McDowell, Derek

Tuesday, 23 May 2000

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 519 No. 5

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Priority Questions. - Inflation Rate.

Asked the minister: if he has had considerations made into the warnings by the trade union movement that unless inflation is brought under control the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness could collapse; the plans if an...More Button

Does the Minister agree that many workers who signed up to the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness on the basis of a prediction of 3% inflation for this year now feel they have been conned since it ...More Button

The Minister's apparent complacency in face of the increase in the inflation rate is causing considerable concern. He accepts that his Department's forecast of 3% at budget time was wide of the mark,...More Button

In a recent edition of The Wall Street Journal the Minister is quoted as suggesting that the European Commission is “a bunch of communists”. Will the Minister clarify whether he said that? More Button

What did the Minister say that gave The Wall Street Journal the impression he believes the European Commission is “a bunch of communists”? Does he believe that is a helpful contribution to the debate?...More Button

Other Questions. - Decentralisation Programme.

Is the Minister aware of the recent comments made by Mr. Tom Allen of the PSEU at the union's annual conference in Tralee in which he stated that the union was becoming extremely annoyed and frustrate...More Button

—just a few miles down the road.More Button

Other Questions. - Tax Code.

Which work related expenses does the Minister expect to be the subject of the review? Does he expect trade union membership fees to be considered in the review?More Button

With the changeover to a tax credit system, does the Minister envisage that expenses actually incurred will continue to be allowed as deductible at their full value from the amount of taxable income o...More Button

Other Questions. - Disabled Drivers' Scheme.

The Minister rightly points out that he has answered questions on this issue at virtually every session of Question Time in the past year. He has made it clear that he believes this issue is too hot t...More Button

Other Questions. - Tax Yield.

Would the Minister agree that what is wrong here is not just that the estimate is wrong but that the method is wrong, and that his Department has been aware of this for some time but yet does not seem...More Button

Order of Business.

They have other things on their minds.More Button

Written Answers. - Credit Unions.

Asked the minister: if he has received a request from the Irish League of Credit Unions for a meeting with the Government; if he has responded to this request; and if he has made a decision with regard to the implementat...More Button

Written Answers. - Disabled Drivers' Appeals.

Asked the minister: his views on whether the waiting times for a board of appeal hearing for a person (details supplied) in Dublin 9 are unacceptable; and the plans, if any, he has to improve the situation.More Button

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