Gormley, John

Thursday, 28 November 2002

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 558 No. 3

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Order of Business.

Will the Tánaiste outline the position regarding the pharmacy Bill? Does she accept that the lack of—More Button

I want to raise a specific issue. With respect, does the Tánaiste accept that the lack of regulation will lead a take-over of this sector by the multinationals?More Button

May I get a response to my question?More Button

This House is becoming irrelevant.More Button

It is narrow-minded ideology. That is what it is about.More Button

European Communities (Amendment) Bill, 2002: Second Stage.

On a point of order, I do not wish to interrupt again but this is a ridiculous situation. I am trying to follow the Minister of State's speech and I do not have a copy.More Button

It is a point of order. We need a copy. It is a normal courtesy that Deputies on the opposition are given a copy of the speech. I do not want to be rude or interrupt but—More Button

We are still waiting for itMore Button

What are the speaking slots? What are we talking about?More Button

I think the only speakers on this Stage will be the Minister of State, Deputy Brian Lenihan, Deputy Jim O'Keeffe, Deputy Quinn and me.More Button

That is agreed.More Button

Absolutely.More Button

I wish to share my time with Deputies Ó Caoláin, Harkin, Connolly and Cowley, by agreement.More Button

As my time is limited, I want to get straight to the substance of this debate, which is the convention. I confirm what Deputy Quinn has said and what was stated in today's edition of The Irish Times, ...More Button

—has now put the treaty to one side and ignored the process. Those who believe that the work of the convention can be unstitched are living in cloud-cuckooland. I see first hand the seriousness with w...More Button

I am giving the House good advice and it should be taken in the spirit with which it is given. I disagree fundamentally with what is proposed at the convention but do not know the Irish Government pos...More Button

It seems the Government is adopting the Seamus Heaney approach, whatever you say, say nothing. The Government is sitting back and putting nothing in writing. I have tried to make progress. I regularly...More Button

The Opposition has never received a briefing document.More Button

We have no back-up. Members of the Opposition must deal with their constituents and go out three days a week. There is no back-up.More Button

It must be taken seriously. I have pleaded with the Minister, Deputy Cowen, and I now plead with the Minister of State at the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Deputy Lenihan. I am also ...More Button

I want to know the Irish Government response. I have to produce a paper in response to Mr. Barnier for early tomorrow. I have some inkling of what the Department is thinking but, as of yet, do not hav...More Button

We should not get into such partisanship now. I accept the result of the Nice treaty referendum as I accepted previous results. However, Deputy Lenihan should know that much of what I warned has come ...More Button

At the time of the Nice treaty debate, I repeatedly said this constitutional amendment applied to a decision of the European Council. It was a very deliberate decision and has left the back door open ...More Button

I cannot fathom the Government's ad hoc approach. It is vital that EU citizens have a sense of ownership. Many convention members pepper their contributions with the idea of citizenship and the citize...More Button

We need to be realistic when talking about citizens. The citizens do not know about qualified majority voting but they want to be involved in the European project. The one good thing about the referen...More Button

Cannot the Minister of State be gracious and magnanimous in victory and say “Thank you”?More Button

Should I do a bit of typing?More Button

Why does the Minister of State not have it debated on the floor of the House?More Button

European Communities (Amendment) Bill, 2002: Committee Stage.

Section 1 serves as a good historical reminder of how far we have come because from 1972 it lists all the accession treaties. At Laeken we were told to go out and simplify the treaties but not to add ...More Button

I was about to come to that point. This is an interesting point.More Button

The Deputy has diverted me slightly but I will take him up on that point. He did make a statement to the effect that he wanted to exclude Turkey and he may well have been articulating a view that is c...More Button

There are many reasons for this and I heard them stated yesterday when I spoke with a number of ambassadors about the question of human rights, to which many referred; the clash of cultures, as some s...More Button

The question is will we have a debate on this or are we to revert to scare tactics? Are we to have a choice? Deputy John Bruton performed a very valuable task in this regard which was not referred to ...More Button

Yes. As I indicated to my colleagues, there is a need to look afresh at this. There is a need for a real debate within the European Union. I regret that what is happening in the convention is far remo...More Button

I know what the Government does not want. The Minister of State has said “No” to two things, but I would like him to articulate what the Government wants.More Button

I accept that. A number of issues have been raised such as the appointment of a president and how that person would be elected. The Minister referred to electoral colleges and the whole idea of subsid...More Button

I would like the back-up of the Establishment.More Button

How does the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform feel about that?More Button

Written Answers. - Planning Regulations.

Asked the minister: if he will consider advising planning authorities to transpose the liable to flooding warnings from early Ordnance Survey maps on to new development plan maps.More Button

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