Howlin, Brendan

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 649 No. 3

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Requests to move Adjournment of Dáil under Standing Order 32.

Before coming to the Order of Business, I propose to deal with a notice under Standing Order 32. I call Deputy Bannon.More Button

Having considered the matter, it is not in order under Standing Order 32.More Button

Order of Business.

There are three proposals to put to the House. Is the proposal for dealing with Nos. 6, 6a and 6b without debate agreed to?More Button

Is the proposal for dealing with Nos. 6, 6a and 6b without debate agreed? Agreed. Is the proposal for dealing with No. 12, Report Stage (resumed) and Final Stage of the Finance Bill 2008, agreed?More Button

We cannot have a debate on the Bill now.More Button

I must put the question——More Button

Is the proposal for dealing with No. 13a, statements on the World Trade Organisation, agreed? Agreed. More Button

I am anxious to allow other Members to raise matters. I have given the Deputy a great deal of latitude.More Button

I do not want to open a discussion on matters that will be dealt with in the context of the Report Stage debate on the Finance Bill.More Button

Deputy Kenny raised a number of issues. Perhaps Deputy Burton will allow the Tánaiste to reply before she poses her questions. As already stated, I do not want us to engage in a debate on the Financ...More Button

Is there promised legislation in the area of victim impact statements?More Button

That question has already been answered.More Button

Is there any legislation promised in this regard?More Button

That is not quite a point of order. However, the Tánaiste may wish to reply.More Button

Perhaps the Deputy will switch off his mobile phone.More Button

The Deputy should speak on legislation.More Button

That is not relevant to the Order of Business.More Button

The Tánaiste was asked about the health information Bill. More Button

The Deputy might allow the Tánaiste to reply to the question.More Button

I have called the Tánaiste.More Button

Of course, it is, which is why it should be taken seriously. More Button

Has the Deputy submitted a request to raise the matter on the Adjournment?More Button

That is the way to deal with the matter.More Button

That will depend on how hard things are pushed right now. More Button

I understand that. I call Deputy Flanagan.More Button

Deputy Flanagan is not offering. More Button

That point is understood. More Button

It is not appropriate to raise that issue now.More Button

I am sure the Tánaiste will have careful regard to what the Deputy is saying.More Button

Does the Deputy have an appropriate question?More Button

If the Deputy does not ask about legislation, I will move on. More Button

This is a long preamble. More Button

It will not. More Button

What legislation is the Deputy talking about?More Button

The Minister should allow the Deputy to finally list the legislation. More Button

That is a list of four criminal justice Bills. More Button

I am advised formally that it is the normal presentation of a constitutional amendment Bill. More Button

I am advised officially and will receive formal advice for the Leader of the Fine Gael Party on the matter. More Button

I will get advice for the Leader of the Fine Gael Party to ensure matters are standard. More Button

We have a tight timeframe for the Finance Bill but I will call the Deputies who have offered if they will be very brief.More Button

Time is very tight. More Button

That issue has already been addressed. More Button

I call Deputy Varadkar to ask a very brief question. More Button

I want to move on; a number of Deputies want to get in. More Button

I ask Deputy Hayes to please resume his seat; Deputies should not ignore the Chair. More Button

The Tánaiste will deal with the question on legislation; we have already dealt with the other matter. More Button

On the legislation, please. More Button

The Tánaiste might communicate with the Deputy. More Button

Protection of Employees (Agency Workers) Bill 2008: First Stage.

Is the Bill opposed?More Button

Since this is a Private Members’ Bill, Second Stage must, under Standing Orders, be taken in Private Members’ time. I call on Deputy Penrose to move that Second Stage be taken in Private Members’ tim...More Button

Diseases of Animals Act 1966: Motion.

I shall take a very brief response, because this is supposed to be without debate. More Button

Finance Bill 2008: Report Stage (Resumed) and Final Stages.

Amendment No. 16 has been ruled out of order as it does not arise out of committee proceedings.More Button

Does the Tánaiste wish to do that? More Button

Amendment No. 24 arises out of Committee proceedings.More Button

Before I call on Deputy Burton, I ask members to bear in mind that nine members have indicated they wish to speak on this amendment.More Button

The Finance Bill 2008, as passed, is a certified money Bill and will be sent to the Seanad as such.More Button

World Trade Organisation: Statements.

Is that agreed? Agreed.More Button

Is that agreed? Agreed.More Button

Is that agreed? Agreed. More Button

Adjournment Debate Matters.

I advise the House of the following matters in respect of which notice has been given under Standing Order 21 and the name of the Member in each case: (1) Deputy Shane McEntee — the Government’s respo...More Button

Adjournment Debate - Hospitals Building Programme.

That is quite out of order.More Button

The Minister of State is not in a position to respond to that.More Button

Message from the Seanad.

Seanad Éireann has passed the Social Welfare and Pensions Bill 2008, without amendment.More Button

Adjournment Debate (Resumed) - Hospitals Building Programme.

The Minister of State’s reply is not on the issue that was submitted, which related to the need for the €39 million redevelopment of Ennis General Hospital to proceed.More Button

Perhaps the Minister of State would provide a response in writing to the Deputy.More Button

That matter would need to be considered by the Ceann Comhairle. In the interim, since the matter has been raised——More Button

That would be a matter for the Ceann Comhairle on Tuesday.More Button

I understand that the Minister of State is in a difficulty. Perhaps he could get a response to the matter that was tabled and submit it to the Deputy. The Deputy should have a discussion with the Ce...More Button

That is a different issue and I am afraid——More Button

I believe the Deputy has probably received the written reply. However, I must proceed, as it is not the issue that was tabled for discussion today. I call Deputy Costello.More Button

The Deputy will get a written reply immediately I hope.More Button

If the Deputy wishes to discuss the matter after the reply——More Button

That will be a matter for the Ceann Comhairle to consider on Tuesday.More Button

Adjournment Debate (Resumed) - Victim Impact Statements.

I am loath to interrupt the Minister but I am afraid that the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform has provided a very long reply.More Button

I am afraid therefore that we will have to adjourn the debate.More Button

I am grateful to the Minister of State. More Button

Written Answers - Rail Services.

Asked the minister: if he plans to introduce measures to protect rail commuters from unscheduled and last minute train cancellations under the new Public Transport Regulation Bill; and if he will make a statement on the...More Button

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