Allen, Bernard

Thursday, 29 May 2003

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 567 No. 7

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Order of Business.

The draft is only a fig leaf.More Button

Why not?More Button

When will the Protection of Employees (Fixed-Term Contracts) Bill be introduced, and will it will contain provisions to alleviate the awful situation of the workers in Cork ADM, several hundred of who...More Button

—were locked out by their employers? Kathleen Lynch has already raised the matter this morning. There is complete silence on the issue. People are being pauperised and victimised by the actions of a m...More Button

Will the Tánaiste call all parties to her Department with a view to eliminating the impasse? People are suffering—More Button

The Tánaiste is here now, and I am asking her if she can—More Button

Will the Minister be able to talk about that on the radio tomorrow morning?More Button

Does the Tánaiste expect us to use handbags?More Button

It is for the managers.More Button

On a serious issue, in view of the report published today by the British Medical Journal regarding health risks posed to people living near incinerators, will the Government halt its proposals to buil...More Button

Would the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform like to give an opinion on it?More Button

Protection of the Environment Bill 2003 [ Seanad ] : Second Stage.

I welcome some parts of this long overdue Bill on which I note the Minister's request to have a balanced and reasonable debate. However, he proceeded to preach to us in a sermon-like way. He inferred ...More Button

It would be between €600 and €700 which is the current charge in some areas. The Minister is effectively removing the powers from the democratically elected local representatives and transferring it t...More Button

It might explain its decisions to the Minister but I have yet to get a real explanation from An Bord Pleanála on the rationale behind its decisions. I have seen many decisions that confounded logic. T...More Button

We should be letting the winds around our coasts feed our energy needs, thereby reducing the quantity of noxious and toxic gases that we breathe into our lungs. That we have a growing waste management...More Button

Fourteen percent.More Button

The remaining 86%—More Button

—is being sent to landfill. The EPA estimates that the present licensed landfill capacity will run out within five years. A recent report estimates that the total volume of household, commercial and n...More Button

The Minister seems to think that incineration is the be all and end all. What is his answer to the report in today's issue of the British Medical Journal about the high incidence of birth defects?More Button

That is an accident, but putting an incinerator in an area is a ministerial decision. The Minister should not stick his head in the sand regarding the report in the British Medical Journal about high ...More Button

Deputy Cullen is the Minister, and I am telling him that there are major question marks, and his answer—More Button

The be all and end all of the Minister's waste management seems to be incineration, and his neglect of the other areas that can be used—More Button

If I were behaving like that, I would be thrown out.More Button

It is accepted that Ireland is about ten years behind its continental European neighbours in its waste management infrastructure. We now have to catch up to comply with EU directives, since our Europe...More Button

I am saying it.More Button

I will give the Minister plenty of evidence.More Button

In Ireland, as landfill capacity is being reduced and costs are increasing, the level of illegal dumping has been on the rise. The Minister knows that illegal dumping is going on all over the place, a...More Button

I have asked local authorities to investigate situations, and in many cases they have not even come back to me.More Button

Legislation is one thing and implementation another. It is grand to produce legislation. The economic benefits of operating illegally continue to be attractive, and the recent well-publicised discover...More Button

—compared with 46% in Austria—More Button

—44% in Holland, 40% in Belgium, 30% in Germany, 29% in Denmark, 17% in Finland and 16% in Sweden. Is the figure for Ireland of 7.8% not pathetic?More Button

The Minister asked me for figures. I am giving them to him.More Button

Composting will also contribute greatly to reducing waste. The less favoured option must be disposal and of the two disposal methods – landfill and thermal treatment – thermal treatment is a lazy opti...More Button

All of the health implications expressed as recently as today in the British Medical Journal have been investigated and either rejected or confirmed. If incineration is now introduced all other waste ...More Button

Is the Minister telling me the report in the British Medical Journal is wrong?More Button

I sat and listened quietly to the Minister for half an hour when he spoke and insulted us on this side by saying we were involved in making political capital, and of political expediency. I sat here a...More Button

It is very strange that an Opposition spokesperson is continually heckled by a Minister.More Button

Incineration may put the waste problem out of sight but it will not put it out of our minds. It will put it into our lungs with the consequences that have been set out.More Button

It will put it into our food chain. Incineration has the potential to cause more problems than it solves as well as being a very costly process. The recently published health research board's report w...More Button

The Minister's views on mobile phones are not very interesting.More Button

In many parts of the world incinerators are the largest source of toxic environmental pollutants such as lead, mercury and dioxins. Dioxins which are cancer causing are the most harmful chemicals know...More Button

Countries such as Canada and Argentina have also reduced the level of waste incineration.More Button

How do we know that?More Button

Who is monitoring them?More Button

There are people around my constituency who are smelling emissions from plants all over the place and they cannot get answers from anybody regarding what is happening.More Button

They are not being managed and the regulations are not being enforced.More Button

In recent times incineration technology has improved. However, that improvement has not stopped all emissions to the atmosphere and the greater the reduction in emissions to the atmosphere the more to...More Button

Multinational vested interests present incinerators as a green energy source. However, recycling saves more energy than incineration. These sources advocate the incineration process as cost effective ...More Button

Written Answers. - UN Resolutions.

Asked the minister: if his Department has had contact with the United Nations concerning resolution 1422; if he is in agreement with the terms of this resolution; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

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