Hayes, Brian

Wednesday, 7 November 2001

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 543 No. 3

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Ceisteanna–Questions. Priority Questions. - Social Welfare Benchmarking.

Asked the minister: if he will make a statement on the recent report of the social welfare benchmarking and indexation group established under the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness.More Button

For several years the Minister has asked the House to wait for the conclusions of the report. His reply did not indicate whether he is in favour of the majority recommendation of the benchmarking and ...More Button

Does the Minister have a view?More Button

As this is Question Time, and hopefully answer time, I ask the Minister three straightforward questions and there should be straightforward replies. Did the Minister have a discussion with his three o...More Button

I asked the Minister this question only six months ago and I repeat it now. As the Minister directly responsible and charged by Government for dealing with the issue of poverty, what in his view is a ...More Button

He has indeed.More Button

I did not ask the Minister that question. I asked if the Minister discussed this with the three officials.More Button

Did the Minister speak to the three officials? He will not answer the question.More Button

Ceisteanna–Questions. Priority Questions. - Industrial Action.

Asked the minister: if he will make a statement in relation to the ongoing dispute at the Letterkenny office of his Department; and the effects of this dispute on persons claiming under the social welfare code.More Button

I ask the Minister to use this opportunity to apologise to those people who have applied for—More Button

—child benefit and find themselves in a back log. Will the Minister accept that it is his responsibility to sort out this dispute in his own Department? We are talking about relatively small sums of m...More Button

The Minister has not bought “Pampers” recently.More Button

Will the Minister give the House an assurance that he will instruct his senior officials to sit down with the unions in Letterkenny to work out and broker a deal? Will he admit to the House that this ...More Button

What about a partnership committee? I understand it is the only regional office that does not have one.More Button

Is that not the root of the problem? The Minister is not aware of the facts in Letterkenny. He did not know that there was not a partnership committee there. He was not aware that there was no consult...More Button

Is that not the case? This is a case of the Minister not doing his job.More Button

Now we are getting to Question Time and the lack of answers is absolutely clear. Will the Minister instruct his officials to sit down with representatives of the unions, whom they have not met in the ...More Button

So the Minister will not instruct his officials.More Button

Ceisteanna–Questions. Priority Questions. - Social Welfare Benefits.

The people are so ungrateful.More Button

People could afford to buy a house then.More Button

The preamble is over.More Button

The Minister is clinging on to power.More Button

The people are so ungrateful.More Button

Asked the minister: the number of persons who will not receive an increase in their social welfare payment until February 2002 due to the problem of printing social welfare books; and if he will make a statement on the m...More Button

Does the Minister not accept that this is further evidence of his incompetence and inability to deliver these small increases to people on social welfare? Is he admitting that half a million people wi...More Button

So has the Minister.More Button

No.More Button

The Minister has no view on the matter.More Button

On a point of order, the history lesson is fascinating—More Button

—but the Minister should be answering my questions.More Button

I put a straightforward question to the Minister. He should answer the question.More Button

The Minister should answer the question.More Button

The Minister has some neck if he expects us to believe that.More Button

His Department has shown gross incompetence in delivering small increases to people on social welfare. Is he admitting, yet again, that he is unable to deliver small increases until February? Would he...More Button

The Minister is responsible for it. He should not dump on his officials again.More Button

The Minister is dumping on his officials again.More Button

Rubbish.More Button

Other Questions. - Euro Changeover.

The Minister is straying from Question No. 6.More Button

They are so ungrateful; they do not appreciate the Minister.More Button

The Minister will have to pay more PR people to get his message about the increases across.More Button

The money has been squandered.More Button

Vincent Browne was like the Minister if he did not know his facts.More Button

What does the Minister expect them to do with £30? They could buy shares with that.More Button

They are so ungrateful.More Button

I thought he was responsible for everything.More Button

It is not false to say that there was a huge surplus.More Button

It is an issue.More Button

I am glad the Minister is organising a public awareness campaign and is to send conversion wheels to everyone, no doubt with the Minister's face on them. Can the Minister inform the House if he will c...More Button

Has the Department apologised?More Button

I feel sorry for the poor woman.More Button

The Minister should keep his eye on these matters.More Button

The information went to every home in the country.More Button

The woman's telephone was ringing every night.More Button

Other Questions. - Pension Provisions.

The Minister is shifting responsibility.More Button

Shame.More Button

The Minister should run that by us again. It was crystal clear.More Button

The Minister is a big spender in that regard.More Button

Other Questions. - Social Welfare Benefits.

Is the Minister stating that he is not opposed in principle to the introduction of a continuous care payment and that the decision would have to be made about who receives this payment, and the variou...More Button

What about the increase in the numbers receiving the carer's allowance?More Button

They would not get the full payment.More Button

The Minister should listen to carers, not lecture them.More Button

Stasi propaganda.More Button

The Minister should listen.More Button

We are so grateful.More Button

In relation to the ongoing anomalies that exist for the parents of mulitple births, triplets and the like, this issue has come up repeatedly at budget time. In advance of the budget and the Social Wel...More Button

Other Questions. - National Action Plan.

The difficulty with the Minister throughout the exchanges today is his failure to deal with criticism. The criticism does not come from Fr. Sean Healy; it comes from the EU Commission. Does the Minist...More Button

So we do nothing for anyone else. That is wrong.More Button

Does the Minister accept the criticisms?More Button

Will the Minister change it?More Button

All the Minister had to do was say that.More Button

Other Questions. - Anti-Poverty Strategy.

We accept that.More Button

He is taking off again.More Button

I hate to interrupt the Minister's ard fheis speech. He nearly believes it himself. The Minister is right, we have the lowest unemployment rate in Europe but we also have the highest rate of relative...More Button

The first question the Minister had to answer today was about benchmarking. If we had a commitment on benchmarking for the next seven years we could really lift people out of poverty, instead of the n...More Button

Rubbish.More Button

We need to have an honest debate on this matter. Is the Minister suggesting that continuing a policy of linking social welfare rises to inflation is the way to go? Social welfare increases should be l...More Button

The Minister should address the issue.More Button

It is obviously getting to the Minister.More Button

But relative income poverty is the issue.More Button

Does the Minister accept the principle?More Button

The Minister is dodging it. Is that not the truth?More Button

The Deputy's party was making up for the previous year's inflation.More Button

Yes.More Button

Is the Minister for it or against it?More Button

Let the people decide. Written answers follow Adjournment Debate.More Button

Written Answers. - Foster Care Services.

Asked the minister: the number of persons being processed for the purposes of providing foster care for children; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Written Answers. - Higher Education Grants.

Asked the minister: the reason his Department vetoed an application for a third level maintenance grant to a person (details supplied) in Dublin 24; if he will review the entire matter in order that this person can obtai...More Button

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