Dempsey, Noel

Thursday, 9 February 2006

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 614 No. 17

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Order of Business.

It is proposed to take No. 1, Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) Bill 2005 [Seanad] — Second Stage, to adjourn at 1 p.m. today, if not previously concluded; No. 2, University College Galway (Amendment) Bill...More Button

I acknowledge what Deputy Rabbitte and Deputy Kenny said in regard to the University College Galway (Amendment) Bill. There was a level of agreement and much co-operation with the Whips on the taking ...More Button

——or the spokespersons rather. The Deputies should let me finish. The spokespersons were briefed to try to get their co-operation in regard to this matter. I agree with the Deputies who have spoken th...More Button

Yes.More Button

No, Second Stage only.More Button

It can be referred to Committee, if the Deputy wishes. We will see how it goes today and we can leave it to the Whips to make the arrangement then.More Button

We need to discuss a mechanism for the second matter.More Button

If the Deputy does not mind, we will leave it go to Second Stage today.More Button

Made is right.More Button

The Health (Repayment Scheme) Bill will be with the House this session and the matter raised by Deputy Kenny will be dealt with in that. I am looking forward to going to the committee after the Order ...More Button

These same people——More Button

——will be in this House in two, three or four years’ time criticising the Government for the levels of fines, if the EU pursues us for not having proper sea fisheries control. France has already been ...More Button

In the national interest, I ask Opposition Members to support this legislation and get it through the House as quickly as possible.More Button

If we are to have a debate I would prefer to have it in committee.More Button

I understand that the committee will hold the debate this morning and for three days next week. I will facilitate that debate, 24 hours a day, seven days a week until I get the Bill through.More Button

Deputy Perry mentioned that there are 120 Government amendments to the Bill. They come from listening to people who are genuinely concerned about the sea fisheries industry, and listening to our backb...More Button

They suggested that we have an independent sea-fisheries protection authority.More Button

The Deputy cannot have it both ways. He cannot speak out of both sides of his mouth at one time on this matter.More Button

As for the allegation that I have denigrated and categorised all fishermen as dishonest——More Button

In my public statements I have made it quite clear that there is a small group of fishermen who are engaged in systematic criminal activity.More Button

That is why this legislation is before the House.More Button

I cannot understand how the so-called party of law and order does not support the legislation.More Button

I will tell the Deputy afterwards, if he comes to the committee.More Button

I am surprised at Deputy O’Keeffe who is a solicitor.More Button

If the Deputy knew his law he would know exactly what the term “designated functions” means.More Button

I will talk to Deputy Perry at the committee.More Button

There was a case in Donegal three weeks ago.More Button

I will not state the case. Unlike the Deputy, I will not use or abuse the privilege of the House.More Button

The legislation about which the Deputy asked is to be taken this session. The scheme will follow from that. I understand that €400 million has been provided for it in this year’s Estimates. I will con...More Button

The Taoiseach answered the first question on telecommunications yesterday. We have very extensive legislation on that area. Consideration is being given to strengthening that, perhaps through an agree...More Button

It is not possible to say when that register will be established, but the Departments of Education and Science and Justice, Equality and Law Reform, which are responsible for the Bill, are still worki...More Button

I hope that it receives more support from the other side of the House than when its introduction was attempted three years ago.More Button

No legislation is promised.More Button

I have the report.More Button

No Supplementary Estimate is promised.More Button

There is none promised.More Button

There is no legislation specifically promised for the people of County Mayo but the Constitution takes care of that.More Button

I will ask the officials to convey that request to the Minister concerned because as the Deputy rightly stated, the provisions deal with tenant purchase schemes, the sale of flats, the strengthening o...More Button

I understand the heads of the Bill are being drafted and it is expected it will be published during the course of this year.More Button

I will ask an official to communicate with the Deputy on that matter as I do not have that information.More Button

Written Answers - Electronic Communications Appeals.

Was asked: the number of decisions taken by ComReg that have been appealed to the Electronic Communications Appeal Panel and the result in each case; the number of such cases that were settled prior to hearing; ...More Button

In total 11 appeals have been referred to appeal panels. One appeal by Hutchison 3G Ireland Limited was determined by an appeal panel finding in favour of the appellant. Six appeals concluded followin...More Button

Written Answers - Civil Service Travel Scheme.

Was asked: if a closing date or dates are operated by his Department in respect of the Civil Service travel pass scheme; if so, the dates in question; the way in which temporary, seasonal or other non-routine wo...More Button

A personnel notice issued to all staff in my Department on 18 October 2005 for the 2006 travel pass scheme inviting applications from all staff with a closing date of 11 November 2005. This date was s...More Button

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