Higgins, Jim

Thursday, 19 October 2000

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 524 No. 4

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Order of Business.

(Mayo): I thank Deputy Sargent for his good wishes.More Button

(Mayo): I hope he is not privy to some information that I do not have. There was a serious rail crash in Britain this week. Four people died and many were seriously injured. There were two similar cra...More Button

(Mayo): What is the position on the rail safety Bill?More Button

(Mayo): If the Chair looks at the Order Paper he will see it will not be reached.More Button

(Mayo): Might I remind the Chair of what is in order? It is in order to raise a question on promised legislation. I am putting it to the Chair that if there were nothing else on the Order Paper—More Button

(Mayo): Will the Chair please apply the rule that on the Order of Business we are entitled to ask questions about promised legislation?More Button

(Mayo): I am asking about promised legislation and am entitled to a reply on it. It is a valid question in accordance with Standing Orders. Am I permitted to ask, and extract an answer to, the valid q...More Button

Ceisteanna–Questions. Priority Questions. - Iarnród Éireann Signalling System.

Asked the minister: if her attention has been drawn to the £40 million cost overrun in the mini-CTC Iarnród Éireann signalling system; if she has discussed the matter with the Iarnród Éireann board and executives; and if...More Button

(Mayo): Is it true that a contract for £15.7 million will now cost between £25 million and £40 million, that there is an overrun of up to £25 million? Is it also true that the price was not locked int...More Button

(Mayo): Is it not the case that the taxpayer has again been taken for a ride? A contract that was supposed to cost £15 million has an overrun of up to £25 million which John citizen will have to pay. ...More Button

(Mayo): Four of the main people who were involved in the decision-making have gone to the company which will add £25 million more of taxpayers' money than was originally contracted for. What legal adv...More Button

(Mayo): We should not exclude the possibility of sending a file to the Garda Síochána, if necessary.More Button

Ceisteanna–Questions. Priority Questions. - Eircom Flotation.

Asked the minister: the cost to her Department of the Eircom floatation; the names of the various companies and individuals to whom payments were made; the services provided in each case; and if she will make a statement...More Button

(Mayo): The poor taxpayer has been taken for another ride. It cost the Minister's Department and the taxpayer £77.5 million for bad advice on the sale of Eircom which resulted in a gravy train for con...More Button

(Mayo): I do not see how commenting on costs which are in the past can prejudice the talks with Vodafone. There is no relationship.More Button

(Mayo): Was it not a case that there was too much hype, bubbly, anticipation and excitement about all the money that would accrue to the Exchequer and that no controls were in place? Was there any adv...More Button

Other Questions. - Postal Services.

(Mayo): In addition to the universal service guarantee, will the Minister also take an interest in the type of service involved? Recently a properly addressed letter posted on 2 October was delivered ...More Button

Other Questions. - Fixed Line Telephony.

(Mayo): Will the Minister acknowledge that Eircom and the Communications Workers Union possibly have a case when they make the point that they have been asked to unbundle completely, to throw open t...More Button

Written Answers. - CIE Subvention.

Asked the minister: if she has received correspondence from CIE indicating that the company could run out of money early in 2001 and seeking an immediate increase in its annual Government subvention; and if she will make...More Button

Written Answers. - Work Permits.

Asked the minister: and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment the reason the processing of work permit applications is taking so long particularly in the context of a complaint from a hotel manager (details suppl...More Button

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