Gilmore, Eamon

Tuesday, 29 June 2004

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 588 No. 2

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Order of Business.

This is an important Bill that will give the Minister the power to destroy national monuments. It is being rushed by the Government through the Houses. An hour for Report Stage of such a major Bill is...More Button

Question put: “That the proposal for dealing with No. 23 be agreed.”
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Question put: “That the proposal for dealing with No. 25 be agreed.”
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National Monuments (Amendment) Bill 2004: Report Stage.

Deputy Morgan’s amendment states that nothing in this Act shall cause the State to derogate from its responsibility to preserve, protect and maintain to the highest possible standards the heritage of ...More Button

It is related to the amendment because the Minister has stated on a number of occasions that the reason for this legislation and for giving himself the power to knock down national monuments is that t...More Button

Let us nail the lie. The increase in the cost of the roads programme has very little to do with the preservation of national monuments or archaeology. I accept that cost issues arise and that there ar...More Button

That is particularly so on a day when the Comptroller and Auditor General has produced a report telling us that the roads programme is now costing three times what we were told it would cost only five...More Button

The Minister resents spending it.More Button

The Minister will bulldoze Carrickmines castle.More Button

Not in respect of national monuments.More Button

The increasing temperatures are the Minister’s fault as well.More Button

The Minister was a Member before I was.More Button

He will not.More Button

The Minister is not.More Button

It is bad enough that the Government has guillotined consideration of the Bill, but the Minister is not entitled to take almost half the time to waffle and engage in an exercise of self justification.More Button

The Minister has a great deal to defend.More Button

If the legislation exists, why is the Minister bringing in a new Bill?More Button

The rainbow Government protected national monuments, but the Minister is knocking them down.More Button

I am glad the Minister is looking forward to a change of Government.More Button

And the Minister begrudges it.More Button

The rainbow Government turned the economy around. The Government has spent the last seven years mis-spending the money which resulted.More Button

It took time for the policies of the rainbow Government to kick in.More Button

That is an historic fact.More Button

When the rainbow Government took office there were 300,000 unemployed.More Button

You know nothing of recent history, never mind archaeology.More Button

It has nothing to do with archaeology either.More Button

The Minister is digging a hole. He should stop.More Button

The Minister is wasting the time of the House.More Button

Allocation of Time: Motion.

Since the Minister of State is proposing a change in the Order of Business for the House, will she propose an extension of the time available to debate the National Monuments Bill, particularly in vie...More Button

In view of that abuse, will the Minister of State propose an extension of the time?More Button

National Monuments (Amendment) Bill 2004: Report Stage (Resumed) and Final Stage.

He would definitely do more than John Wayne.More Button

The Minister made a long speech of justification with regard to the south-eastern motorway and Carrickmines. I note he has proposed amendment No. 39, which we will not reach in the time allowed for th...More Button

I know this but I am referring to amendment No. 39 which refers to the south-eastern motorway, about which the Minister spoke at great length and without interruption. Amendment No. 39 did not arise f...More Button

As the time permitted for this debate has expired I am required to put the following question in accordance with an order of the Dáil of this day: “That the amendments set down by the Minister for the...
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Private Members’ Business - Disabled Person’s Grant Scheme: Motion.

I move: That Dáil Éireann: —deplores the failure of the Government to provide sufficient funding for the disabled person’s grant scheme, administered by the local authorities, which has created huge d...More Button

Louise is 11 years old, she has Down’s syndrome and suffers from a condition of the ear which affects her balance and which makes using stairs difficult and dangerous. Louise lives with her parents an...More Button

I move that the motion be agreed.More Button

The motion is agreed.More Button

The motion has been agreed.More Button

In deference to you, I will proceed although the record of the House should show that the motion was agreed. I trust I will be credited with the two or three minutes it has taken for the Minister of S...More Button

State Airports Bill 2004: Second Stage (Resumed).

Question put.
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Commission on Electronic Voting (Further Reports) Order 2004: Motion.

The motion seeks to extend the mandate of the Commission on Electronic Voting, an issue I raised here last week. I pointed out it was my understanding that the mandate of the commission was due to exp...More Button

I look forward to the report or reports. When one looks at the interim report the commission produced, one wonders what the Government was at in attempting to progress the electronic voting system in ...More Button

While I am glad the Minister has told us that, I am not reassured. The contrary is the case. The appointment by the Minister of a project manager on electronic voting suggests that he has determined t...More Button

The Minister is the political head of his Department and he makes the call as he sees it. The problem with the proposals on electronic voting did not relate to lack of technical expertise or project m...More Button

The Government must take collective responsibility also. A long time ago, I made the point that I did not want to see electronic voting or proposals to change the way we vote becoming issues of partis...More Button

Yes, I do.More Button

We must discuss——More Button

I was interrupted several times by the Minister.More Button

To answer the point, the commission reports to the House and the House should consider its reports with an assurance that the Government will not proceed unilaterally. This process is no longer the pr...More Button

The commission reports to the House.More Button

Written Answers - Industrial Relations.

Asked the minister: the information available to him regarding the industrial dispute involving sub-post office owners and An Post over bank holiday working and other issues; his views on whether it is in the interest of...More Button

Written Answers - Decentralisation Programme.

Asked the minister: the progress that has been made in regard to the proposed decentralisation of Bus Éireann; the number of staff that have volunteered to transfer; the number of staff that do not intend to transfer; th...More Button

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