Gilmore, Eamon

Thursday, 6 May 2004

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 585 No. 1

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Question put: “That the proposal for dealing with No. 17 be agreed to.”
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Electoral (Amendment) Bill 2004: Report Stage (Resumed) and Final Stage.

I welcome the Minister back to the debate. He should not have been absent yesterday, particularly as we were dealing with amendments, one of which related directly to the conflict of interest in his r...More Button

Amendment put.
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I move amendment No. 8: In page 5, line 17, to delete “2002” and substitute the following: “1999, the Standards in Public Office Act 2001 to the extent specified in section 29(4) of that Act, the Elec...More Button

Sinn Féin is the only party that carries a ballot box in one hand——More Button

I expect issues will arise regarding the purchase of new ballot boxes. Presumably the publicity campaign had some impact and the fact that electronic voting will not proceed has received a considerabl...More Button

I am glad to help.More Button

Not at all.More Button

Where are the machines? Do the returning officers have them?More Button

Each returning officer has a supply of electronic voting machines and it is his or her responsibility to store them.More Button

The Minister did not tell us what has been factored in for the depreciation of the machines. Perhaps he would do so when responding. It is welcome news that approximately half of the budget for the pu...More Button

——on all his papers, he keeps reading and re-reading the part that shows his attendance and punctuality is good and that he has participated well in out of school activities.More Button

It does not disguise the fact that the Minister failed the exam. He persists in reading page 1 of the report where, to be frank, the commission was being very gentle towards the Minister in providing—...More Button

I accept that but they may as well put chickens hatching in the machines unless the software can be used in them.More Button

The machines have no worth except for what they are provided for. They only work when they are loaded with the software——More Button

The reality of this is that some of the software has not even been developed yet, much less tested.More Button

That is what the commission decided.More Button

I will reply to the debate. I wish to refer in particular to a number of points made by the Minister. I agree with him on something; I agree the day will come when electronic voting will be used in Ir...More Button

I do not know that. Since the Minister has raised the question of the procurement of the system, there is an issue relating to the procurement of the system for which I have never received a satisfact...More Button

It may be useful to place it on the record, with the permission of the Chair.More Button

That does not clarify the point I have been making. I am aware of the sequence beginning with the letter of intent which issued on 16 November 2001. My point is that the tender competition was held in...More Button

No Government can commit——More Button

The Minister is shifting the question. The Government is not omnipotent and while it may not appreciate it, it is accountable to the House.More Button

The Government made a decision to use electronic voting and select a system before it had legal authority to do so. I do not know what was the motivation for this decision or what was pushing it becau...More Button

If the Minister had made that statement last autumn, we would not have wasted months debating the issue.More Button

Hindsight is great. As someone once told me, the cruellest thing one can say to anybody is “I told you so”, but I will not labour the point. The point is that the commission has found that this was no...More Button

I move amendment No. 10: In page 6, between lines 4 and 5, to insert the following: “(9) Section 22 of the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2001 shall come into operation on the passing of this Act.”. This i...More Button

Are they covered by the €52 million?More Button

I am conscious of the time and I know I am entitled to make a further intervention. I will do so to give the Minister an opportunity to gather his thoughts. When he was speaking earlier, he said he wa...More Button

Has that letter been made public?More Button

When was that order made?More Button

What were those 300 machines for?More Button

When did the returning officers make that request?More Button

Question put.
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Written Answers - Decentralisation Programme.

Asked the minister: if, in regard to his decentralisation proposals, a survey has been carried out generally to establish the number of public servants willing to transfer to new locations; if not, if such a survey is pl...More Button

Asked the minister: the number of civil servants, as distinct from public servants working in Dublin; the breakdown by headquarters offices and local offices; the number of Dublin based civil servants who have expressed ...More Button

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