Ryan, Eamon

Thursday, 20 March 2003

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 563 No. 3

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Except Austria.More Button

The Tánaiste's own party members are opposed to the war.More Button

What about legality?More Button

We do.More Button

Belligerent. Will the Minister answer a question?More Button

What is the difference between neutral Ireland's position and the other neutral countries in the European Union which are not allowed—More Button

Some 140 Labour Party Members of the House of Commons voted against their Government. How many Fianna Fáil Members will vote against the Government?More Button

Illegality is what we should stand against.More Button

Afghanistan is getting no humanitarian aid—More Button

It is a different country.More Button

That was before the Freedom of Information Act. If the Minister of State had his way, we would not even know about it. The Government is trying to take that away—More Button

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