Mitchell, Jim

Wednesday, 28 November 2001

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 545 No. 2

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Order of Business.

However, there has been no written submission.More Button

What did the Government consider?More Button

Did I hear correctly that Aer Lingus and the fate of European airlines will not be on the Laeken summit agenda?More Button

Can the Taoiseach clarify that?More Button

Why not?More Button

It is not important enough.More Button

Why is it not important?More Button

Ceisteanna–Questions. - EU Summits.

The Taoiseach does not even have the facts.More Button

Priority Questions. - Book of Estimates.

Asked the minister: the reason the column titled Forecast Outturn for 2001 was omitted from the Book of Estimates published recently; the details of the forecast outturn, subhead by subhead and Vote by Vote; and if he wi...More Button

Why not continue it?More Button

It is funny that the Minister can give figures this week when he could not give them last week. Was he not in fact trying to mislead the media into a false assessment of next year's Estimates? Will he...More Button

The Minister has repeated about five times that he introduced this innovation in 1997. I am trying to find out why he dropped the innovation this year. I believe he is hiding something, just as the Mi...More Button

We have clearly returned to the situation that prevailed in 1981 when the Book of Estimates was rigged.More Button

The Minister is listing telephone numbers.More Button

Priority Questions. - DIRT Inquiry.

We will not hold our breath.More Button

Priority Questions. - Stability and Growth Pact.

Asked the minister: his views on the stability and growth pact.More Button

Does the Minister accept that budgetary policy in this and every other country in the euro zone is an issue of common concern and therefore that observations by the European Council of Ministers, the ...More Button

Would the Minister not accept that the broad economic policy guidelines and the growth and stability pact are interconnected? The Minister has rejected the criticism, under the guidelines, that he was...More Button

The commentators may have got it wrong then but I believe they are getting it wrong again. Just before last year's budget the Minister was able to announce the likelihood of a £3.5 billion surplus. Do...More Button

Expenditure this year has grown by 21% over last year. Where is the benefit of that growth to be seen? Does the Minister agree that we do not have the output successes which should derive from such i...More Button

What about the outputs?More Button

Other Questions. - Tax Incentive Schemes.

Free skateboards.More Button

And there is no emergency plan.More Button

Other Questions. - Financial Services Regulation.

This impinges on the issue of whether there is collusion among the banks. There is prima facie evidence, at least, that there is collusion among them on the issue of branch closures. For example, two ...More Button

That will happen when there is real competition.More Button

Other Questions. - Tax Offences.

It was 15 November.More Button

Does the Minister agree that his reply is a message to tax evaders that they need not worry too much about prosecution? That is the reality, though it is not the intention of the Oireachtas or the Min...More Button

Written Answers. - Central Bank Reserves.

Asked the minister: if he had discussions with the Central Bank regarding the reserves of the bank; his estimate of the level of free reserves or other reserves at the Central Bank; the purpose of these reserves as Irela...More Button

Written Answers. - Pension Reserve Fund.

Asked the minister: the total amount of money lodged in the pension reserve fund; the source of these funds, including the Eircom sale; the different components of the Eircom sale, separating amounts invested by individu...More Button

Written Answers. - Health Expenditure.

Asked the minister: if he has satisfied himself that his previously stated position that value for money must be secured in the area of health expenditure still applies in view of the levels of increased voted expenditur...More Button

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