Yates, Ivan

Tuesday, 17 November 1998

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 496 No. 6

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Rail Safety Report: Statements.

I welcome the report and the alacrity with which the Minister facilitated the debate. While I have numerous criticisms of her, being accountable to this House and debating matters here is not among th...More Button

I appreciate that. However, it is interesting to compare routes and risk ratios in both reports. The Department, in assessing the situation, should also be mindful of the Little report. The time for...More Button

I take her point that, as is the case on the roads, no-one can guarantee safety. However, if an accident happens because of a derailment as a result of inadequate track or faulty signalling that is 40...More Button

In government I told departmental officials that there would be another 26A bus, that I was only passing through and that the time to act was when the music stopped. The Minister has reached that poi...More Button

The Minister should not do the job of rail safety officers or Iarnród Éireann managers; rather she should provide the cash for investment, something that the board and management of Iarnró d Éireann c...More Button

That is the sum required before we encounter serious underground geological problems of the Wood Quay variety and the gradients which will require passengers to have a rollercoaster ride under the cit...More Button

If one takes £671 million as a benchmark and adds the £640 million required for the rail network and the £100 million required by Dublin Bus for the provision of quality bus corridors and new buses, o...More Button

The music has stopped.More Button

What is required is a new strategic approach. At a time of declining EU resources this money cannot be obtained from the usual source, the public capital programme. Therefore, a new strategic approa...More Button

I consider that to be current rather than capital expenditure because it involves such matters as additional personnel and databases. Is it the Minister's intention to examine the CIE annual subventi...More Button

Many safety officers are now also to report directly to the Minister. The conspiracy theory is that the Minister has established lines of communication which deviate from the traditional pattern and ...More Button

No, that was an entirely differently matter. I would consider that to have been a head-on row. If the Minister is not satisfied with the management of CIE, she should say so and deal with it as she ...More Button

Indirect procedures of reporting are perhaps an ambiguous way of dealing with it and they lead to suspicion.More Button

No, I did not suggest that.More Button

It was more direct communication with the board I had in mind. The report also refers to the DART. It is striking that the DART has been in place for 14 years and no additional rolling stock has been...More Button

I accept that. I take Iarnród Éireann at its word. Perhaps if the Minister is conducting an audit, there should be a random spot check system as part of that. This would entail a surprise visit, pe...More Button

——Meath, Westmeath and Kildare. This would be done in such a way that the planning would be around railways and a commuter belt connected by it. It would move matters beyond a “Give me more” situati...More Button

Written Answers - Farm Retirement Scheme.

Asked the minister: if an early retirement scheme application for a person (details supplied) in County Wexford will be approved in view of the fact that all outstanding documentation was submitted and applied for before...More Button

Written Answers - Grant Payments.

Asked the minister: if BSE top-up payment to a person (details supplied) in County Wexford will be expedited; when payment will issue; and the amount of this payment.More Button

Written Answers - Bovine Disease Controls.

Asked the minister: if a person (details supplied) in County Wexford will be approved at the earliest possible date for the issue of a herd number.More Button

Written Answers - Seaside Resort Scheme.

Asked the minister: the proposals, if any, there are to extend the period for which the seaside coastal resort tax designation scheme is operated; if it is the Government's intention to replace this scheme with another s...More Button

Written Answers - Social Welfare Benefits.

Asked the minister: if he will outline details of his discussions to date with farm organisations concerning additional social welfare supports for farm families; if these discussions extended to the difficulties of indi...More Button

Written Answers - School Staffing.

Asked the minister: the plans, if any, he has to ensure that the unjust discriminatory policy, which denies second level schools with less than 500 pupils a full ex-quota career guidance teacher and deputy principal, is ...More Button

Asked the minister: his views on the fact that Irish secondary schools have some of the largest and overcrowded classes in western Europe and are struggling to cope with the many demands placed upon them, both circular a...More Button

Written Answers - School Funding.

Asked the minister: if he will ensure that underfunded and non-fee paying voluntary secondary schools are given the same resources and funding in 1999 as community and vocational schools; and if he will make a statement ...More Button

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