Higgins, Joe

Wednesday, 11 September 2002

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 554 No. 4

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September 11 Anniversary.

I agree with that proposal and suggest that we also remember the hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq who have been killed by western sanctions and the thousands of innocent Afghani people who we...More Button

An Bille um an Séú Leasú is Fiche ar an mBunreacht, 2002: Céim an Choiste (Atógáil). Twenty-sixth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 2002: Committee Stage (Resumed).

On a point of order, is it not the case that the Minister of State replies to the debate?More Button

There are no restrictions.More Button

No, but I wish to speak on the amendment.More Button

I support the spirit of what the Green Party is trying to achieve with this amendment. Essentially it seeks a legally binding commitment that this country will not, at any stage, join a military allia...More Button

I am the only person to be offered that advice by the Chair although Deputies ranged quite widely.More Button

I am specifically addressing the motion and am arguing why I could not agree with the phrase that “This State will not prevent the development of closer co-operation of member states in the area of co...More Button

I believe I have complied with that.More Button

The amendment proposes a procedure which would allow a certain course of action to be adopted by the State. I should be allowed to enumerate arguments as to why this would be unacceptable.More Button

I have done that but everyone who participated in the debate so far has mentioned this point and the related issues of neutrality and military policy. I was doing likewise. Tuigim spiorad an leasuithe...More Button

That is the problem, a Cheann Comhairle. Everyone else was able to make their points without being hindered.More Button

Many people would have been much happier if the common defence question had been spelt out much more clearly. The overwhelming majority of people in this State would prefer if we did not support the a...More Button

I have one point.More Button

When the Minister speaks in regard to the section on common defence and gives it massive historic importance, we should point out how limited it is as it refers simply to decisions taken by the Europe...More Button

I did vote, dunce. One can vote for, vote against or abstain and I abstained. To clarify the matter, the Standing Order refers to those claiming a division, it does not state—More Button

Dissenting from what?More Button

Abstention should be recognised in this Dáil.More Button

There are two amendments being taken together. The second amendment is in my name.More Button

I apologise to the Acting Chairman. I do not want to hold up the procedure but when I have an amendment on the floor do I not have the right to speak on it at the time it is first moved?More Button

I thank Deputy Michael D. Higgins for his good suggestion and hope we can all agree with it. I do not intend to speak very long on this amendment.More Button

I see this as being a very critical component of the Nice treaty. I actually see it as one of the main reasons the treaty is being brought forward by the European Union states at this time. The provis...More Button

The result was to give a carte blanche to all the Nationalists within the Yugoslav Federation and the reactionaries such as Milosevic to jockey in their own self-interest and in the interest of the cl...More Button

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