O'Hanlon, Rory

Wednesday, 24 March 1999

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 502 No. 4

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Private Notice Questions. - Kosovo Crisis.

Deputy Shatter, please resume your seat. I call Deputy De Rossa.More Button

The Minister is subject to the Order of the House as is every other Member. When Deputy Mitchell wished to come in a second time—More Button

—I told him that five Members had submitted questions, each would be allowed to ask one supplementary and there would then be an opportunity to open the debate.More Button

I am not denying anybody any rights. I call Deputy De Rossa.More Button

Deputy Shatter, I ask you to resume your seat.More Button

Yes, but the Minister is subject to the order of the House the same as you, Deputy Shatter, and as long as the Chair is here the Chair will rule.More Button

The Chair has a function to ensure business is carried out in an orderly way. Five Members—More Button

—submitted a question, Deputy Shatter, and they will each have an opportunity to ask a supplementary question before anybody else has an opportunity—More Button

The Minister replied and I have called Deputy De Rossa.More Button

I call Deputy De Rossa.More Button

Deputy Shatter knows the options.More Button

I have called Deputy De Rossa.More Button

I call Deputy De Rossa.More Button

The Minister has concluded his reply. I call Deputy De Rossa.More Button

Deputy De Rossa should give the Minister a chance to answer the question. The Minister was on his feet.More Button

Deputy Mitchell, allow the Minister to answer.More Button

That applies to the first question but thereafter it goes according to the size of parties.More Button

That is not a point of order.More Button

Deputy De Rossa, I want to bring this matter to a conclusion as we have spent three quarters of an hour on it.More Button

Deputy Higgins, a question please.More Button

That concludes the Private Notice Question.More Button

That does not arise now. Written Answers follow Adjournment Debate.More Button

Adjournment Debate Matters.

I wish to advise the House of the following matters in respect of which notice has been given under Standing Order 20 and the name of the Member in each case: (1) Deputy Wall – the current and future ...More Button

Social Welfare Bill, 1999: Report Stage (Resumed).

The Deputy does not seem to be addressing the amendment.More Button

It is not appropriate to address a budget surplus on Report Stage, particularly where it would involve a charge on the Exchequer.More Button

I must make the same point to Deputy McGrath as I made to Deputy Broughan. He is wandering away from the amendment, which deals with a report to be laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas. It is not ...More Button

Social Welfare Bill, 1999: Report Stage (Resumed) and Final Stage.

Deputy McGrath, you are moving away from the amendment. I remind the House there are 28 amendments remaining and we have about 40 minutes in which to deal with them. Perhaps we could confine ourselves...More Button

It is about presenting a report.More Button

It is about presenting a report to the House and not about advocating anything which would place a cost on the Exchequer.More Button

As amendment No. 13a is out of order, it cannot be moved. Amendment No. 13a not moved.More Button

The Deputy has wandered from the amendment. I do not mind him making a passing reference to an issue that would impose a charge on the Exchequer, but he is straying from the amendment by discussing at...More Button

I must say to the Minister and the Deputy that we are discussing the preparation of a report. We seem to have wandered well away from that.More Button

We cannot discuss the details of what will be in the report.More Button

Amendments Nos. 18 and 21 are related to amendment No. 17 and amendment No. 20 is an alternative so they can be taken together. Is that agreed? Agreed.More Button

The Deputy is moving away from the substance of the amendments. If he stuck to them, he might not invite interruption.More Button

The Deputy must confine his remarks to the amendment. I know that some Members went outside that.More Button

As it is now ten o'clock, I am required to put the following question in accordance with an order of the day: “That the amendments set down by the Minister for Social, Community and Family Affairs and...More Button

Message from Seanad.

Seanad Éireann has accepted the Finance Bill, 1999, without recommendation. The Dáil adjourned at 10.50 p.m. until 10.30 a.m. on Thursday, 25 March 1999.More Button

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