Bruton, John

Wednesday, 22 January 1997

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 473 No. 4

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Order of Business.

It is proposed to take the Report from the Select Committee on Finance and General Affairs on the European Parliament Elections Bill, 1996; No. 16 — European Parliament Elections Bill, 1996 — Order fo...More Button

I will consider that request.More Button

The Government legislative programme has been or is in the process of being circulated to Deputies. It sets out the legislation we intend to advance in this session, the next session, the session the...More Button

That inquiry is ongoing at this stage. It is not the case that any Member has sufficient information to make a statement of the type made by the Deputy. When the report from Mr. Justice Buchanan is ...More Button

Obviously I cannot do so because only Mr. Justice Buchanan can determine the length of time he requires for the task he has been given. The committee will in turn determine the length of time it requ...More Button

I appreciate the Deputy's points. I understand the proposal has been put forward by official sources in the Houses of the Oireachtas. The most appropriate course of action for the Government to take...More Button

The Education Bill has been published.More Button

That legislation will follow the principal Education Bill.More Button

I am not in a position to give the Deputy a timeframe.More Button

It is too early to state whether legislation is necessary to remedy problems which may have arisen for clubs as a result of the judgment, which must be studied. However, it may be that non-statutory...More Button

The legislation to deal with that matter is at an early stage of preparation.More Button

The points raised by Deputy Shatter are of such a detailed nature that they would probably best be pursued by means of a parliamentary question. As I said, it is the Government's intention to remedy ...More Button

I understand the legislation is likely to be produced in the second half of the year.More Button

The heads of the Bill are currently being discussed by a committee of the House.More Button

I will be in touch with the Deputy about that matter.More Button

I congratulate the Minister on the decision. The people of Waterford city have sought this upgrading for many years and I am glad this Government and Minister made this decision.More Button

I am very appreciative of the support from this unexpected quarter — Deputy Cullen — on this matter.More Button

I assure Deputy Cullen that all the requisite procedures will be put in place, whether by statute or otherwise, to give effect to this decision for which I again congratulate the Minister for Educati...More Button

I wonder if Deputy Ó Cuív is indicating that his party will be opposing the abolition of service charges by the Government. He would be most welcome to take that course of action, if that is what he ...More Button

This matter has not come before Government. It is a matter for consideration as to whether any appropriate action should be taken. At this stage no decision has been taken.More Button

Soon after publication, and publication will be quite soon.More Button

I understand this matter does not require primary legislation but can be dealt with by statutory instrument.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. - Northern Ireland Peace Process.

Was asked: if he will make a statement on the prospects for peace and political progress in Northern Ireland in 1997.More Button

Was asked: the plans, if any, he has in conjunction with the British Prime Minister to provide a motive force within the talks process to ensure their continuing viability.More Button

Was asked: the further support, if any, he will give to the preChristmas peace initiative of John Hume.More Button

Was asked: the plans, if any, the Government has for changes with regard to maintaining a channel of communication to Sinn Féin.More Button

Was asked: if it remains the position that all parties to the Northern talks are required to maintain a strict adherence to the Mitchell Principles.More Button

Was asked: the initiatives, if any, planned by the Government to inject new momentum into the peace process.More Button

Was asked: the contacts, if any, between officials in his Department and Sinn Féin since Wednesday, 17th December 1996.More Button

Was asked: the discussions, if any, he has had with the British Prime Minister since Wednesday, 17 December 1996.More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 1 to 8, inclusive, together. The responsibility for political progress rests in the first instance with the two Governments. We have exercised this responsibility thr...More Button

It is a weighted question.More Button

I take issue with the way the Deputy presented three reasons for people's concern at present, as if they were all more or less on the same level. He should realise that the reason we have had no peac...More Button

The position in regard to that is set out in Article 29 of the rules for the talks. These state that if, during the negotiations a formal representation is made to the independent Chairman that a part...More Button

As far as the last part of the Deputy's question is concerned, I answered that question in some detail in my initial reply. I indicated the exact position as far as that matter is concerned and I hav...More Button

I am not sure I agree with the implicit distinction the Deputy is making between Sinn Féin and the IRA. I think she may be making a mistake. I would be more inclined to agree with John Hume who said...More Button

In the Deputy's case, I have no doubt he would wage defensive warfare because he is such a gentle soul.More Button

I am trying to think of one for the Deputy, but it is taking me a long time. I do not accept the distinction that Sinn Féin——More Button

——is going to the IRA and that it is going to do this and that. There is a difficulty here because we are effectively dealing with a unitary movement, as John Hume said. This unitary movement must m...More Button

That is in the ground rules which are referred to in the legislation. Paragraphs 8 and 9 of the ground rules clearly indicate that if the requirements contained therein are met, Sinn Féin can enter t...More Button

There are people within the republican movement who might describe themselves as part of the leadership of Sinn Féin who are working for peace. That is undoubtedly true, although every time we see an...More Button

I cannot say but the Deputy's focus on what the British Prime Minister must do to bring about an IRA ceasefire is to some extent placing the emphasis on the wrong place. It should be on the responsib...More Button

Sinn Féin was given a date when it could take part in the talks which was 10 June. It had months notice of that date. If the republican movement wanted to take part in the talks, all it had to do wa...More Button

An IRA ceasefire would not make any sense if the IRA were to continue military operations during it because it would be a ceasefire in words alone, not in reality.More Button

The British Government's view was that it wanted some time to assess whether the reality on the ground matched the declaration. If the republican movement wants Sinn Féin in the talks, it knows it can...More Button

Basically, all that is required is that it would comply after the ceasefire with the provisions of the ground rules which means abstaining from violence. A suggestion was made by the British Prime Mi...More Button

I have explained the situation as far as the difference is concerned. The difference was this Government took the view that it would be sensible to set a date and in the interim between that date and...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. - Partnership 2000.

Was asked: when he expects the ratification process of Partnership 2000 to be completed.More Button

The document Partnership 2000 has been under consideration by the 19 social partner organisations which were involved in its negotiation since it was published on Friday, 20 December. I expect the en...More Button

The trade union movement is a very important participant in the partnership but it is not the only participant and I hope all participants will ratify Partnership 2000. I am glad the Construction Ind...More Button

I thank Deputy Ahern for his support for Partnership 2000 which is acknowledged by many people to be the best partnership programme of all those negotiated in terms of the comprehensive nature of the ...More Button

This Government works so well that we are winning more and more support for our policies.More Button

The industrial issue raised by the Deputy was addressed by me on the occasion of the launch of Partnership 2000 when I indicated that the nursing profession is and has been doing work of a very high s...More Button

The Deputy reads too many newspapers. He has a particular attraction for the newspapers that accept contributions from him because the subject matter of his questions seems to derive from exclusive p...More Button

Financial Resolutions, 1997. - Financial Resolution No. 1: Excise — Tobacco Products.

I move Financial Resolution No. 1: (1) That in this Resolution— “the Act of 1977” means the Finance (Excise Duty on Tobacco Products) Act, 1977 (No. 32 of 1977); “cigarettes”, “cigars”, “fine-cut tob...More Button

Financial Resolutions, 1997. - Financial Resolution No. 2: Excise — Hydrocarbons and Substitute Motor Fuel.

I move Financial Resolution No. 2: (1) That in this Resolution- “the Act of 1988” means the Finance Act, 1988 (No. 12 of 1988); “the Act of 1996” means the Finance Act, 1996 (No. 9 of 1996); “the Ord...More Button

Financial Resolutions, 1997. - Financial Resolution No. 3: Value Added Tax.

I move Financial Resolution No. 3: (1) That in this Resolution— “the Principal Act” means the Value-Added Tax Act, 1972 (No. 22 of 1972); “the Act of 1996” means the Finance Act, 1996 (No. 9 of 1996)...More Button

The increase for leaded petrol is 2.5p per litre, or 11.5p per gallon.More Button

The increase in unleaded petrol is 1.5p per litre or 7p per gallon.More Button

The increase in unleaded petrol is 1.5p per litre and the increase in leaded petrol is 2.5p per litre.More Button

That is 11.5p per gallon on leaded and 7p per gallon on unleaded petrol.More Button

Petrol is cheaper here than it is in Northern Ireland. Leaded petrol will be approximately 5p per litre cheaper here after the increase. Unleaded petrol will be 6p per litre cheaper here after the i...More Button

One could also buy a few good horses.More Button

If that is the case there must be a dramatic increase in cigarette consumption because stamped cigarette sales have increased by 1 per cent.More Button

There has been a 1 per cent increase in consumption.More Button

I am surprised at the Deputy's remarks on tobacco. While I would not claim to be familiar with the sale of cigarettes, either duty or non-duty paid, there has been a 1 per cent volume increase in ci...More Button

Therefore, the Deputy's concerns are not valid.More Button

I did not say it did not exist. I stated that the problem is less severe than it was last year.More Button

The Deputy is displaying a lack of knowledge of his neighbouring county, while complaining about other people's lack of knowledge.More Button

No.More Button

The Deputy is talking through his hat.More Button

I did not. The Deputy was not listening.More Button

Why? That would include bar mixers as well.More Button

That is not so.More Button

If the Government is anti-motorist, why are there more new cars on the road under this Government than under any previous Government? There is every sign that more new cars are being sold under this ...More Button

The reason is that the Government is in favour of people spending their money in a way which improves their lives. The Government has also been able to deal successfully with the problems of traffic ...More Button

One Opposition Deputy said the Government was anti-Dublin, while others said we were anti-rural, anti-south and anti-north. Some Deputies are wont to say something like that.More Button

The debate is perhaps not as serious in the minds of some speakers as it ought to be.More Button

The rest of the cases have either been adjourned or are awaiting hearing. On the question of the street selling of cigarettes, in 1995 no proceedings were instituted whereas in 1996 81 proceedings wer...More Button

The bulk of the cases have not yet come to court and, therefore, the statistics quoted by Deputy O'Dea deserve to be qualified. It is fair to say that this indicates significant action in regard to il...More Button

Deputy McDaid threw some light on the matter when he referred to the possible misleading nature of comparisons of petrol prices in, say, Portrush and Ballymena with those in Muff or Carrickmacross. H...More Button

Financial Resolutions, 1997. - Financial Resolution No. 4: Stamp Duties

I move Financial Resolution No. 4: (1) THAT in this Resolution— “the Act of 1891” means the Stamp Act, 1891; “the Act of 1978” means the Local Government (Financial Provisions) Act, 1978 (No. 35 of 1...More Button

People should go to the west side of Dublin. That is where the boom is.More Button

The Deputy was opposed to residential property tax too.More Button

This is an Irish budget.More Button

I thought the Deputy would welcome the abolition of residential property tax and would not speak in such a churlish tone.More Button

My goodness, such heavy irony.More Button

Deputy O'Malley is a cross between Jimmy O'Dea and Laurence Olivier.More Button

Britain is the only country to which the Deputy ever refers.More Button

It is the Deputy's speech that is the cause of the amusement.More Button

It is a royalist expression.More Button

Yes.More Button

I must bring the Deputy down there sometime.More Button

The Deputy is winning me over already.More Button

This is a very good move, Deputies.More Button

Floor area and whether it is rated.More Button

Who extended it?More Button

What about the council tax paid in the UK?More Button

Look at their old age pensions. Ours are better.More Button

That might be how the Deputy's party did business but it is not how we do business.More Button

There is no such thing as a good tax. There is always a good objection to a tax because tax involves taking money from people by compulsion. There is no perfect tax and an Opposition can oppose every...More Button

The residential property tax was administratively costly both from the point of view of the Revenue because of the complexity of the calculations that had to be made and from the point of view of the ...More Button

Given that all taxes can be objected to, and one would not have to extend unduly the oratorical capacities of any of the Deputies in Opposition at any time to find some reasons to object to every tax—...More Button

——it is certainly the case that this tax is a distinct and dramatic improvement on the tax it replaces.More Button

I want to deal with the Opposition's approach to the general question of replacing residential property tax. Listening to some of the Deputies opposite one would think they would like us to simply ab...More Button

That is not a responsible approach to take. If a tax is to be abolished, given our requirements under the Maastricht Treaty to maintain our borrowing within a strictly defined limit, there is a requi...More Button

That is what we are doing in this case. We are not repeating the approach adopted in 1977 by the party opposite when it simply abolished rates.More Button

As a result of that decision we found ourselves in great difficulties throughout the 1980s. A number of questions were asked about this matter. In regard to the number of houses to which this is like...More Button

These houses are located wherever house values are at that level. If house values are at a certain level in a particular area it is because people want to buy houses there since it has amenities whic...More Button

In this instance it will only be where people willingly buy or sell a house in that particular area that the tax will fall to be paid.More Button

The objection to the residential property tax was that it applied whether people wanted to sell their house or whether they had the capacity——More Button

——for realising the value of their houses.More Button

In this instance the tax will apply only where the house is being sold. Deputies opposite are concerned about the rate of the tax which they consider to be very high but in France, for example, a coun...More Button

——in Italy it is up to 17 per cent, in Belgium it is 12.5 per cent and in Portugal it is over 10 per cent.More Button

The Deputies opposite who complained about others being absent — they are now absent — extolled the virtues of the British system where we are told stamp duty is charged at the rate of only 1 per cent...More Button

I do not want to swop our system of stamp duty on houses, no residential property tax, rates or council tax for the British system where people pay 1 per cent stamp duty on houses and a £1,000 a year ...More Button

Householders in Ireland are getting a far better deal from the Government than householders in Britain are getting from their Government.More Button

Those Deputies who wish to selectively quote what is good about the United Kingdom might well undertake more exhaustive research and they would find that the system of taxation is better in this count...More Button

There are other Deputies in this House who would prefer — this may represent the views of other Deputies in Limerick but I am not so sure about Deputy O'Dea — if we concentrated more on reducing the 4...More Button

Irrespective of whether the lower and middle income groups and those on the margin of the poverty trap argue they are better off not working, it is right that we should target those groups, reduce tax...More Button

Financial Resolutions, 1997. - Financial Resolution No. 5: General.

I move Financial Resolution No. 5: THAT it is expedient to amend the law relating to customs and inland revenue (including excise) and to make further provision in connection with finance. Debate adjo...More Button

Written Answers. - Departmental Expenditure.

Was asked: the total amount of money expended on consultancies in the past two years; the total number of reports from these consultancies; and the cost of such reports.More Button

Expenditure on consultancies by my Department in the past two years amounts to £361,098 and £693,784 in 1995 and 1996 respectively. This includes expenditure by bodies under the aegis of my Departmen...More Button

Written Answers. - Inishmore Infrastructural Facilities.

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to the inadequate infrastructural facilities on Inishmore, Aran Islands, County Galway, to cater for the needs of the local community and a growing tourism industry; an...More Button

A total of £158,000 was made available to upgrade the pier at Kilronan, Inishmore in 1994 by the Department of Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht. A total of £4.7 million has been expended on substantia...More Button

Written Answers. - Publication of Bills.

Was asked: the number of Bills published by his Department in 1996; the comparative figure in this regard for 1993; and the Bills which will be published in the first three months of 1997.More Button

No Bills were published by my Department in 1996, while in 1993 one Bill, the Statistics Bill, was published. If possible the cabinet confidentiality Bill will be published during this year.More Button

Written Answers. - Semi-State Bodies' Debts.

Was asked: the total amount of debts owed by semi-State bodies under the aegis of his Department at the end of November 1996; the comparative figures in this regard for each of the years 1990 and 1993; and if he...More Button

There were no debts owed by bodies under the aegis of my Department at the end of November 1996.More Button

Written Answers. - Ministerial Appointments.

Was asked: the persons appointed by him or by the Minister(s) of State at his Department as programme managers, advisers, assistants or back-up staff either in his Department or in constituency offices; the annu...More Button

The information sought by the Deputy is contained in the following schedules. Schedule I Annualised remuneration of contract staff in the Offices of the Taoiseach and Ministers of StateMore Button

Written Answers. - EU Instruments.

Was asked: if he will give details of the EU Directives, Regulations and conditions in respect of which his Department has responsibility and which have not been transposed into or made part of Irish law; and th...More Button

There are no EU Directives, Regulations or conditions in respect of which this Department has responsibility requiring transposition into Irish law at present.More Button

Written Answers. - Ministerial Travel.

Was asked: the number of foreign trips made by him during 1996; the destination, purpose and duration of the trips; whether the Government jet or scheduled flights were used; the identity and designation of pers...More Button

The information requested by the Deputy is outlined in the following schedule. It is not possible to give the precise duration of meetings which I attended on my foreign visits as these details have n...More Button

Written Answers. - EU Presidency.

Was asked: the cost of the Irish Presidency to his Department.More Button

Was asked: the total cost to his Department of the Presidency of the EU; and if he will give details of such costs.More Button

I propose to answer Questions Nos. 80 and 82 together.More Button

Written Answers. - Commemorative Events.

Was asked: the events which have been held to commemorate the Great Famine; the cost involved; and the further events, if any, to be held.More Button

Written Answers. - Ministerial Appointments.

Was asked: the State and semi-State boards under the aegis of his Department; the appointments, if any, which have been made to these boards in the past year; the number of women who have been appointed; the per...More Button

The State and semi-State boards under the aegis of my Department are: The Western Development Commission; Area Development Management Limited; The Law Reform Commission; The National Economic and Soci...More Button

Written Answers. - Departmental Estimates.

Was asked: the reason for the extra expenditure under subhead L of Vote 3, in the 1997 Estimates for the public service.More Button

This expenditure is being allocated towards the implementation of the recommendations in the first report of the ministerial task force on measures to reduce the demand for drugs.More Button

Was asked: the reason for the large increase in expenditure under subhead F3 of Vote 3, in the 1997 Estimates for the public service.More Button

Was asked: the reason for the large increase in expenditure under subhead F2 of Vote 3, in the 1997 Estimates for the public service.More Button

Was asked: the reason for the large increase in expenditure under subhead F1 of Vote 3, in the 1997 Estimates for the public service.More Button

Was asked: the reason for the large increase in expenditure under subhead I of Vote 3, in the 1997 Estimates for the public service.More Button

I propose to answer Questions Nos. 85 to 88 together. I refer the Deputy to previous replies given by my Department on 17 December 1996. Questions Nos. 4 and 5 relate to subheads F1 and F3, Local Dev...More Button

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