O'Keeffe, Jim

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 608 No. 66

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Order of Business.

The ministerial disappearances Bill.More Button

Priority Questions - Paramilitary Activities.

Asked the minister: his views on the extent of criminal activity being engaged in by paramilitaries or former paramilitaries; his further views of the numbers involved; the activity involved and the measures proposed by ...More Button

I thank the Minister for telling me about the IMC report but as he is probably aware, we have all read it. I remind him of my question. I asked for his views of the extent of criminal activity engaged...More Button

The Minister mentioned to me an estimate of 1,500 people who had been active in the IRA. Does he believe they are all now on the straight and narrow? Some of the proceeds of crime seem to have been “d...More Button

I also asked about Sinn Féin’s funding.More Button

Priority Questions - Garda Equipment.

Asked the minister: the reason the Garda Síochána must continue to operate a radio communications system which is insecure and totally out of date; his views on whether this continues to place the Garda Síochána at a con...More Button

Does the Minister accept the present walkie-talkie system is over 20 years old? Does he accept the pilot scheme to which he referred was completed over three years ago? Does he accept the Garda Commis...More Button

This Government has been in power for the past eight years.More Button

It will be a job to be finished by the next Government.More Button

As the GRA said, the Minister is strong on rhetoric but weak on delivery. It was very well put.More Button

Other Questions - Communications Masts.

Does the Minister have a problem with the agreement?More Button

Other Questions - Child Care Services.

This programme was one of the few successes.More Button

It seems incongruous for child care to be dealt with by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform but the assistant secretary in the Department ably outlined the background to it and the fact...More Button

Other Questions - Garda Operations.

That is the 25th time it has been announced. The Minister should set it to music.More Button

The public cannot understand why if Operation Anvil was successful at a cost of €4 million, which is a tiny fraction of the Garda budget of approximately €1 billion——More Button

If a miserable €4 million can produce such a result, why is there not a contingency fund of €10 million or €15 million each year for the Commissioner to carry out three or four operations similar to O...More Button

Is it just a public relations exercise by the Minister?More Button

The Minister should put that to music. I have been looking for them for the past three years.More Button

Other Questions - Crime Levels.

I am concerned about legislation on the criminalisation of gang membership. The Minister indicated early in September that he would introduce amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill 2004 to deal with ...More Button

I am interested in the criminalisation of gangs and amendments proposed to relevant legislation.More Button

Written Answers - Departmental Expenditure.

Asked the minister: the reason the sum of €500,000 was spent on an information technology system for human resource management in the Prison Service, the use of which has been discontinued; his views on whether this repr...More Button

Written Answers - Garda Deployment.

Asked the minister: his views on whether there are inadequate resources available to the Garda Síochána in terms of personnel and equipment from the point of view of enforcement of road traffic laws and speeding; his fur...More Button

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