O'Dowd, Fergus

Thursday, 4 November 2004

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 591 No. 5

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Order of Business.

On the student support Bill, is there going to be an increase in school transport charges? I understand there is a row between the Progressive Democrats——More Button

——and Fianna Fáil in respect of school transport charges. Will the Bill include a provision in this regard?More Button

Priority Questions - Local Authority Housing.

Asked the minister: the new initiatives he intends to take to improve access to social and affordable housing in order to assist first-time buyers gain access to the housing market; and if he will make a statement on the...More Button

Is it not the case that more than €5 billion was taken in tax from first-time buyers last year? As a consequence, 45% of the cost of every house goes into the Government’s coffers. What new schemes wi...More Button

They are not.More Button

Priority Questions - Decentralisation Programme.

What is a canard?More Button

Other Questions - Nuclear Safety.

I am disappointed with the Minister’s response, for which I thank him. Professor Goodhead, the chairman of the committee examining radiation risks of internal emitters, stated that the danger from suc...More Button

With respect, a consensus has emerged that internal radiation is at least ten times as dangerous for children as previously believed. There is no disputing that fact.More Button

I welcome the Minister’s assurances. This is a matter on which the Government and Opposition can work together. Question No. 7 refers to the no-fly zone at Sellafield. I understand the zone is less th...More Button

Three questions are being taken together.More Button

Thank you. I am not sure of the procedure.More Button

The construction of the roof of the building in which the highly active tanks are stored in Sellafield is such that the possibility of an aircraft hitting it at high speed was not considered. It was e...More Button

When the third aeroplane involved in the attack on 11 September 2001 crashed into a field near Washington, it was reported that the aeroplane was headed in the direction of either a large dam or a nuc...More Button

I thank the Minister.More Button

Other Questions - Waste Management.

The office of enforcement in the Environmental Protection Agency has said that it will be a year before it can adequately deal with this matter. Will more resources be given to the Garda and the Crimi...More Button

Will the Minister demand a meeting with the county managers of Wicklow and Kildare County Councils?More Button

On a point of information, the county managers have been given a direction that if they do not comply with the Environmental Protection Agency, they will be brought to court for non-compliance.More Button

Will the Minister demand a meeting with the county managers of Wicklow and Kildare County Councils and insist they comply?More Button

It is necessary.More Button

Does the Minister not believe it should be carpeted now?More Button

Written Answers - Radon Gas Levels.

Asked the minister: if the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland directed any employer of self-employed person responsible for a workplace to measure radon levels in the workplace with regard to the Radiological P...More Button

Written Answers - National Spatial Strategy.

Asked the minister: if Drogheda Borough Council will be included in all future discussions in relation to the development of the greater Dublin area.More Button

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