McCormack, Pádraic

Wednesday, 5 May 2004

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 584 No. 6

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Leaders’ Questions.

So much for zero tolerance.More Button

Were they paid for?More Button

The money is being invested in Fianna Fáil.More Button

For Fianna Fáil.More Button

If he has a reply.More Button

Electoral (Amendment) Bill 2004: Report Stage (Resumed).

I strongly support the amendment. If it is not accepted, it will provide further proof of the determination of the Government and the Minister to introduce electronic voting one way or the other. I ho...More Button

They do not trust Fianna Fáil.More Button

It is significant that the doctor came into the House.More Button

Anybody watching the Minister would be ashamed of the place.More Button

It will be €100 million before the Minister is finished.More Button

He cringed.More Button

They are laughing at the Minister.More Button

This country is laughing at the Minister, whatever about the others.More Button

The Minister should listen to the Joe Duffy show or any other show and he will note that they are laughing at him.More Button

We are in it.More Button

It is an ego trip for the Minister at the expense of the system.More Button

Why is it not going ahead with it if that is true?More Button

They were not able to answer the 40 questions on 18 December. They were not able to answer anything.More Button

Would the Deputy trust him? I would not.More Button

Electoral (Amendment) Bill 2004: Report Stage (Resumed)

This amendment concerns section 5. It simply asks the Minster not to insert a clause which would give him the authority by regulation to introduce any type of voting system at any time. Deputy Gilmore...More Button

No, it is not. Every Deputy is entitled to come back in a second time to speak for a limited period on the matter at hand, so I am in order. Page 11 of the interim report states that although the comm...More Button

Amendment put.
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

If the Minister had a sense of decency or shame he would not remain on the Government benches, perhaps he has left the House to write his letter of resignation, nor would he take this Bill today becau...More Button

I have to take every opportunity to show that the Minister is hell bent on going ahead with this and remaining as director of elections. The Minister has energetically tried to disrupt everything we s...More Button

Tá sé ag caitheamh tabac, is dócha.More Button

The Minister of State has just said it.More Button

He had better be careful he is not burnt.More Button

The Minister of State indicated that the Minister might have gone to address a fire officers’ function. I hope the Minister does not get his fingers more badly burnt there than they have been as a res...More Button

Except that it leads to a lack of confidence.More Button

Amendment put.
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

I agree with the sentiments and frustration expressed by Deputy Gilmore in that we are unable to make a dent with the reasonable amendments tabled. I share his concern in terms of our going through th...More Button

I will conclude in a few moments.More Button

The commission found serious faults. It established the possibility of interference with the voting machine, the ballot box and so on. Despite all those flaws, the Government would have introduced ele...More Button

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that the issue of donations might have had a serious effect on what we are now discussing. I will say no more on that. Deputy Gilmore contends that we are wa...More Button

We are trying to be of assistance to the House. If we come to the conclusion that we are only wasting our time, Members may be able to leave the House earlier.More Button

I will conclude and allow Deputy Gilmore to speak on his amendment. However, I reserve the right to come in on the amendment. I thought we were pursuing the argument of the futility of this debate.More Button

I know. I regret that discussion is over because what we are doing is futile.More Button

I did not contribute on the amendment.More Button

No. While we had a discussion at the beginning on whether we would proceed with discussion of the amendment, I did not speak since the motion was moved.More Button

It could not be a contribution on the motion because it had not been moved at the time.More Button

I will come in again at the second opportunity.More Button

This is my first real contribution on having no spending limits during local authority elections. The Minister of State said it is justified not to have such limits. It is justified that there should ...More Button

It strengthens the case.More Button

We asked earlier and he declined.More Button

Will he be here tomorrow?More Button

Bhí an roadshow i gcathair na Gaillimhe agus in áiteanna eile sa Ghaillimh, ach níor tháinig an roadshow go dtí aon áit i nGaeltacht na Gaillimhe, nó aon Ghaeltacht eile. It was a serious omission and...More Button

Amendments Nos. 7 and 24 are related and may be taken together.More Button

Private Members’ Business - Hospital Waiting Lists: Motion (Resumed).

Is that agreed? Agreed.More Button

Allow Deputy Michael Moynihan speak without interruption.More Button

Is that agreed? Agreed.More Button

Amendment put.
No IndicatorVoted No More Button

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