Burke, Ray

Thursday, 6 February 1997

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 474 No. 5

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Financial Resolutions, 1997. - Financial Resolution No. 5: General (Resumed).

Is the Minister of State saying this Government is opposed to the commitment to increase overseas development aid, in line with Deputy Bertie Ahern's proposal, to between 4 and 5 per cent in the lifet...More Button

Not glibly.More Button

Fine Gael and Democratic Left make lovely bedfellows.More Button

At two weeks remove from the introduction of the budget and the hype which surrounded it created by the numerous Government handlers, who tried to portray it as a panacea for all the country's ills, i...More Button

They would be concerned at the lack of financial prudence in regard to public expenditure shown over the lifetime of this Administration. When the Government was formed it promised to raise public ex...More Button

Dr. Upton deserves an audience for his contribution. He should not be talking to an empty House. Notice taken that 20 Members were not present; House counted and 20 Members being present,More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Priority Questions. - Northern Ireland Marches.

Asked the minister: if he will give the Government's considered response to the North report; the action, if any, being taken following publication to ensure there is no repetition of some of the events of the 1996 march...More Button

Surely the nub of the problem is addressed in the Tánaiste's last points. The report is welcome and I thank Dr. North and his colleagues. In the main it has some good recommendations but the problem ...More Button

I accept that it is an item on the conference agenda on an ongoing basis and rightly so.More Button

With regard to Drumcree, the Garvaghy Road and the Ormeau Road the Taoiseach has made it clear that he will not interfere in the issue of the parade routes. No Irish Government has done so despite th...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Priority Questions. - Human Rights Unit.

Asked the minister: the proposals, if any, he has to increase the scope and resources of the human rights unit within his Department; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The key issue is that of resources, as referred to by the Tánaiste. He outlined what appears to be a comprehensive body of work carried out by a very limited staff. The extent to which the unit is u...More Button

Does he agree that, to dispel this perception and allow the unit to act effectively as the primary vehicle for promoting human rights, the unit must be expanded in terms of manpower and financial reso...More Button

I asked the Tánaiste a question. Does he agree with that perception?More Button

I have had detailed discussions with the NGOs and am aware of the view of the need for greater co-ordination and participation in the development of foreign policy, particularly in the human rights ar...More Button

It is only right and proper that the NGOs have ongoing contacts with the Government in view of the great work they do on behalf of the Irish people around the world. Will the Tánaiste outline his id...More Button

In light of the high priority which the Government claims to have afforded the area of human rights under the EU Presidency, will the Tánaiste outline the circumstances in which the Government has fai...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Priority Questions. - Beef Exports.

Asked the minister: the plans, if any, he has to utilise his position to initiate urgent steps to ensure a satisfactory resolution to the Russian and Egyptian beef bans which are having a detrimental effect on the Irish ...More Button

Normally questions on the beef trade are refused on the basis that the Tánaiste does not have direct responsibility but I welcome the fact that he has taken this one. Does the Tánaiste agree, in view ...More Button

Will the Tánaiste inform the House of the circumstances in which the Government, and in particular his own Department, has failed to secure a meeting of the Ireland-Iran joint commission which is the ...More Button

Similar problems as regards technical information have arisen with Egypt and Russia but in those cases the Taoiseach, the Tánaiste and other Ministers have taken it upon themselves to make political c...More Button

A meeting of the joint commission is vital because we must send the right signals about the importance of the Iranian market for our beef. Holding such a meeting is the minimum which should be done. ...More Button

The Government has failed to secure a visit from the Libyans with a view to reopening their market for Irish beef, despite assurances that such a visit was imminent. Will the Tánaiste inform the Hous...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Priority Questions. - Developing Countries' Debts.

Asked the minister: his views on any proposal which would aim to cancel by the year 2000 the debts owed to first world countries by less developed countries; the steps, if any, he will take if he views any such proposal ...More Button

It could be a new use for the lottery. Will the Minister of State outline the Government's reaction to the proposal on Third World debt made by the Debt and Development Coalition? Does she agree the...More Button

Does the Minister of State support the proposal for a world conference on Third World debt and will she outline any progress made in securing such a conference?More Button

It would be important that the Minister of State and the Government, as a member of the Troika, should try to influence the agenda rather than sitting back passively while it is set.More Button

Will the Minister of State agree that the lead taken by my party leader on Monday of last week at a conference on human rights attended by representatives of 60 non-governmental organisations and othe...More Button

The Minister of State need have no doubt that it is a full commitment. She will also be delighted to hear of the warmth of the response it has received from NGOs throughout the country.More Button

Other Questions. - Lusaka Protocol.

It is everybody's hope that the various factions in Angola will work together to bring about peace and prosperity in their land for their own people. However, the international community has a role t...More Button

In the process of creating and developing peace and stability within Angola after the years of conflict, it is vitally important to eliminate the landmines. The Minister of State will recall various ...More Button

Not even a debate between the Minister of State and me in this House would galvanise world opinion more.More Button

Other Questions. - Human Rights Ombudsman.

I strongly support the point made by Deputy Deasy. This has been a matter of deep concern to my party and my colleague, Deputy Éamon Ó Cuív, has paid a number of visits to prisoners in British jails...More Button

Other Questions. - Imprisonment of Tibetan Musician.

Asked the minister: if his attention has been drawn to the case of a person (details supplied) a Tibetan musician, sentenced to 18 years imprisonment by the Chinese authorities on 26 December 1996; and the steps, if any,...More Button

I raise the case of the musician in the context of highlighting the appalling human rights record of the Chinese in their treatment of the Tibetan people. Will the Minister outline the progress, if a...More Button

Other Questions. - War Criminals.

As the Minister is aware, UN forces are deployed in Bosnia to ensure the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement. Will he agree it sends out a wrong message when these two very well known war cri...More Button

The Tánaiste referred to the co-operation of Mr. Milosevic and others in the area. Surely it is time for the UN forces, operating under the UN Security Council mandate, to implement the indictments of...More Button

Words. Written Answers follow Adjournment DebateMore Button

Written Answers. - Developing Countries' Debt.

Asked the minister: his views on any proposal which would aim to cancel, by the year 2000, the debts owed to first world countries by lessdeveloped countries; the steps, if any, he will take if he views any such proposal...More Button

Written Answers. - Policy Formation.

Asked the minister: the current role of Irish non-governmental organisations in Irish foreign policy formation; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

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