Yates, Ivan

Tuesday, 16 May 2000

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 519 No. 2

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Ceisteanna–Questions. - Social Partnership.

There is none. More Button

It keeps changing.More Button

No money has been provided.More Button

Arising out of the Taoiseach's reply to transport questions earlier, will he clarify how the Government intends to proceed with the £500 million contingency fund provision for three projects in the na...More Button

The Minister has tried to pull the wool over our eyes by pretending there is a coherent transport policy.More Button

Priority Questions. - Public Transport Institutional Framework.

Asked the minister: if she will clarify her proposals to split up the CIE group; if this will involve the abolition of CIE; the timescale for the implementation in this regard; the ongoing status of employees under the T...More Button

When will the Government decide on these proposals? Will it be this session? This will take a long time to resolve from an industrial relations and legislative perspective. The Minister would be bette...More Button

Is it envisaged that the four different companies, the three transport companies and the rail track company, will retain their individual boards and continue to be in State ownership? Will the Ministe...More Button

I asked if it would remain in State ownership.More Button

Priority Questions. - ESB Re-organisation.

The sale of telecommunications has turned out very badly. Many people are not too happy with their shares now and they blame Deputy O'Rourke for that. She oversold them.More Button

They will not be caught with Aer Lingus the way they were with Telecom Éireann.More Button

They will be happy to get their money back.More Button

Priority Questions. - Light Rail Project.

Asked the minister: if she will clarify the Government's intentions in relation to transport infrastructural development in the Dublin area in view of the number of varying proposals for underground and overground light ...More Button

Will the Minister clarify the position once and for all? In the national development plan there was a contingency fund of £500 million for three projects – the Navan project, the airport project and t...More Button

I have asked a specific question. Is the Government committed to the extension of the underground, which was originally proposed to run from St. Stephen's Green to Broadstone, to Ranelagh and Blancha...More Button

In that case, the Minister should answer the question.More Button

Mesh? A mish mash, that is what there is. The Minister does not know what project is going ahead.More Button

The Minister does not know – that is the answer. After three years she does not know what proposals the Government will accept. All there are at present are the two lines she took from us, the Dundrum...More Button

An extra 1,000 cars a week are coming on to the roads. The Minister's legacy will be the worst traffic gridlock this city has ever seen. More Button

Priority Questions. - Dublin Transport Projects.

The Minister does not know.More Button

Priority Questions. - Nuclear Plants.

Mostly by Fianna Fáil in Opposition.More Button

Other Questions. - CIE Surplus Property Portfolio.

These reports are being discussed in the context of a morning pronouncement by the Minister from the bathroom that she had a pot of gold in CIE's portfolio of property which could be sold. Will she co...More Button

The Minister raised the issue. She mentioned that there was a crock of gold to be gained in selling CIE property. She has been found out.More Button

It was another early morning flimsy which has gone into the ether.More Button

The Minister should publish the report.More Button

I do not recall that.More Button

I wish to ask the Minister a simple question, which Deputy Stagg and I raised. Will she give a ballpark figure of the likely yield in terms of revenue or capital from this review?More Button

Other Questions. - Public Transport Institutional Framework.

She is a past master at it.More Button

She embroiders everything so that nothing can be understood.More Button

After three years of listening to her, I know nothing about her policies.More Button

The Minister's party will be out of office by then and nothing will happen.More Button

The Minister could introduce competition without dismembering CIE. Is this proposal a knee-jerk reaction to the recent strike in Dublin Bus and the resignation of the former chairman of CIE? Fine Gael...More Button

Other Questions. - Electricity Generation.

In relation to Ferbane station, will the Minister of State confirm it is not now Government policy to go ahead with the £16 million refurbishment programme agreed by the last Government and that it is...More Button

To close down every one of the five peat burning stations. Written Answers follow Adjournment Debate.More Button

Order of Business.

It affects the survival of the Government.More Button

Written Answers. - Electricity Generation.

Asked the minister: if her attention has been drawn to the recent discussion paper published by the Commission for Electricity Regulation relating to the green energy sector (details supplied); her view on the proposals ...More Button

Written Answers. - State Companies.

Asked the minister: if she will outline the proposed time schedule of the proposed IPO for Aer Lingus; if it is proposed to obtain an anchor stakeholder in the company prior to the flotation or procure an underwriter for...More Button

Written Answers. - Telecommunications Licences.

Asked the minister: if she will have considerations made, as a matter of policy, that future telecommunications licensing procedures will be on the basis of tenders and auctions rather than other selection processes in v...More Button

Written Answers. - Aer Rianta.

Asked the minister: the reason for the delay in proceeding with her proposals with an initial public offering for the partial privatisation of Aer Rianta; if she will set a deadline for determining this issue in view of ...More Button

Written Answers. - Ministerial Appointments.

Asked the minister: if she will outline all board appointments made by her since July 1997.More Button

Written Answers. - Tuskar Rock Air Crash.

Asked the minister: when it is anticipated that the review group's report into the air accident at Tuskar Rock will be completed; if this will be published; and if there are any interim conclusions..More Button

Written Answers. - Grant Payments.

Asked the minister: if a late application for a ewe subsidy for a person (details supplied) in County Wexford will be reconsidered on appeal in view of the genuine circumstances relating to his application.More Button

Written Answers. - Hospital Services.

Asked the minister: if he will obtain the statistics on the number of occasions whereby the day ward in Wexford General Hospital was utilised to accommodate in-patients to the detriment of day care referrals, putting pre...More Button

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