McCreevy, Charlie

Friday, 30 June 2000

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 522 No. 5

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Any person who examines rationally the record of the Government in the economic and social field can only come to one conclusion. The Government has a fine record of achievements which stands up more ...More Button

—in people's take-home pay, in rewarding effort and enterprise, and in creating jobs. What have we done on the tax front? We have reduced the standard tax rate by four percentage points compared with ...More Button

People have more money in their pockets, they are spending it on goods and services and this leads to increased employment. It also leads to more revenues to Government and lower employment costs. Is ...More Button

—and not just business people, as did the preceding budgets under Deputy McDowell's party leader. I gave pension savers greater control and flexibility in regard to their pension funds, introduced in...More Button

As Minister for Finance I have provided the resources to my Government colleagues to address the social needs of our society. I will outline some of the measures we have taken – my colleagues will go ...More Button

Over the past three years, single old age pensioners have received increases totalling £18 per week.More Button

This bears repeating – £18 a week which compares with a total of £7 per week given by the previous Government in its three budgets.More Button

People can draw their own conclusions about who really cares about the vulnerable members of our community.More Button

The Government is this year spending £4.1 billion on our health services. That compares with £2.7 billion in 1997. This has financed a dramatic improvement in the level of services – there are now app...More Button

Am I happy with what has been achieved in the spending area generally? Yes, but there are more challenges to be faced—More Button

—whether that is in the area of public transport, social housing, the health or education services.More Button

We have the problems of success, and the Government will address them. I can promise this House, that over my next two budgets, this Government will continue to deliver on its proud record of tackling...More Button

Like Ernest Blythe and the pensions.More Button

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