Treacy, Seán

Tuesday, 25 February 1997

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 475 No. 4

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Visit of Tasmanian Parliamentary Delegation.

Before proceeding further, I am sure Members wish to join me in extending a warm welcome to the Honourable Mr. Michael Field, Member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly and Leader of the Opposition, an...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. - State Law Offices.

Let us not anticipate that question.More Button

If a specific question is tabled, we should await that reply.More Button

The Deputy should ask a question.More Button

Let us hear the reply.More Button

We have dwelt on this question for 15 minutes and time is limited.More Button

The time is limited and we shall have priority questions at 3.15 p.m. We have been a quarter of an hour on one question and that is not satisfactory.More Button

My responsibility is that as many questions as possible are answered.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. - Northern Ireland Peace Process.

The Chair has strenuously striven to avoid any reference to ambassadors accredited to this country for obvious reasons.More Button

We should avoid reference to this accredited representative.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. - Partnership 2000.

That is the end of questions to the Taoiseach today.More Button

If the Chair was obeyed this disorder would not take place.More Button

If the Chair was obeyed when he called Priority Questions this kind of disorder would not take place.More Button

I am proceeding to questions nominated for priority.More Button

Priority Question. - Estate Improvement Programme.

Let us not forget the time factor in dealing with priority questions. We should progress with brevity.More Button

I asked for brevity.More Button

I cannot remain unduly long on any one question.More Button

Order of Business.

Let us not have a repeat of what has gone before.More Button

This is to repeat something which happened earlier. If Members are dissatisfied with the Taoiseach's reply they have a remedy. We cannot debate the matter now.More Button

I call Deputy Fitzgerald. Deputy Martin will desist.More Button

Deputy Martin, please resume your seat.More Button

Will the Deputy please come to the point?More Button

Deputy, please refer to legislation.More Button

I am sorry, Deputy Fitzgerald, I have given you every opportunity to come to the point but you have failed to do so.More Button

The Deputy will have to raise that in another way.More Button

Deputy Fitzgerald, if it is so serious I want to help you. My office is at your disposal. Raise it another time but not now.More Button

Deputy Fitzgerald is refusing to obey the Chair. I must ask him to desist forthwith.More Button

Then you had better leave the House.More Button

This is grossly disorderly.More Button

I must now insist that you leave the House if you do not desist forthwith.More Button

Deputy Fitzgerald, please listen to me. The Deputy should be aware that this is not Question Time. It is disgraceful conduct on the Deputy's part. Leave the House.More Button

Suspension of Member.

I move: “That Deputy Liam Fitzgerald be suspended from the service of the Dáil.” Question put and declared carried. Deputy Liam Fitzgerald withdrew from the Chamber.More Button

Order of Business (Resumed).

That would be quite unusual. Do I deserve it?More Button

I do not wish to appear ungracious but the Chair has merely done its duty.More Button

Now I know why the Deputy paid me a compliment.More Button

The Deputy should refrain from quoting material.More Button

These congratulations are becoming unbearable.More Button

The Chair might be helped by the avoidance of interruptions.More Button

Children Bill, 1996: Second Stage (Resumed).

That is satisfactory.More Button

Private Members' Business. - Punishment of Aggravated Robbery Bill, 1997: Second Stage.

I am sure that is satisfactory and agreed.More Button

I am sure that is satisfactory and agreed.More Button

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