Lenihan, Brian Joseph

Wednesday, 10 November 2004

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 592 No. 2

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Private Notice Questions - Variant CJD Incidence.

I propose to take all the questions together. I have learned with regret of the occurrence of a case of variant CJD in a young man in Dublin. I am sure this experience has been most distressing for hi...More Button

I made clear that it is a matter of probability that the origination of this CJD was in meat. However, we cannot say that as a matter of certainty because it is almost impossible to trace so far back ...More Button

This is the only case that has been brought to the attention of the Department or the Minister. It was brought to the attention of the Minster some weeks ago. As I indicated in my reply, the Minister ...More Button

Country of origin labels are required on meat products, and robust controls are in place.More Button

Country of origin labels are also insisted upon under our present regime. Robust controls are in place so the suggestion which the Deputy hinted at rather than canvassed that the present case might ha...More Button

I understand the Food Safety Authority of Ireland has been in discussion with the corresponding authority in the United Kingdom about these issues and maintains dialogue with it. There are also contro...More Button

The advice I have received from those who have expertise in the matter is that there is not such a risk. It is transmitted through blood. The prion, which is a protein derivative from the brain or spi...More Button

My advice is that the prion is transmitted through blood. It is not transmitted through holding a spoon, which was the circumstance canvassed by the Deputy.More Button

That is the circumstance canvassed by the Deputy so I am addressing it. There are fewer cases of BSE in the Irish cattle population and the vast majority of current cases are in animals born before th...More Button

They are tested.More Button

I can answer and deal with the question.More Button

Deputy Crawford is quite right and I welcome his point that producers must adhere to these strict regulations. That is not just in the interest of consumers but of the industry also. We must remember ...More Button

There are about 1 million cattle over seven years of age in the country, which is a substantial number. Therefore, the Deputy will appreciate that the implications of what she is proposing are far rea...More Button

The Deputy is correct in suggesting that foreign meat has been incorrectly labelled. The Department is aware of that. Those who mislabel such products are in breach of the relevant regulations, which ...More Button

I am glad Deputy Naughten has raised the issue because it has allowed me to put on record the legal position, which is not fully appreciated — that a meat product’s country of origin should be stated....More Button

I confirm that such cattle are tested.More Button

It is not always possible to test for vCJD in blood products. That is a scientific difficulty we are faced with as regards blood products specifically and their association with vCJD. Nowadays, howeve...More Button

It is not possible to test blood for the presence of vCJD.More Button

It is not possible to do so.More Button

To what incident last week is the Deputy referring?More Button

As regards the incident to which the Deputy has referred, there was no question of a breakdown of procedures. This discovery occurred in the course of the normal monitoring operation that the Departme...More Button

For that reason the Department first of all arranged to impound the bulk of the consignment. In so far as consignments were distributed, the Department is seeking to trace them and bring them in also.More Button

No. The breach of procedure was because of the importer. The Deputy must forgive me for having assumed otherwise. As regards the wider issues raised by the Deputies concerning statistical data on bone...More Button

The matter of pulp beet is under consideration in the Department and no final decision has been taken. It would not be fair to say a decision has been taken to slaughter any animals yet. Obviously it ...More Button

That is a mater for the Minister for Agriculture and Food. Obviously the Food Safety Authority and my Department in liaison with the Minister will ensure there is no risk to public health in this matt...More Button

Private Members’ Business - Health Care: Motion (Resumed).

The Tánaiste and Minister for Health and Children, Deputy Harney, is well aware of the problems of the disability sector, as outlined by Deputy Finian McGrath. I am sure she will have specific proposa...More Button

The overall increase in funding for the North Eastern Health Board between 1997 and 2004 is €383 million, or 231%. To address the point made by Deputy Connolly, this represents the largest increase in...More Button

It is the health board which has seen the greatest level of increase in funding.More Button

I reassure Deputy English that I will deal presently with the matter of County Meath.More Button

The number of patients treated by the North Eastern Health Board has increased significantly since 1997, with 22,000 additional inpatients and 16,000 more day cases over the six years to 2003. Total s...More Button

The strategy of the board to plan services across two hospital groups is appropriate and consistent with national health policy. That strategy is being pursued, not because of a lack of resources, but...More Button

The motion then mentions the Louth-Meath group of hospitals, another indication of “Hanly thinking”. The call to “resource the Beaumont Hospital to provide acute and elective care to the local, region...More Button

The next request is to “properly resource the Navan hospital to provide acute and elective care to the people of Meath”. One does not need to be a genius to know that the next time people will be cons...More Button

This is the type of thinking that has the health service in its current state, particularly the hospital service outside Dublin.More Button

I do not blame the Deputy for trying. This is the Fine Gael version of the Hanly report, carefully tailored for immediate electoral prospects. The board has reorganised services in areas such as traum...More Button

Last night Ministers outlined an impressive investment programme across the hospital and emergency services in the north east. The programme includes two modular theatres and upgrading of the kitchens...More Button

The programme also includes the development of an expanded treatment room at Monaghan General Hospital, at a cost of €750,000, and the upgrading of the male medical ward at the hospital, at a capital ...More Button

I will deal with that matter on the Adjournment. The Deputy should not chase that rabbit until he has a chance to do so at 8.40 p.m., of which I have no doubt he will avail.More Button

Further developments include financial clearance to the recruitment of three replacement surgical posts to facilitate the development of surgical services across the Cavan-Monaghan hospital group and ...More Button

I am in favour of giving the people of Ireland the best possible hospital service.More Button

I am guided in that by people who know what they are talking about and not by people who just sit in this House to protect vested interests in particular localities.More Button

On the question of accountability to Dáil Éireann——More Button

Unfortunately, we have to consider the national interest. There is a national interest to ensure that people have the best possible hospital service.More Button

I have every respect for the Deputies in this House. We have to listen to the people who work in the hospital service.More Button

We have to examine what is the best outcome for the patient.More Button

We have been advised in the Hanly report——More Button

——where we can get the best outcomes for patients. We have been advised how we can develop not one hospital or another but every local hospital——More Button

——and how we can develop centres of excellence.More Button

When the Deputy uses an expression such as “general hospital” I advise him to read the Hanly report. He should read its analysis of patient outcome and he will note what it recommends.More Button

The Hanly report cannot be implemented until many other elements are in place. Therefore, it is extraordinary we are having this highly theoretical argument. We will not go down that road. In the limi...More Button

——to inquiries from Members of the House regarding matters within its statutory remit. The executive will also be tasked with building on the existing strength of consumer panels and co-ordinating com...More Button

Why, then, are we recruiting five anaesthetists?More Button

Amendment put.
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Adjournment Debate - Health Board Services.

I thank the Deputy for raising this matter on the Adjournment of the House. Major changes in the delivery of mental health services have taken place in Ireland over recent years. Enormous strides have...More Button

Adjournment Debate - Hospitals Building Programme.

I am pleased to deal with the matter raised by the Deputy. It falls easily off the lips of Opposition Deputies that there was a substantial waste of funds on electronic voting but there has been a siz...More Button

Hospital Services.

I did not refer to any rabbits.More Button

If, in the heat of the moment, I referred to rabbits being taken out of a hats, it certainly was not in reference to Deputy Crawford who never misses an opportunity on this subject. I welcome the oppo...More Button

Seal Protection.

Ba mhaith liom mo bhuíochas a ghabháil don Teachta as ucht na ceiste seo a phlé. Tá fhios agam go bhfuil suim aige san ábhar seo. Táim ag tabhairt an fhreagra seo ar son an tAire Dlí agus Cirt, Comhio...More Button

The seals that were killed were mostly pups just a few weeks old. Seals are a protected species under the Wildlife Act 1976 and in European waters generally, and it is a serious offence to kill them. ...More Button

I will outline to the House information the Minister is in possession of in regard to this matter. On Friday, 5 November, gardaí, accompanied by a wildlife official from the Department of the Environm...More Button

Written Answers - Departmental Programmes.

Ready, Steady, Play: A National Play Policy, published on 8 March 2004, provides a framework for the development of public play facilities in Ireland, with the overall aim of ensuring that children ha...More Button

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