Harney, Mary

Friday, 30 June 2006

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 622 No. 6

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Hepatitis C Compensation Tribunal (Amendment) Bill 2006: Second Stage (Resumed).

I thank everyone who contributed to the debate on this Bill, which generated a considerable and understandable degree of interest among Deputies on all sides of the House. I do not propose to deal wit...More Button

Question put: “That the words proposed to be deleted stand part of the main Question.”
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Hepatitis C Compensation Tribunal (Amendment) Bill 2006: Committee and Remaining Stages.

I move amendment No. 1: In page 3, lines 22 to 24, to delete all words from and including “specified,” in line 22 down to and including “7(1A)(a)” in line 24 and substitute “appointed, pursuant to sec...More Button

The amendment I moved is to section 1 in regard to the diagnosis.More Button

I dealt with the making of regulations when concluding on Second Stage. Many of the issues would be very detailed and it would not be desirable for them to be written into legislation. We want to deal...More Button

I do not wish to name and embarrass my officials, some of whom are present. They have done a wonderful job in this area over many years, which I wish to be the first to acknowledge. The medical and le...More Button

I am saying nothing about the organisations for which I have the highest regard. This is nothing to do with any of the organisations.More Button

That is not true.More Button

That is definitely not true.More Button

I am not suggesting that any member of the four representative organisations would be unscrupulous and take up litigation. I have the highest regard for all four organisations.More Button

Deputy Gormley asked about the numbers involved. Potentially, we are talking about 15,000 people. I am not suggesting that would happen.More Button

As a result of the High Court case, it is a fact that the tribunal must take into account the court’s adjudication on applications that have come before it. There is another court case coming later th...More Button

There was no alternative in the absence of the test. When the representative groups put forward draft legislation in 1996, why did they say it should be based on the ELISA test?More Button

Why in 1998——More Button

No, I have not spoken to the people who drafted it. Why in 1998, when the expert group on hepatitis C was deciding the basis on which the health card would be given, did they say it should be on the b...More Button

It is not a figleaf.More Button

These things are important. The expert group did not say that the health card should be granted on the basis of the clinician’s opinion. In any State compensation scheme established, the House would n...More Button

Why did I change my mind on what?More Button

No, I calculated——More Button

The decision in regard to those tests was circulated to the groups on Wednesday evening.More Button

I did make it clear by way of my amendments. It is not a case of having to prove positive in all the tests; it is in any of the tests. We want to make sure we leave nothing out.More Button

The Irish Kidney Association expressed a view about the RIBA test. Discussions took place between officials and the groups. I also stated that if any new test arises, it can be taken on board also. We...More Button

On the contrary, as I stated yesterday and repeated today, those who have gone through the tribunal process who do not qualify at present for the health card because of the decision made in 1998 will ...More Button

Yes, I have. Obviously I have taken the advice of my medical and other experts who are available to give me advice in this regard.More Button

Legal and medical advice.More Button

It is not about financial advice.More Button

Question put: “That the words proposed to be deleted stand.”
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Question put.
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