Connaughton, Paul

Tuesday, 7 December 2004

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 594 No. 3

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Question put: “That the words proposed to be deleted stand.”
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Overseas Development Aid: Motion.

The Minister of State threw in the towel before he started.More Button

The Minister of State has reduced it.More Button

Sure and why not?More Button

The Government should bring Mr. Annan back next year and hear what he has to say then.More Button

Yet another White Paper.More Button

We believe the Minister of State.More Button

It is not the Government’s generosity, it is the people’s money.More Button

I am sure they will be delighted to see the Minister of State.More Button

A small one.More Button

It is happening anyway.More Button

I have no doubt he will.More Button

The new Minister of State is the only boxer I ever saw getting knocked out on his way into the ring. He did not even get a chance to fight his corner. He was two days in the job and he took what was c...More Button

The Minister of State is interested in the area but he could not have got off to a worse start. Of course, it is the Taoiseach’s fault but why did the Minister of State not ensure that he got a commit...More Button

He took it lying down, that is the problem — that is what people are saying throughout the country. Why was it necessary for the Taoiseach to go on the greatest world stage and give this commitment on...More Button

The Minister of State will get his opportunity to reply. I ask him to have manners and sit down.More Button

We have had enough of that carry-on. You will get your chance to answer.More Button

I have several more questions for the Minister of State and we will see how he answers them. Why, on the greatest world stage, did the Taoiseach see fit to give that commitment on behalf of the Irish ...More Button

No, the Minister of State will have his opportunity to reply.More Button

That is not one of his characteristics.More Button

On the issue of overseas aid we have a moral responsibility.More Button

We also have a moral responsibility to our emigrants in Britain. I have just returned from Camden Town where I met all the people on the front line on Saturday and Sunday last. They are not happy with...More Button

That is the gap. It makes no difference to the people I met on the front line. There are people in Camden Town from all over Ireland who have spent a lifetime in the trenches and in the worst of condi...More Button

I am sorry I do not have more time because I have many questions to put to the Minister of State.More Button

I wish the Minister of State well because he has a difficult task but he got the worst possible start. While it is not in his blood to go down without a fight, he let this issue go over his head.More Button

No.More Button

If the Government does not have speakers we have. I suggest our side will use the four minutes if the Government is not prepared to provide a speaker.More Button

Written Answers - Grant Payments.

Asked the minister: if special consideration will be given to a problem relating to the stocking density of a herd of a person (details supplied) in County Galway; her views on whether this herd had a clear test this per...More Button

Written Answers - Bovine Disease Controls.

Asked the minister: if she will allow an appeal against a decision to have a cow and her weaning calf destroyed due to animal traceability issues; if her attention has been drawn to the fact that the animals in question ...More Button

Written Answers - Prisoner Releases.

Asked the minister: if he will report on aspects of the Olden report which would specifically protect the community at large from persons convicted of more than one murder should these be released from prison; if his att...More Button

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