Rabbitte, Pat

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 619 No. 83

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Leaders’ Questions.

Last weekend, there was a spate of facilitatory interviews with the Taoiseach. I did not see them all, particularly the one on Setanta. This weekend I will be keeping a close watch on it, especially w...More Button

I did not hear the Taoiseach refer to the Aer Lingus issue in any of the interviews I read or heard. What progress has been made on bringing Aer Lingus to the stock market? Is it still the Government’...More Button

If the Government has decided to sell off the national airline, a decision I do not agree with, are the people not at least entitled to expect the Government to handle it competently? The Taoiseach’s ...More Button

He might try to sell them e-voting machines.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - Cabinet Sub-committees.

Asked the minister: when the Cabinet sub-committee on Aer Lingus last met and when the next meeting is due to be held.More Button

Asked the minister: when the Cabinet sub-committee on drugs and social inclusion last met and when the next meeting is scheduled to be held.More Button

On a point of order, who makes the decisions about grouping questions such as Questions Nos. 1 to 5, inclusive? While some of the questions before the Taoiseach concern the Cabinet sub-committee on Ae...More Button

If there was a necessity to put a Cabinet sub-committee in place, one would have thought it would at least be responsible for invigilating the implementation of the decisions arrived at in respect of ...More Button

Does the Taoiseach have information on the extent of the deficit in the pension scheme? What commitments——More Button

Will the Taoiseach give the House an example of the inclusion issues other than drugs dealt with by the sub-committee? Can we expect new proposals in the area of that sub-committee’s drugs preoccupati...More Button

I am not asking the Taoiseach to discuss the substance of the sub-committee’s meetings. Can we expect new initiatives given the worsening drug crisis in many urban centres due to the arrival of crack ...More Button

I am not making a statement. I am framing a question. I am asking the Taoiseach——More Button

If the Taoiseach strictly observed the Ceann Comhairle’s rulings, all he would have to do in the House is stand up, say 11 May, 14 June, 25 October and sit down.More Button

It has always been the practice that this exact framing of the question is a peg on which to ask some general questions of the Taoiseach rather than particular questions.More Button

I am asking a general question about the worsening drug situation in urban Ireland in particular.More Button

I am merely trying to ask the Taoiseach if the House can expect new measures or initiatives.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - Departmental Bodies.

Asked the minister: if he will outline the programme of work for the recently appointed task force on active citizenship; if the committee has yet met; if a deadline has been set for completion of its work; and if he wil...More Button

I agree with the Taoiseach about pre-schools and primary schools in particular. Tribute is due to the teachers who do such a splendid job. I speak for some of the schools in my constituency where the ...More Button

I can see the makings of a new interview in this.More Button

Order of Business.

On 16 May 2006 I put down Parliamentary Questions No. 400 to 403, inclusive, to the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform about a meeting or meetings he had with a private investigator in Coun...More Button

It is typical of the arrogance——More Button

What is my redress as a Member of this House——More Button

——when I put down a legitimate question to the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, detailing the matters I want answered, and receive a reply as contemptuous as this?More Button

The Ceann Comhairle has ruled out Deputy Kenny because he was out of order. I was perfectly in order in putting down these questions but I received a contemptuous reply.More Button

What are those ways?More Button

On the Adjournment.More Button

On the Adjournment the only issue not addressed is the one that was raised.More Button

The Minister will send in a junior Minister with four scripts for the four matters raised and they will read out the answers without even knowing the subject matter of what they are reading.More Button

In his capacity as Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform he met a private detective to dig dirt on the previous Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform.More Button

When I put down a question on what transpired the Minister gives me a contemptuous reply and the Ceann Comhairle tells me to raise it on the Adjournment.More Button

It does not suit me.More Button

Other Questions - Oil Prices.

Asked the minister: the steps he intends to take to alleviate potential pressures on businesses and consumers caused by rising oil prices internationally and the knock-on effect on many other products, such as plastics a...More Button

Pupil-Teacher Ratio: Motion (Resumed).

Amendment put.
No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Question put: “That the motion, as amended, be agreed to.”
No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Written Answers - Company Law.

Asked the minister: if his attention has been drawn to the recent liquidation of a construction firm (details supplied) who transferred its contracts of employment and commercial contracts to a sister company notwithstan...More Button

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