Ahern, Bertie

Wednesday, 28 November 2001

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 545 No. 2

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Order of Business.

The Order of Business today shall be No. 54, Asset Covered Securities Bill, 2001 – Order for Report and Report and Final Stages; No. 55, Heritage Fund Bill, 2001 – Order for Report and Report and Fina...More Button

Servis Air is one of the largest ground handling companies operating in Ireland and the UK with more than 12,000 employees. It has issued protective notice to 250 staff and about 13 other workers have...More Button

I appreciate what the Deputy said about the negotiations being at a sensitive stage and what is involved is well understood by the company and the LRC – there are no great secrets. Whatever about lett...More Button

There are minutes of the meetings.More Button

The case has been made to the Commission, the Commissioner—More Button

It has been made in formal meetings between the Minister and the Commission—More Button

The Commission is fully aware of the situation and the minutes of all the meetings held are available.More Button

The Deputy should table a question to the Minister for Public Enterprise.More Button

The issue of equity has been discussed not only with the Commission but also with the President of the Commission. If the House does not want to listen, I assure the workers in Aer Lingus that every a...More Button

Dublin Bus, like every other institution, will get its allocation for next year from the relevant Department. In recent years, as the Deputy will agree, since the eight QBCs were put in place, Dublin ...More Button

There is £1.5 billion being spent on public transport and traffic management, including the provision for Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann and other initiatives. The individual figures for 2002 will be negotia...More Button

If there are other issues within the £1.5 billion plan, I have no doubt that Bus Éireann, through its representatives—More Button

The improvement of the services of Dublin Bus has continued every year, without exception.More Button

After Christmas.More Button

There is no legislation planned. As I explained in the House two weeks ago, the judgment in that case is being examined and, as soon as the legal examination is completed, the Minister will make the p...More Button

The legislation is published and awaiting Order for Second Stage.More Button

The heads of the veterinary medicines Bill were approved in July and the Bill is ready for drafting.More Button

That is still the intention. I received a briefing on it last evening and efforts are continuing to have it completed.More Button

They hope to achieve it. Work has been in progress every day, it is an absolute priority and they hope to have it published before Christmas.More Button

There is no legislation promised. Instead of writing letters, I went to the full Commission to address this issue, which is far more effective. (Interruptions.)More Button

The Bill is still due to be published this session.More Button

There is no legislation. It is a 600 page report which will be published in full next week, as I announced last Monday morning.More Button

The Bill is published. Second Stage is scheduled to start on 6 December.More Button

The issue raised by the Deputy does not require legislation, but the work permits Bill is due to be drafted. The heads of the Bill were approved in the summer.More Button

Certainly, we can look at that. The Deputy is asking that it take place before the summit—More Button

Is he asking that it take place in committee or in the House?More Button

I did so previously.More Button

I will ask the Chief Whip to make time available.More Button

I take it the Deputy only wishes to discuss the convention.More Button

There are.More Button

Aer Lingus is not on the agenda for the summit. Let us be clear about that.More Button

I am glad to clarify it. It is not on the agenda for the Laeken summit—More Button

This is the issue with having a debate. There is little point in having a debate about what is not on the European agenda.More Button

It is not on the agenda. The agenda has been set out and one does not just raise something at European Council summits—More Button

It is not scheduled before Christmas. It will be in the spring session.More Button

The matter raised by Deputy Coveney is covered by existing legislation. The Minister also said he was reviewing some of the issues in relation to street violence and rowdiness and such matters. He has...More Button

Both the Minister, Deputy Walsh, and the Minister of State, Deputy Kitt, attended the meeting.More Button

The Whips have not yet agreed, but I think it will be the Minister of State, Deputy Kitt.More Button

Work is proceeding on the Bill. The heads have not yet been completed. It will be next year before the Bill is published.More Button

Ceisteanna–Questions. - Working Group on Basic Income.

Was asked: if he will report on the recent activities of the working group on basic income; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Was asked: if he will report on the working group on basic income; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 1 and 2 together. A steering group was established in July 1997 to examine the basic income concept in fulfilment of a commitment made in Partnership 2000. Its role wa...More Button

I know Deputy Sargent has repeatedly raised this issue through the various stages. I hoped to have it ready for Christmas. We have an individual working full-time to pull this together. I am told it w...More Button

This is an entirely different matter. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Green Paper or the studies.More Button

It is a different income adequacy. It is one small element of what the basic income is. That report is tied up with the NAPS and the detailed report of NAPS is to be published shortly.More Button

The study included an examination of the concepts and practice in other countries. The working group was established arising from the commitment in Partnership 2000 to examine basic income. That worki...More Button

This has nothing to do with the Green Paper. In the last number of years, not alone has the Government given medical cards to everybody over 70 years of age, which is a very socially progressive measu...More Button

The Secretary General is co-ordinating it but a principal officer is doing the drafting.More Button

It has.More Button

I know it. The ainm is as Gaeilge and I cannot remember it. Deputy Quinn probably knows the person.More Button

Ceisteanna–Questions. - EU Summits.

Was asked: the agenda for the EU Laeken Summit in December 2001; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Was asked: if he has received an agenda for the forthcoming European Council meeting in Laeken; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Was asked: the preparatory meetings he will hold in advance of the European Council meeting in Laeken; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Was asked: the bilateral meetings he will hold during his attendance at the forthcoming European Council meeting in Laeken; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Was asked: if he was invited to attend the mini-Summit of EU leaders at Downing Street on 4 November 2001 by the British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair; if he had contract with the British Prime Minister concern...More Button

Was asked: the Government's priorities for the European Union Summit in Laeken, in December 2001; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Was asked: the other European leaders he expects to meet as part of his preparations for the European Union Summit in Laeken, in December 2001; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Was asked: the priorities of the Government for the EU Summit in Laeken in December 2001.More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 3 to 10, inclusive, together.More Button

I will take the opportunity of raising the first matter with Prime Minister Blair when we meet on Friday and if necessary at any other forum. On the issue of the convention, as the Deputy knows, arisi...More Button

No, but the Union's constitution is in the form of the treaties because they govern it. They have been considered to be the constitution for years. That is not what some member state are now saying. T...More Button

No. I hope the Deputy was listening to me and did not wait until I stopped talking to make that intervention. I do not support a federal Europe but I accept that the present treaties are by themselves...More Button

Not with constitutional effect.More Button

It is an issue of debate for 2004.More Button

The programme I outlined at Goteborg still stands so there will not be new discussion on that. That is still the programme we are following and I will outline the progress we have made on that issue. ...More Button

Which bit did the Deputy not understand?More Button

I will try not to rise to the bait as there is a simple answer to that. I will stick firmly to what we said in Goteborg, which, thankfully, is being progressed very satisfactorily.More Button

If the Deputies turn up to the forum they will hear about it.More Button

The Deputies can even read the minutes of the forum.More Button

Fine Gael had little to say during the campaign.More Button

Fine Gael remained silent.More Button

Deputy Quinn has asked three sets of questions to which I will give three sets of answers. The Deputy has raised two of four issues that came out of the Nice European council that will form the basis ...More Button

Yes, and we did so at the convention. The position was articulated by Deputy O'Kennedy who spent an enormous amount of time dealing with the issue that if it was just taken as a charter, it would not ...More Button

The Minister, Deputy Cowen, put forward views in the preliminary discussions. We do not have just one stated position. We have said we agree with the simplification of the treaties. The Minister suppo...More Button

I hear what Deputy Quinn is saying. The Governments are represented as national Governments in each case and parliaments are represented as parliaments. It would mean in this instance that a large par...More Button

I repeat that the composition of the convention will include Governments, parliaments, the Commission and member states. These issues will be resolved at Laeken and we will try to move on in that form...More Button

The debate on the future of Europe has gone on, in one form or another, since last year. Various countries, Ministers and political parties within countries have made many suggestions on numerous item...More Button

I agree that if we are not to ratify the treaty then we would be likely to be on our own. I do not see any difficulties in other countries. The ratification of the Treaty of Nice is essential for the ...More Button

The “no” side won and we have to look at the issues which informed that decision.More Button

That is impossible. We must reflect—More Button

—on how we do that. We have set up a forum which is looking at and debating the issues. I understand the frustrations of some people, but perhaps if they attended the forum to ask those questions it w...More Button

It is not a waste of time and I will tell Deputy O'Keeffe why.More Button

It is not. Unfortunately the arguments put by some of the “no” campaigners, as much as the Deputy and I might think they are entirely wrong, actually won the people over. We live in a democracy and wh...More Button

It is not counterproductive. We live in a democracy. I would prefer had the “yes” side won and I would not have to deal with these issues, but it is not like that. I cannot ignore the will of the peop...More Button

Deputy O'Keeffe cannot just say that they are all headbangers, they are all wrong and he is right. It cannot be done like that.More Button

On the aviation issue I have already stated that it might come up as an issue but we will continue to press the matter with the Commission because of the causes for it and because of the enormous drop...More Button

The issues of common foreign and security policy and humanitarian issues will be addressed and we will continue our support for the humanitarian effort, which has increased substantially over recent w...More Button

That is the point. The Minister for Foreign Affairs has already raised the point that he should not be at such meetings if these meetings are between member states in an informal way. That was the obj...More Button

Probably, I imagine. In relation to Deputy Noonan's question, I assure him that the issue must be addressed and the efforts of those of us who want to address it will continue.More Button

The main Opposition party is refusing to take a pro European line.More Button

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