Howlin, Brendan

Friday, 22 March 2002

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 551 No. 1

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Why?More Button

On Tuesday. The Bill was published on Wednesday.More Button

True.More Button

It is stark.More Button

It is always dangerous to share time.More Button

I have mixed feelings as I rise to address this legislation. I suppose there is a sense of satisfaction that at long last the day has dawned when this issue, which has been forcibly and compellingly b...More Button

I gave the statement on 4 July 2000. In his speech to the House last November the Minister referred to ongoing investigations, but these investigations disappear into the ether. Does the Minister unde...More Button

Will he publish the report now?More Button

Will the Minister yield to a question?More Button

It is not an interruption. It is the procedure of the House to ask questions.More Button

It is like the Abbey Theatre.More Button

Did the Minister hear what I read?More Button

It was from the Chief Justice.More Button

He is misleading the House. He is telling lies.More Button

I did not ignore it. I read it into the record.More Button

Five years.More Button

When?More Button

The Minister is trying to bulldoze us again.More Button

When will we see the terms of reference?More Button

It is a valid question.More Button

Where is it now?More Button

After a year and a half?More Button

The only issue was whether they were true.More Button

Were they true or not?More Button

That is untrue.More Button

Is the investigation over?More Button

Is the investigation over?More Button

Another one running into the sand.More Button

When will the Minister publish the report? When will we see it?More Button

We have had three secret investigations and none of them has been published.More Button

When will the Minister publish the report?More Button

It is the Minister's integrity that is being questioned. Why does he not publish the report? He should publish the report or resign.More Button

It was a fig-leaf to our motion.More Button

Tribunals of Inquiry (Evidence) (Amendment) Bill, 2002: Committee Stage.

On a point of order, may we have the list of amendments?More Button

I move amendment No. aa1: In page 3, line 30, before “criminal” to insert “existing”. This amendment deals with the issue I raised during my previous contribution. I heard the Minister's response in w...More Button

I regret the Minister will not accept this amendment and I genuinely think it will be a mistake not to do so. The Minister says he agrees with what I intend to do, which is simply to ring-fence existi...More Button

I wish to raise an important point of clarification. The Minister referred to the right to a fair trial being damaged. It is important to understand that what was implied in the judgment of the Chief ...More Button

My point is that there could be circumstances where information brought into the public domain could – I emphasise could – prejudice a person's right to a fair trial. Therefore, the offence would not ...More Button

They would.More Button

I greatly regret that there are only 15 minutes left to deal with very important Committee Stage work. A coherent case has been made in relation to section 3 of the Bill which amplifies some of the co...More Button

That was your script.More Button

What about “is likely to”?More Button

It could be the person concerned. It is possible.More Button

When the beef tribunal report was published, the then Taoiseach wanted first sight of it.More Button

Does the Minister not remember when the beef tribunal report was published?More Button

It is selective amnesia.More Button

They are not logical.More Button

Tribunals of Inquiry (Evidence) (Amendment) Bill, 2002: Report and Final Stages.

In that case, may I resubmit Committee Stage amendment No. aa1 in my name also?More Button

Can we vote on it?More Button

Then I must find another issue on which to vote.More Button

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