Shatter, Alan

Tuesday, 16 June 1998

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 492 No. 4

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Ceisteanna—Questions. - Millennium Celebrations.

Will the Minister agree he cannot throw any money around, not to mention throwing it around like confetti, if the Minister for Finance has not yet given him any? Will the Minister indicate whether th...More Button

Will the Minister indicate what funding he requires to reflect on mankind?More Button

Did the Minister realise only last week or two weeks ago that the millennium was coming?More Button

This will be transcendental.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. - Committee on Social Inclusion and Drugs.

In the context of the questions put by Deputies, will the Minister of State accept that reference to deprived communities also includes educational deprivation? Will he acknowledge that the decisions...More Button

Priority Questions. - Hepatitis C Infection.

Asked the minister: the proposals, if any, there are to recall for further testing those women who were assumed to show false positives in their original tests in 1994 for hepatitis C, who were tested as a result of rece...More Button

What has acted as the catalyst to these women being recalled for further testing? Is there is a concern that they may have suffered liver damage? Of the 165 people who initially tested positive — whi...More Button

Priority Questions. - Hospital Services.

Asked the minister: the number of dialysis stations that will be open for use in Tallaght Hospital on the designated opening day out of the total number of stations for which provision has been made in the hospital; the ...More Button

Will the Minister acknowledge it is desirable that, following the opening of Tallaght Hospital, those who require dialysis and who live within the catchment area of the hospital should be able to obta...More Button

Does the Minister acknowledge that it is inefficient use of resources and contrary to the community catchment ethos of Tallaght Hospital that people who live in Tallaght may still have to go to Beaumo...More Button

The design for the dialysis stations was flawed.More Button

Priority Questions. - Assisted Human Reproduction.

Asked the minister: if he will provide details of his recent communication to the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin 1, regarding their embryo freezing programme and the reply, if any, received; the communication, if any, there ha...More Button

Is the Minister aware that under Irish law if donor's sperm is used for the conception of a child, whereas there may be a presumption that a husband is the father of that child, that presumption can b...More Button

Does the Minister acknowledge the Irish Medical Council has no role in making legislative policy in this area? Is he telling the House that he is abdicating his role to the Irish Medical Council? Wi...More Button

Will the Minister indicate the nature of the review conducted so far by the Department, and the nature of the research if any into the legal systems or legislation available within other countries to ...More Button

Will the Minister consider publishing a White Paper as it is clear that his Department has not yet put together any policy in any of these areas?More Button

Other Questions. - Cardiac Services.

Asked the minister: the number of patients awaiting cardiac bypass surgery; the number who have been awaiting this surgery for less than six months, between six and 12 months, in excess of 12 months and in excess of two ...More Button

Does the Minister accept it is unsatisfactory that, on 16 June l998, he is unaware of any changes in the cardiac waiting list since December l997?More Button

When will the Minister have those figures?More Button

What moneys, if any, have been allocated for the cardiac strategy in Galway University Hospital? What is the projected date for the commencement of building works at that hospital to provide a new ca...More Button

What timescale is involved for this building phase? When will the extra capacity come on stream in Galway?More Button

Is it the case that, for political reasons, the Minister announced the provision of extra capacity in Galway Hospital without allocating any resources or giving a timescale for when it will be provide...More Button

The Minister knows what I meant by my reference to political reasons. He is aware I agree with the proposed plans for Galway. However, does he agree he has announced plans without making the funding ...More Button

What is the timescale involved?More Button

The Minister does not know the timescale involved.More Button

When will it go ahead?More Button

Private Members' Business. - Student Nurses: Motion.

I move:More Button

In moving this motion on behalf of the Fine Gael Party, I express the view that student nurses have over the years and are currently effectively treated as the Cinderellas of our health system. It is...More Button

It is worth putting the current grant into a certain perspective. The current sum of £57.69 payable to student nurses can be contrasted with what each student nurse would presently receive if in rece...More Button

On a point of order, I disagreed with much of what the Minister said, but I had respect for his office and did not interrupt him. He has sat muttering and jabbering through the Deputy's contribution, ...More Button

Written Answers. - Child Abuse.

Asked the minister: if he will confirm that there are 400 children who have been reported to the Eastern Health Board as at risk, or are the victims, of physical or sexual abuse or neglect as of this date whose circumsta...More Button

Written Answers. - Vaccination Programme.

Asked the minister: the reason a number of young children had adverse reactions to the two in one vaccine for diphtheria and tetanus, vaccine batch number E6015D; the number of children who had an adverse reaction; the n...More Button

Written Answers. - Hepatitis A Incidence.

Asked the minister: the number of outbreaks of hepatitis A within each health board area in the past 12 months; the plans, if any, he has to put in place a system to identify outbreaks of this disease in schools; and whe...More Button

Written Answers. - Hospital Services.

Asked the minister: the arrangements, if any, put in place to ensure proper accident and emergency services are available in Dublin inner city and south Dublin areas to meet the needs that will arise following the openin...More Button

Written Answers. - Cancer Screening Programme.

Asked the minister: the proposals, if any, there are to introduce strict quality control measures through guidelines for laboratories for the carrying out of screening for cervical cancer; if so, whether these guidelines...More Button

Written Answers. - Maternity Services.

Asked the minister: the services, if any, provided by each health board to facilitate home births by mothers; and the plans, if any, he has to ensure that a uniform and fully developed service is provided by each health ...More Button

Written Answers. - Drug Availability.

Asked the minister: when the drug Viagra will be available in Ireland; whether it will be available on prescription to medical card holders; and the assessment, if any, made by his Department as to the estimated annual c...More Button

Written Answers. - Drug Treatment Services.

Asked the minister: the number of general practitioners, if any, in respect of whom he has received complaints regarding the methadone treatment programme, to the effect that the general practitioner is prescribing metha...More Button

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