sight to see the Minister and the Taoiseach cut the cake together. Did you have champagne?More Button

As befits officers of high probity. I had dealings with pawnbrokers. They are a diminishing group. There are four houses in existence which is a far cry from my student days. I shall not bore the Hou...More Button

At the time the Department of Justice was reluctant to deal with the points made by the pawnbrokers but obviously the winsome way of the Minister won the day with Deputy Owen. I am happy they came to...More Button

Did the Minister meet them?More Button

Will this come into force on the same day as the provision in regard to moneylenders?More Button

The Department of Justice will not be that compliant.More Button

Representatives of the Irish Pawnbrokers' Association made that point to me on the two occasions I met them. I support the amendment. Amendment agreed to.More Button

I support this amendment which is a natural consequence of an earlier amendment which we agreed. Amendment agreed to.More Button

Will this amendment insert a new section? Did the Minister say that the limit for a District Court fine is £1,500 and if so is that of general application?More Button

It is of general application. Therefore, this is following on the earlier, now seemingly ridiculous, levels of fine for pawnbroker misdemeanours because of the time in which they were couched. At tha...More Button

Will that amendment have a number?More Button

It will not be the winding up.More Button

I thank Deputy Rabbitte for his generous words. We will be revisiting this Bill because clearly it will provide meaty substance for the Senators who have not had a meaty Bill for some time. I am awa...More Button

What will he do if it is not through the Seanad?More Button

I had many such intentions. I wish the Minister luck. May I have the Minister's reassurance that he cannot accept changes from the Seanad without bringing them back here, that it has to be passed by...More Button

This Bill has been at some time or other under the purview of the Progressive Democrats, Fianna Fáil, Labour in Government with Fianna Fáil and now Democratic Left in Government with Labour and Fine G...More Button

I commend the officials. Much work was done with me during that period. I particularly want to commend Hugh Hayden who did a huge amount of work on this Bill in the early stages. All officials work...More Button

Written Answers. - Official Receptions.

Asked the minister: the number of official receptions hosted since the change of Government on 15 December 1994; the number planned for the remainder of 1995; the events or meetings these receptions mark; and the number ...More Button

Written Answers. - Consultant Appointment.

Asked the minister: when a person (details supplied) in County Westmeath will be called for an appointment to meet the consultant at St. Vincent's Hospital, Athlone.More Button

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