Bruton, Richard

Tuesday, 23 June 1998

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 492 No. 7

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Ceisteanna — Questions. - Government Programme.

There is nothing for education. Education has been left out.More Button

Does the Taoiseach agree he has reneged on the commitment in his manifesto to permit schools to keep teachers freed up by falling pupil numbers? Does he agree some of the most disadvantaged schools i...More Button

Does the Taoiseach want me to name the schools? They are in his constituency.More Button

Why did the Taoiseach renege on the commitment he gave in his manifesto?More Button

Priority Questions. - Primary School Costs.

Asked the minister: the estimates within his Department of the day to day running costs of primary schools expressed as an amount per year per pupil; and the evidence, if any, available to his Department on the extent to...More Button

Will the Minister comment on the clear conflict between the CSO's view of what it costs to run a school and that of the national primary parents' council which estimates the capitation grant is curren...More Button

As the Minister agrees it is not acceptable to levy parents and as he accepts the shortfall could be as much as 50 per cent——More Button

——is the logical implication of his position that the State must pick up the balance, given the constitutional obligation on it to provide free primary education?More Button

Is the Minister modifying his constitutional obligation in this regard?More Button

Priority Questions. - Higher Education Grants.

Why then have the partnership initiatives been so successful?More Button

Priority Questions. - Teaching Posts.

Asked the minister: the number of additional remedial and guidance teachers he will provide at primary and secondary level in the school year 1998-9.More Button

Will the Minister agree it is ridiculous that schools are not in a position to recruit staff until they reopen in September because the Minister has not made his allocation? Has he made provision in ...More Button

Will the Minister agree that the surveys being undertaken are a con trick if he does not intend to make any staff available over and above the retention of the demographic dividend? Does he agree the ...More Button

Primary and second level.More Button

I put it to the Minister that he is not making available to the education system one extra teacher to supplement the remedial and guidance areas other than those released elsewhere in the system. Giv...More Button

I can quote from a reply to a parliamentary question which states——More Button

Does the Minister agree with the figures provided by his Department——More Button

I would like to correct the record.More Button

This is a massive con trick by the Minister.More Button

Priority Questions. - Research Funding.

Asked the minister: the reason the National Research Support Board was not informed of the proposed allocation of the £5 million special fund for research before it made arrangements for a competition to fund 90 addition...More Button

Is it true that a competition was held which attracted 350 applications from which 90 were selected as approved? Is it also true that because it transpired that funds would not be available the 90 ap...More Button

Why did this massive breakdown in communication, which jeopardised many hundreds of post-graduate students, occur? Was it not true that the Minister of State was represented on the board which made t...More Button

The Minister of State is repeating the initial answer. There is a time limit on this question. Will I be permitted to ask another supplementary?More Button

Is it not the case that the Minister of State is scurrying around for funds in an attempt to honour commitments on which he reneged? Where will these funds be found? What subheads in the Estimates w...More Button

As they head off to the UK.More Button

Other Questions. - Disadvantaged Schools.

Asked the minister: if his attention has been drawn to the fact that the loss of teachers due to declining numbers of pupils is causing severe problems for schools designated as disadvantaged in maintaining the high leve...More Button

What was meant by the statement in the Fianna Fáil election manifesto that the party would “improve the pupil teacher ratio by keeping in their schools the teachers who are freed up by falling numbers...More Button

It is certainly not unfair.More Button

It was in the manifesto and every household in the country had access to it.More Button

If the Minister wishes, I will read it again.More Button

The Government's commitment to give priority to primary education rings hollow.More Button

The reality is that not one extra teacher will be made available to the primary sector this year despite the Minister's commitment that every one teacher school and the 784 schools without a remedial ...More Button

I asked about teachers in schools.More Button

That is not the case.More Button

The Government's manifesto makes commitments regarding remedial teachers, one-teacher schools and disadvantaged schools.More Button

They will be looked at from a long distance.More Button

Not one teacher has been made available to the system.More Button

Other Questions. - Voluntary Contributions to Schools.

Primary managers have indicated——More Button

Primary managers have indicated they can no longer raise the type of funds necessary to make up the shortfalls to which Deputy Gilmore referred to run their schools and that they are considering impos...More Button

Does the Minister agree that under the Constitution he will be obliged to step in if the patrons of schools can no longer meet the costs? How does he propose to address the issue of the declining abi...More Button

Order of Business.

Will the Ombudsman Bill, which is promised, cover issues such as that raised by Deputy Yates, where the Taoiseach and the Government have reneged on commitments to Louth residents to take their case b...More Button

Written Answers. - Hepatitis B Vaccinations.

Asked the minister: whether he has considered introducing the hepatitis B vaccine in view of the potential threat it poses to public health.More Button

Written Answers. - Hospital Waiting Lists.

Asked the minister: if he will give details of the waiting list for different cardiac procedures; the scale of activity for these procedures in 1997; if he can project, based on the allocation of additional funds for the...More Button

Written Answers. - Guidance Counselling.

Asked the minister: the number of guidance counsellors employed in the voluntary secondary, vocational education committee, community and comprehensive schools; and the corresponding total number of pupils in each case.More Button

Written Answers. - Teacher Remuneration.

Asked the minister: the reason for the delay in sanctioning a VEC approved recognition of eight years relevant experience outside of education for a person (details supplied) in Dublin 9; and the further information, if ...More Button

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